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04-08-2004, 23:04
So I restart the hungarian hockey topic here.

If somebody has question, thoughts, discuss etc. etc. don't hesitate, ask me and Nonóka. Everybody is warmly invited here.
We will also provide you infos about hungarian hockey.

05-08-2004, 01:14
Hey Hungarianfan...

Good idea! :023: It is good to find out information about hockey in developing countries.

A couple of quick questions for you.

How popular is hockey in Hungary? How would you compare this to 5 years ago? or 10 years ago? Where does it rank in the national sports landscape?

06-08-2004, 19:49
To Gurj (who takes all the good questions)
and Brimsek39:

The popularity of hockey is growing constantly. This year was the succes for hockey hear. Team Canada came twice toplay with us. And we fought well.

Hockey is known in Hungary from the 20's. The national team took part in the olympic games and the world championships. We played twice Canada, and had a draw and a narrow loss.
After the ww2, it was forbidden by the communist government, cause it is declared as a sport of the aristocrats. Hungary spent the next 5 decades mostly in pool C, and a few times in pool B.
The hardest time was between 1988-1995. We were in the Pool C in that time.
Then at the end of the previous decade, we promoted to pool B, winning the pool C against Romania at home pitch. The rising started there. Next year we relegated to pool C again, but immediately won the pool C next year in China.
After it we became regular member of the pool B.
When we hosted the pool b 3 years ago, almost did the impossible (promotion to pool A).
The popularity has been rising. Last year we beat Slovakia by 4-2 at home pitch, our teams rwached the 3rd round in continental cup etc. etc.
Next year we will host the pool B again. I'm sure Hungary will do everything for the promotion.
Compare to other sports:
Footbal is the no1 here (it's hurting that we are bad in it recently).
The waterpolo and the handball is very popular too.
Perhaps the basketball is more popular already, then the ice hockey.

06-08-2004, 19:52
After the ww2, it was forbidden by the communist government, cause it is declared as a sport of the aristocrats. Hungary spent the next 5 decades mostly in pool C, and a few times in pool B.


That seems a little odd to me on the surface, as the communists as a whole funded ice hockey in other Eastern Bloc countries with more money than they are receiving now....take Romania for instance. During the communist era, they were mostly in the B-pool, and even made the A-pool in the late 70s (and ranked 8th in the world :(). However, since the '89, they have dropped steadily and have now toiled in the 26th to 30th ranking range in the past few years....

06-08-2004, 19:54

Some news:

Eisbären Berlin signed goalkeeper Szuper Levente .

Finnish team Hämeenlinna will have a trainig camp in Székesfehérvár (home of the Alba Volán) between august 25-30.
They will play matches with the best 2 hungarian teams(Volán and Dunaújváros), and with the national team.
The finnish team offered to us 150-200 used child hockey equipment! And offered to the most talented Alba Volán youth players a 1 year contract in Finland.
(Thanks finn brothers!)
The Volán wants to sign a finnish player from Hämeenlinna, still don't know the name of him.

06-08-2004, 19:56
Strange, but true, it was forbidden between 1945-54.
The damage was huge, and most of the players(who were mostly really aristocrats) left the country and emmigrated.

06-08-2004, 19:57
Some news:

Eisbären Berlin signed goalkeeper Szuper Levente .

Finnish team Hämeenlinna ...will play matches with the best 2 hungarian teams(Volán and Dunaújváros), and with the national team.
The finnish team offered to us 150-200 used child hockey equipment! And offered to the most talented Alba Volán youth players a 1 year contract in Finland....

So, the Szuperman is now back in Europe?...what ever happened to him in Calgary. He was the 3rd stringer behind Turek and McLennan (during the 02/03 season) and was called up on 3 occasions to Calgary when injuries happened to the top-2. It seemed that he was going to get a chance, but then all of a sudden he was signed by St. Louis at the beginning of last year (where there is a glut of goalies....

So my question is, did he want to leave Calgary (and why?) or, did Calgary not want him?

The offer by Hämeenlinna is very generous, and a great story....I hope more of the established nations would be more charitible towards up and coming nations.....

