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  15. Hey all, Aussie wanting to play abit of hockey
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  20. Series C
  21. level of Suomi-sarja vs GBR leagues- Help Please
  22. Division 2 in France
  23. Player Lliam Webster from the Melbourne Ice is looking for a Team in Europe!!
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  27. Birtish Ancestry stamp
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  30. u17 and u20 in austria
  31. General Information
  32. We need a hockey player to play in Turkey during the 2007/2008 season
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  34. HC Davos
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  36. Hockey in Bari
  37. U18 Hockey in Sweden
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  39. How to go about finding a club
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  42. need a team in europe
  43. Suomi-Sarja
  44. Hockey school United States
  45. New Website for Players looking to play hockey in Europe or Asia
  46. Looking for a place to play in Europe
  47. Do i have any chance?
  48. Looking for a Goalie?
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  50. Norway
  51. Referee Looking to Go Abroad....
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  53. German Landesliga
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  55. Some video
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  61. Wanted female hockey players ın Turkey
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  64. AAA. Junior, or College Girls Wanted!
  65. Us Jr B looking for one foreign player
  66. Does anyone know any agents in Europe or NA
  67. North American player looking for a team for 2008/2009
  68. Looking for defender(Finland)
  69. Spanish Contacts
  70. Any chance that I could play for China-Taipei?
  71. British Hockey vs Europe
  72. Free Agent Camp
  73. Open Hockey Tryout in Norway
  74. Where it is possible to find a team for the good goalkeeper?
  75. agents
  76. Uk.
  77. Semi-Professional Tryouts
  78. Cali boys wanna play in Turkey!
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  91. The Deseronto Storm of the GMHL
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  93. Canadian with a French Passport
  94. Players from Toronto screwed
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  100. Looking for U.S players only
  101. Interesting New Website
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  103. Beware
  104. Russian looking for pro club for next season
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  107. Hockey and studying
  108. American Player looking to play overseas
  109. play for fun in Australia
  110. need a hockey team in europe or anywhere
  111. Pro Turkey Team has spot for import
  112. Looking for team...
  113. Team for this season.
  114. TryOut 1. Div Norway
  115. future
  116. Two swedish players searching for a club
  117. looking for place to play
  118. France
  119. Canadian Goalie
  120. USA player looking for a team
  121. ACHA Division 2 Player looking to study abroad/play hockey
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  126. 2010 European Hockey Free Agent Tour
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  129. Any European/American Players ages 16-20 looking for a team?
  130. German Player look for a team in spain
  131. Looking for European defensemans
  132. Finnish goalie looking for team
  133. Canadian Import looking to play in europe with some European experience
  134. Junior A Canada Recruitment
  135. 2 Americans Looking for Team In Europe
  136. 2 Forward Spots open for Tyrolean Elite League, 3rd League Austria
  137. Canadian Looking to Play in Europe at any level and country
  138. Playing in Poland
  139. North American Team has 2 open spots
  140. University Packages For Import Players
  141. Canadian goalie looking for a team
  142. Junior A (21 & Under) Team has spots open (US)
  143. club looking for foreign player in uk
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  145. Finnish goalie looking for a new team...
  146. 23 year old US player looking to play in europe!
  147. Goalie training & placement
  148. Swedish goalie looking for a new team
  149. Quebec Ice hockey player looking to play and study abroad
  150. Want to play for fun in Australia
  151. Goaltender looking to play in Europe
  152. Hockey Recruiter
  153. 2nd Annual European Free Agent Tours
  154. Options Playing in Europe
  155. Goalie Training & Tryouts in North America
  156. Canadian Interested in playing in New Zealand
  157. Are you American, Canadian orEuropean looking to play Jr A?
  158. Hockey Options
  159. Eurohockey Showcase April 14-17, Stockholm, Sweden
  160. Russian hockey team in Latvia
  161. Lokking for a team in Europe
  162. IHF Selects team/tour
  163. Canadian Looking to Play in Turkey
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  172. Study Abroad/Hockey?
