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  1. 2012 IIHF World Championship in Finland/Sweden - news/discussion
  2. Day 1 (USA vs FRA, GER vs ITA, CAN vs SVK, CZE vs DEN, BLR vs FIN, SWE vs NOR)
  3. Day 2 (SUI vs KAZ, LAT vs RUS, CAN vs USA, SWE vs CZE)
  4. Day 3 (FRA vs KAZ, DEN vs ITA, FIN vs SVK, RUS vs NOR, SUI vs BLR, GER vs LAT)
  5. Day 4 (FRA vs CAN, CZE vs NOR, USA vs SVK, DEN vs SWE)
  6. Day 5 (BLR vs KAZ, LAT vs ITA, FIN vs SUI, RUS vs GER)
  7. Day 6 (SVK vs KAZ, NOR vs ITA, CAN vs SUI, SWE vs GER)
  8. Day 7 (USA vs BLR, DEN vs RUS, FRA vs FIN, CZE vs LAT)
  9. Day 8 (KAZ vs USA, ITA va CZE, FIN vs CAN, RUS vs SWE)
  10. Ticket Pricing Issues
  11. Any thoughts on the new format?
  12. Games to be shown online for free with 30-minute delay
  13. Day 9 (SVK vs BLR, NOR vs LAT, SUI vs FRA, GER vs DEN, KAZ vs CAN, ITA vs SWE)
  14. Day 10 (FIN vs USA, RUS vs CZE, SUI vs SVK, GER vs NOR)
  15. Day 11 (BLR vs FRA, LAT vs DEN, KAZ vs FIN, ITA vs RUS)
  16. Day 12 (CAN vs BLR, NOR vs DEN, SVK vs FRA, CZE vs GER, USA vs SUI, SWE vs LAT)
  17. QF: Russia (S1) vs Norway (S4) game thread
  18. QF: Sweden (S2) vs Czech Republic (S3) game thread
  19. QF: Canada (H1) vs Slovakia (H4) game thread
  20. QF: USA (H2) vs Finland (H3) game thread
  21. SF: Russia (S1) vs Finland (H3) game thread
  22. SF: Czech Republic (S3) vs Slovakia (H4) game thread
  23. GOLD MEDAL GAME, Slovakia (H4) vs Russia (S1)
  24. BRONZE MEDAL GAME, Finland vs Czech Republic