06-08-2004, 22:37
That is a great thing that Hämeenlinna is doing. :023: :claphands

It's nice to see clubs willing to lend a hand to develop hockey.

07-08-2004, 03:26
Hey, HPK has got a new fan...one bouncy Tigger, who knows how to root also... :claphands :653:

01-09-2004, 20:08
Pat Cortina announced Hungarian National Team squad for the eurotour matches.
The opponents will be Croatia, Norway and Danmark between sept 3-5 in Hungary.

Goalies: Budai Krisztián, Halmosi Tamás, Szuper Levente.
Defenders: Horváth András, Kangyal Balázs, Lencsés Tamás, Sille Tamás, Svasznek Bence, Szélig Viktor, Tokaji Viktor, Tőkési Lajos
Wingers: Borbás Gergely, Erdősi Péter, Fodor Szabolcs, Gröschl Tamás, Hoffmann Attila, Kovács Csaba, Ladányi Balázs, Majoross Gergely, Ocskay Gábor, Orsó László, Palkovics Krisztián, Peterdi Imre, Rajz Attila, Sándor Szilárd, Vas János, Vas Márton

Hajrá Magyarország!

01-09-2004, 20:18

I know this is a lot to ask, but could you maybe list the first division teams and how good they are. Who would have the best chances of winning your championship.


If it's too much -- no problem.

01-09-2004, 21:20
No, it is not much 8unfortunately)
In 1st league only 6 teams will play, but nothing is sure.

The best is Alba Volán from székesfehérvár definitely.
The only match for them is the Dunaújvárosi AC (earlier name Dunaferr).
Ferencváros (Fradi) and Újpest will compete for the bronze. I think Fradi is better though.
The others? Too weak. Miskolc and Győr.
In fact there are only 2 professional teams in Hungary.
With only 30-40 professional players. There are 5-6 players who play abroad.
That's the hungarian hockey. Financially a beer factory supports the league since last year with the sum of 235 300 euro. It is a huge sum in hockey here!

01-09-2004, 21:47
Thanks for the info! Who is your favorite club in Hungary?

Keep us informed during the season.

PS-- congratulations on Water Polo Gold in Olympics against Serbia-Montenegro. Saw the US v Hungary match and your team is simply awesome!

02-09-2004, 00:15
Thank you very much!

I had no voice at the end! Noone had at the pub. :) (or it was cause of the ice cold beer?) :scratchhe
It was a big battle!
We won 10 gold medals, but lost 2 golds.
(Without any positive test)

Actually I have no favourite club, but mostly supporting the weakers, coz only Alba has money. And the others needs the succesess badly.

I will keep update the topic with Nonika.

02-09-2004, 10:20
Quick question, hungarianfan. Are the Senior Division 1 World Championships in Debrecen being held in the current gymnastics hall, or in a new ice rink being built? The question is being asked on the GBSC site...


02-09-2004, 16:24
It will be in the gymnastic hall, but it is a brand new arena, built last year for hanball, gymnastic and last, but not least ice hockey teams!

Sorry for my late answer!

02-09-2004, 19:33
Thanks, hungarianfan.

03-09-2004, 20:03
Hungary will be without szuper Levente. He suffered an injury.
But we have Budai on the goal! (don't miss with Budaj, who plays for Slovakia, and also a goalie and ethnic hungarian)

Just heard on TV, Hungary is leading by 3-2 after 1st period.
Cortina said today, we are focusing the olympic qualifiers, and he doesn't know the team well yet. So good results not expected from this tournament.

03-09-2004, 22:24
Don't forget to give us the final scores! :cool:

04-09-2004, 00:06
Hey guys!
Just got back home.
Here are the scores:

HUNGARY - CROATIA 8-3 (3-2, 4-1, 1-0)
G: Vas J. (4.), Ocskay (12., 29.), Vas M. (15.), Peterdi (28., 31.), Ladányi (34.), Svasznek (45.), ill. Plahutar (4., 21.), Kuznar (7.)

Danmark-Norway 3-2 (2-1, 1-0, 0-1)

Quite good result for us, didn't expect so many goals. I expected a 2-3 goal win.
We'll see what we can do against the vikings.
And I will able to follow both on TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

04-09-2004, 06:50
Great win for Hungary!! Is the Norway match on the 4th of September?