  173. Junior Hockey Players Wanted
  174. Geleen Smoke Eaters Try-out Camp!
  175. IGT-Europe Goalie Training
  176. Coaching jobs over seas
  177. Advice please
  178. Help/Advice Please
  179. In a search for a Canadian ice hockey player for playing in Sweden
  180. USA Sr. "A" team looking for players
  181. Interested in playing in Turkey?
  182. International Junior Hockey Prospects Wanted - USA, NEW YORK
  183. Pro Canadian goalie looking for job in Europe.
  184. Russian defenseman looking for new team
  185. Junior C (Ages 17 to 20) Team has spots open
  186. Finnish Goalie Interested to play aboard.
  187. Defender looking for club
  188. Looking for Canadain Hockey players with Pro Experience
  189. Swedish goalie looking to play in europe
  190. canadian hockey player !
  191. Free goalie training!
  192. Canadian Mens Team Seeks Players
  193. Hockey player looking for a pro or semipro team in europe(2.league)
  194. Canadian looking to play in Europe
  195. Young player looking for a club!
  196. Canadian Looking To Play Anywhere
  197. Talented defenceman looking for a team in Britain
  198. Do you Need an Agent in North america?
  199. Skills Training
  200. Free Agent European Tour 2012-Players Needed
  201. Scandinvian Tour 2012, Finland
  202. Looking for junior players
  203. Swedish coach Seeking new challenges.
  204. looking for some info how to start my career again
  205. Canadian Junior player looking for a pro team overseas for next season.
  206. future hockey opportunities for 14 year old boy
  207. Ice Hockey Representative
  208. Any contacts in France?
  209. Oppurtunity for european junior players in Canada
  210. french team in division 2 looking for a good centerman ! for next season
  211. Forward looking for a club in Europe
  212. Import Limits in Swiss, Austrian, Italian lower leagues (on US citizens)
  213. Canadian Player Looking for European opportunity
  214. Swedish defender searching for team in Europe or North America
  215. NCAA Division 1/Dutch Eredivise Goalie Looking for Work
  216. Looking to play Professional in Europe
  217. Canadian/Hungarian Goalie
  218. Players seeking to play PRO or JUNIOR Hockey a FREE Service
  219. Swedish player looking for new team in Europe/USA
  220. Team in France division 2 Looking for French Speaking PLayer
  221. Looking for high end Jr. Players wanting to play in the CHL from Europe
  222. Are you looking to play Minor Pro in North America?
  223. what leagues hold open tryouts?
  224. 2012-2013 European Free Agent Showcase (Morzine, France)
  225. How do I get noticed by Junior teams and their scouts
  226. Two Swedish players looking for club i europe!
  227. DNL (Germna U20) players wanted
  228. Future Hockey Opportunities
  229. Latvian player looking for a club to play
  230. Junior Players Who wants to play in North America.
  231. We are a new franchised club İn Turkey and looking for a good COACH ?
  232. Team from Russian MHL B team looking for players 91-93 birth year.
  233. Team from TURKEY looking for a good GOALİE ?
  234. Fergus Devils Junior C Rookie Camp
  235. Dayton Devils FHL Free Agent Camp
  236. Team from Latvian League is looking for players from EU or USA.
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  238. American goaltender looking for club in 2012/13
  239. Junior Players for Junior A team in USA and CaNADA!
  240. Canadian forward, 1993
  241. Jr A Hockey opportunities in Ontario, Canada
  242. French Canadian Defensemen Looking for team in France for next year!
  243. 21 year old goalie looking to play (Canadian)
  244. Canadian junior b team looking for players
  245. Team in USA Junior A League looking for European scoring forward ,very low fees!
  246. Contact for French Division 2 (Third Tier)
  247. Swiss defense Hockey Player searching a team in the USA, Canada or Sweden
  248. US goaltender looking for ANY team
  249. In search for a club Overseas
  250. Looking for an agent who takes contact with NAHL Teams for me