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    International Hockey Forums and Partnership

    It is with great pleasure that International Hockey Forums announces a new partnership with As part of this new partnership, becomes the preferred news and stats source for these forums. In addition, are now using International Hockey Forums as their official forum provider.

    We look forward to further expanding the links between these two sites.

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    Board Rules and Guidelines

    As unanimously agreed by the IHF members, 22 May 2005

    1. IHF's primary mission is to foster friendship, discussion and information exchange of international hockey among hockey friends from all over the world. IHF's most important Code of Honour is mutual respect for our member countries' hockey cultures. This doesn't prevent a good argument, but please keep your arguments in a non-confrontational style and try to be open-minded about other members' arguments. Please remember that there may be certain obstacles to the discussion in a forum with wide cultural and linguistic diversity. Above all, please respect and honour this diversity.

    2. Flaming. Do not post any messages that are hostile, insulting, belittling or otherwise inflammatory. Debates are fine, but keep them civic; argue with the point, and attempt to treat others as you will like to be treated yourself.
    If you happen to have negative sentiments towards specific countries, races, religions, genders etc., then keep them for yourself. We won't accept any postings of anti-American, anti-Russian, anti-Swedish, anti-Latvian etc., content.

    3. Trolling. You are allowed to post controversial topics as long as you abide with the rules and guidelines contained in #1, #2 and #4. But do not post topics and messages with the sole purpose of sowing discord on the forums. That would categorized as trolling.

    How do I identify a troll? An internet troll is a person who post threads and messages in order to pull other people into a flaming discussion. Trolls are usually divisive and argumentative with a need-to-be-right attitude and they frequently use flaming rhetoric ('flamebait') (see #2).

    If you observe a poster you believe to be a troll, then follow the golden rule: "Don't feed the trolls", i.e. ignore their messages. Instead, issue a "Troll Alert" warning in a private message to one (or more) of the moderators. Alternatively, you can issue the warning in the Club House.

    4. Political Topics. As a matter of principle, you are only allowed to discuss political issues as long as they are strictly hockey-related (e.g. NHL and IIHF politics and doping).

    5. Copyrighted Material Do NOT reprint (copy and past) copyrighted articles from other websites. In general, you can assume that everything is copyrighted (whether this is stated or not). Make a link to the article, and write a few lines in your own words to inject some discussion. You are allowed to quote a few lines from articles, but do not reprint them in full. Furthermore, do not hotlink to pictures from other websites. The pictures are usually copyrighted and in addition you are stealing bandwidth from the site from which you are hotlinking.

    6. No Disclosure of Personal Information. Do not disclose any other member's email, real name, address, phone number, IP address, or other personal information. This includes the posting contents of emails and private messages without the sender's consent. Do not bring personal disputes into the forums. Bans and warnings issued to other users are considered personal information. reserves the right to delete or ban any user suspected for harvesting email adresses or other personal information.

    7. Advertising for non-hockey related products. Posting of advertisements for non-hockey related products and services, including links to such products and services, are not allowed anywhere on the board. Exchange of hockey-related products, e.g. hockey cards and hockey jerseys, are allowed in the Collectors Corner Forum. However, be sure that you don't exhange/trade illegal (e.g. pirated) products.

    8. Spamming and duplicating. Mass-PM'ing or mass-emailing multible members the same message is prohibited and will result in an immediate ban if the message is non-hockey related.
    Please do not cross-post the same message in multiple forums. Furthermore, please avoid duplicating threads. Look after whether your post fits into an existing thread before creating a new thread.
    Guidelines:: 1) Identify the forum for which your new topic is best suited; 2) Look for the first two pages (60 threads) in this forum to see whether a similar already exist (you may also use the search facility in the header or the archive in the footer - this is more effective); 3) if you can't find a similar topic, then please start a new thread; 4) if you are uncertain whether a similar thread exist, then start the new thread with a sentence like: "I don't know whether a similar thread exist, but..."

    9. Attacking/Disobeying the moderators. If you disagree with something the moderators did, please let us know, but do it politely through PM.

    10.Misuse of Post Icons. The post icons displaying flags, tournament and teams logos serve the purpose of making navigation easier. They are NOT for random use.

    11. Undefined. Since every situation cannot be anticipated, IHF reserves the right to put under observation (and even ban) any user, the staff believes is attempting to circumvate the rules and norms of this forum. One example would be posting on behalf of or glorifying someone's who has been banned. It goes without saying that any attempts to hack or otherwise disrupt the board, will lead to an immediate ban. In addition, the hacker may face legal liabilities.

    Please note that the above rules also apply to avatars and signatures.

    ************************************************** ***********

    Warning Procedure

    Except in extraordinary circumstances when rules are seriously violated, a user would be given three warnings before a ban is instituted.

    First warning: Will be given privately by PM (and e-mail) and can be given by any moderator/admin without consulting other mods/admins.
    If the user complies with the rules, the warning will be annuled after 1 week, and at least 5 posts in the hockey related forums.
    Second warning: Will be given publicly (and by PM/Email) and requires endorsement from at least another mod/admin, that is, another admin/mod must be consulted before the warning is given. If a second warning is given, the user's status will be changed to "under observation" (which means fewer options). If the user then complies with the rules, the observation will be lifted after 2 weeks and at least 10 posts in the hockey related forums.
    Third warning: Same procedure as for the second warning, although the observation period will now be extended to 1 month and at least 10 posts in the hockey related forums.

    ************************************************** ***********

    How Do I become a Member of IHF

    Membership of IHF is free, and gives you access to the Club House in which more private discussions take place. Membership of IHF furthermore entitles you to have a say on decisions taken by the members, e.g. creation of new forums, board rules and guidelines, and future plans.

    In general, you are entitled to become member after 1 month and after having posted at least 25 messages in the hockey related forums. Less than 25 posts may be enough depending on the length and the quality of the posts.

    If you want to become a member of IHF, then post a message in the welcome thread (if you have already created a thread in this forum to introduce yourself, then use this thread again). Please contact one of the moderators if you don't receive the required password to the club house.

    ************************************************** **********


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