04-09-2004, 12:33
Yeap, today against Norwy from 18:30.
Will watch on TV. And will give updates on the IHG chat if you want.

05-09-2004, 02:54
Hungary - Norway 2-2

We dominated the 1st period, created, but wasted many good chances, while the Norwegians scored a PPG. Their goaéie, Tommy Lund was fantastic at this time.
The 2nd period was more balanced, but the Sándor was, who levelled the score. The Norwegian a bit surprisingly took back the lead. It was again a PPG.
The Hungarian team started the 3rd period more enthusiasm, and again created good chances, but failed to convert, while the Norwegians lead serious counterattacks.
I confess, I didn't see the last 10 mins, coz I was busy. But eventually we got back with a late SHG, scored by Sille.
All in all, it is a quite good result for us.

05-09-2004, 03:27
So one more match. But a great start with a win and a draw. Thanks for the updates!

05-09-2004, 17:19
Yeah, against the strongest opponent, the Danes.

"Thanks for the updates!"
It's nothing Brimmanen :002:

I hope will get a draw.

05-09-2004, 18:46
It's nothing Brimmanen :002:


05-09-2004, 22:43
Hungary - Danmark 1-3 (0-1, 1-1, 0-1)

Well, we lost. what can I say. I'm not so happy of course, but it was only the begining of the new season.
Our line-ups were mixed, many players haven1t ever been in the same line-up.
In the 1st period, the Danes were much better than us, but created only few chances, and eventually scored a PPG.
The 2nd period was more balanced, and we scored a goal. It seemed, we could have won the game, or at least battle a draw, but not much time after our goal, the Danes scored another PPG, in this case from double powerplay.
We tried everything in the last period, we had big chances at the last minute as well, but failed to score, and the Danes caught a pass, and levelled the score (ENG) 3 sec from time. So we finished in 3rd place.

Our shot efficiency was bad, I think there was too mmany shots, sometime a pass would have been better.
It is really annoying, that the last 5 (!!) goals we got in this tournament, were all PPGs! Our defence looking not so solid in powerplays. And our defenders not enough aggressive in front of our net.
Eventually, these were the cases, which are lead to defeat. And another thing:
Our defenders were weaker physically.

13-09-2004, 20:41
Hi everybody, so this is Nonoka (or Nonika) the person you can ask if you have questions about professional men icehockey in Hungary.

The latest news are the followings:

Alba volán FeVita and DAC-Invitel (ex Dunaferr) played preparation matches in Slovakia. The results:

HC Kosice - Alba Volán Fevita 4:0
HKM-Nitra - DAC-Invitel 14:1

Alba Volán FeVita will play the next match on Thursday, (16th Sept.) at home against Medvescak Zagreb with all their players on ice - meaning no more injured on the bank. (Rasztiszlav Ondrejcik may need some operation in his knee, but it is not yet decided.)

Volán will also test a 35 yer-old Slovakian defender and if he playes well he will be happily welcomed in Székesfehérvár.

22-09-2004, 22:50
The championship will start in this weekend.

It seems Szuper Levente will come home, and Dunaújváros will sign him.
Strong signing!

22-09-2004, 23:08
The championship will start in this weekend.

It seems Szuper Levente will come home, and Dunaújváros will sign him.
Strong signing! Will he be the strongest keeper in the league then? Does this possibly make Dunaújváros more of a threat to Alba Volán? Or have they gone ahead of them with this signing?

24-09-2004, 20:13
Sorry Brim that I didn't answer, but I was busy, and just seeing your post.
It is still not confirmed, but we have another good goalie named Buday.

I have 2 other news. First the terrible one:

One of our best frowards (if he is not the best) Ocskay have to retire cause of heart problems. He is around 30 years-old, and it is a huge loss for Hungarian hockey. Like the loss of Ozolinsh would be for the Latvians.

The another one is fortunatley a fantastic one:
Sparta Praha signed 18 year-old Hungarian player Jobb Dávid.
He is the 1st hungarian in czech league! Congratulations!

28-09-2004, 16:52
Opening match of the league:

Alba Volán - FTC 5-1
notes: Easy victory. Volán played a low level game, sparing with power. The new sign from Kassa, Kövér Gábor(ethnic hung from slovakia) scored 3 goals!
Congrat to him!

28-09-2004, 23:38
Alba Volán - Újpest 7-0
The Volán won his 2nd match in hungarian league.

Interliga season is also started:

Dunaújvárosi AC - Olympia Ljubljana 3-1
Great victory! Orsó scored 2 goals, and Tokaji scored 2 assists.

In this year, polish team won't participate in the league, so it is much weaker than last year.

06-10-2004, 01:40
Some results:


Dunaújváros - Újpest 6-5

Inter league:

Olimpija-Alba Volán 1-0 after shoootouts
Alba missed the whole first line due to injuries...

03-11-2004, 02:37
I found this - I thought it might be interesting.

A slow skate to greatness - Hungarian hockey ambles toward a comeback

When the Hungarian men’s ice hockey team came from behind to upset an overconfident Slovakia 4-2 at the ‘Six Nations Ice Hockey Tournament’ in November 2003, it was as though David had slung Goliath. Was it just a lucky happenstance or the first sign of an ailing sport coming back to life?....

You can read more here. (http://www.budapestweek.com/newsites/trends/trends.html) The article seems to be about a year old.

04-11-2004, 16:51
Today's newspapers reported that Alba Volán FeVita brought a player from the American college league to play for the Székesfehérvár team. Roger Holeczy (with Hungarian ancestors and apparently with a Hungarian passport) will play for a month before sitting down with the leaders and - hopefully - signing the contract.

He is not going to play tomorrow against Slavija Ljubljana because - according to the Volán official website - the agency which was to book him the plane ticket made a mistake and he has to come with a later flight. He is 169 cm high and 77 kg, played in the ECHL, UHL, etc.

Roger Holeczy on Internet Database (http://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/stats/pdisplay.php3?pid=29956)

A picture of Holeczy (http://www.killerbeefans.com/wallpaper/kb011025.jpg)

Other bad news: Gábor Kövér (Slovakian) is still under treatment with antibiotics in Slovakia and returns only next week.

Bence Svasznek will be out due to injury for four weeks at least. He broke a bone in his hand (left one - I think).

Unfortunately, Gábor Ocskay is still out of game, but after having read about the tragedy of Sergejs Zoltoks (Latvia) I say it's better to see him on the tribune then...

05-11-2004, 22:09
News updates:

Alba Volán FeVita - Slavija Ljubljana 3-1
07:20 1-0 KISS Gábor (TŐKÉSI Lajos, PALKOVICS Krisztián)
13:56 2-0 PALKOVICS Krisztián (TŐKÉSI Lajos, Karol RUSZNYÁK) PP
23:48 3-0 CSIBI József (SIMON Csaba, MAJOROSS Gergely)
48:47 3-1 Dejan KONTREC (Uros VIDMAR) PP

Roger Holeczy played, although I don't know when he actually arrived. He was enthusiastic, but has to get used to his teammates. And he seems to be so small!!!

Bence Svasznek is injured, he has his right hand in plaster.
Gábor Kövér is in Slovakia on antibiotics, as I've already written yesterday.

Olimpija Ljubljana - DAC Invitel 3-6
Goals: NA

Next on: Olympic qualifications.


06-11-2004, 17:03

HDD ZM Olimpija Ljubljana (Slovenian)-DAC-Invitel 3-6 (0-3, 1-1, 2-2). Goals: Ladányi 2, Peterdi 2, Sándor, Horváth

László Orsó got injured, he tore his ligaments in his leg (somewhere) - meaning no Olympic qualifications for him either. He can watch the matches hand in hand with Svasznek and Ocskay. Hopefull they do not go for a poker group and we won't have any more injured players.

Magyar Mauler
08-11-2004, 03:43
One question I have been looking to have answered is how the HIHF would react to the idea of using non-native ethnic players for the national team. Slovakia, of course, has thousands of ethnic Magyars, as does Romania. Some of the world's most prominent players (Ziggy Pálffy, Marian Gáborik, Ladislav Nagy, etc) are ethnic Magyar but not native nationals. Other, such as Brad Ference and Dylan Gyori, are native North American ethnics, and Árpád Mihaly is apparently an unwanted Romanian native from Csekszereda in Transylvania.

Has the HIHF considered opening the doors for players such as these in an attempt to speed development of hockey in the country?

08-11-2004, 09:29
Magyar Mauler,

I already know of one dual national that Hungary have used in their national team; Frank Kovacs.

However, you need to remember that there was a rule change by the IIHF a couple of years ago over the qualification for players to represent a national team.

If the player has dual citizenship (and I'm guessing that all the examples you quote will have dual citizenship), or has ever held citizenship with another country, then they must have played within the country that they want to represent for 2 years. If they have already represented another country in an IIHF tournament after their 18th birthday, then they must play in that country for 4 years before they are allowed to represent.

I also have to say that it's a policy that I don't agree with. I can't think of a single country that has done well in the long run as a result of playing dual nationals. The worst exponents of it, France, Italy and Great Britain, are all far weaker teams, and the expected growth in their domestic sport never really happened. Compare that with a country such as Switzerland which never really went down the dual national route, and has become an outstanding success, recently winning our poll for "Who will be the next elite nation?" Likewise, Denmark's fortunes, both in their domestic league and internationally, improved significantly when they went for a more Danish approach.

I'm a strong believer in building slowly. Overnight success from imported players does not build strong foundations, and so your success becomes short and your collapse pretty spectacular. By going down a domestic route, you are building stronger foundations that you can use to build a legacy.


09-11-2004, 00:09
"I'm a strong believer in building slowly"

I agree with Graham generally, but this is another case. Some territories belonged to Hungary for 1000 years. So those still belongs to Hungary (in our soul at least), and have also still very tight connection to us.
I would support "naturalizing" ethnic hungarian players (at least from our neighbours).
We are planning to naturalize Gábor Kövér(or Kövér Gábor) from Slovakia(Kassa/Kosice).
Just a little addition:
We have Sille Tamás in the squad, who was also born in Slovakia, but chose our national team, which is very respectable.

Ooooops, I think this post will be a problem for sbody, but quod cripsi cripsi.
No offence against anybody... (just facts)

09-11-2004, 09:37
I agree with it Graham generally, but this is another case. Some territories belonged to Hungary for 1000 years. So those still belongs to Hungary (in our soul at least),

With the same point of view, all former British Empire could play in GB national team, and all Quebec players in French team.

09-11-2004, 21:15
With the same point of view, all former British Empire could play in GB national team, and all Quebec players in French team.

Those were colonies, and never belonged to the "core body" of the country. ;)
And I don't like that idiot so called "peace" treaties decide the nationality of people.

This is only my opinion, but I'm right! :005:

10-11-2004, 00:05
But, when you wear a national team's jersey, are you representing a country or a race?


10-11-2004, 19:01
Hungarian roster:
Goalies: Budai Krisztián, Halmosi Tamás, Szuper Levente
Defenders: Horváth András, Lencsés Tamás, Sille Tamás, Szélig Viktor, Szuna Roland, Tokaji Viktor, Tőkési Lajos
Forwards: Erdősi Péter, Fekete Dániel, Fodor Szabolcs, Gröschl Tamás, Hoffmann Attila, Kiss Gábor, Kovács Csaba, Ladányi Balázs, Majoross Gergely, Palkovics Krisztián, Peterdi Imre, Vas János, Vas Márton.

Not with the team: Ocskay Gábor (heart problems), Orsó László (torn ligaments), Kangyal Balázs (back problems), Svasznek Bence (broken bone in hand).


11th November, 15.00 Hungary - Serbia and Montenegro
18.30 Norway - China
12th November, 15.00 Hungary - China
18.30 Norway - Serbia and Montenegro
14th November, 13.00 Serbia and Montenegro - China
17.00 Norway - Hungary (the deciding match)

Chances are not that good, but you never know against the Hungarians!!


PS: By the way, the main supporter of the National team is Pannon GSM (telephone company) whose chief executive is a Norwegian man, Ove Fredheim.

10-11-2004, 22:11
But, when you wear a national team's jersey, are you representing a country or a race?


I would say a nation. What gave Czechoslovakia, Romania, or Yugoslavia to an ethnic Hungarian?
Nothing good, only suffering. Those countries didn't (don't) deserve to represent them by an ethnic-hungarian.
I'm not surprised, that some of them chose their "mothercountry".

And even if we get back some territories (which is a fiction nowadays), why should for instance a romanian represent our country, if he/she don't want?

Here in Eastern-Europe the people didn't choose country, the stupid "peace" treaties chose country for them! I saw an ethnic Hungarian on the TV, who was born in a certain village, lived the whole life there, and have been lived in 5 country, changing 6 times citizenship!!!!!!!

When Yugoslavia (tx God) blown up, the players chose the country seeing their nationality, not seeing his birthplace.

I think, for a westerner, it is not so even, cause the western world globalized very much, and there is no place for nationalism any more. I think it is bad, cause I don't understand what means europaism.

In North-America the case is much different. I don't know, whether canadian or US identity exists. And the people who immigrated there, wanted to live there! Not in an other country!!!!
Big difference!!!!
We should ask the north-american members about it. Interesting issue. what do you think?

Magyar Mauler
11-11-2004, 04:56
I'm a North American member, ask me! I'm a third-generation American; my dad's side of the family is from one of the disputed areas now in Slovakia. As you can see from the flag in my profile, I'm as much Magyar as American. I think my attitude is rare though; in America there used to be sections of various towns that were of a specific ethnic group but those days seem to be long past. In Ohio (where I live), there are still areas in Toledo, Cleveland, and Dayton, but not like there used to be. Of course, it didn't help that many Magyars had their family names changed when they first arrived...our Kovacs is spelled Kovach, and many that are spelled or pronounced similar to western European names were changed into those "standard" forms.

I believe that a combined national team of ethnics born in Croatia, Romania, Slovakia, and in other disputed areas could dominate international play. If Árpád Mihaly is unwanted by Romania's national team, I see no reason that the HIHF shouldn't extend an invitation to him once the requirements are met. If someone like Ottawa's prospect Andrej Meszaros was given an invite (he's a Slovakian native), that'd be even better. But the fact is, over here in America Hungary's teams will never be taken seriously until they put a player in the NHL who can play well. Levente Szuper was kept out completely because Calgary was afraid to throw him out there (even though they completely exhausted their backup in the process)....he got kicked down to the ECHL and is now back in Hungary. That's a real shame because he never got a good chance to prove himself. At least he can be in a place where he is appreciated for being a goalie who can stop the puck as opposed to "the Hungarian goalie".

All this talk is getting me hungry...I think I'm going to go make some chicken paprikás :003:

By the way, if anyone can find some pictures from the Borsodi League teams from this year, I'd love to see a few....my Hungarian is so poor that I can't read most websites.

11-11-2004, 16:44

As soon as I have some time I'll try to find some pictures for you, I promise.

What would you like to see? The whole team or players one by one?

Till then visit my website, you can find there pictures of the hungarian national team playing against different teams, and in the Archives section even more.

Nono's Dream Land (http://www.angelfire.com/darkside/nora_roth/)

11-11-2004, 18:47
Hi M&M! :)

Thanks the detailed info!
It seems, despite you're a 3rd generation member, you know some hungarian words like paprikás :003:

Hungary-Serbia 13-0 ogq

Magyar Mauler
11-11-2004, 19:22

Thank you for the link....I'll check out the site when I get the chance. If you'd like to see what I've been working on, the link to mine is



Of course I know that one....I've been eating it since childhood and just did again on Sunday. I'm also quite proficient in cursing :002:, but I'm working on the rest.

We've also been doing our own peppers and paprika since I was much younger as well. Nothing adds some flavor to your Cheerios like a big handful of that!

One question that I was meaning to ask you was this. With Ocskay out for anywhere from 6 months to the rest of his career, is there anyone on the way up who can fill his skates?

11-11-2004, 22:09
Day 1: November 11:

Hungary - Serbia & Montenegro 13-0

From Stavanger by Joeri Loonen

Hungary did what it had to do in their pre-olympic qualification opener against Serbia & Montenegro. A seven-goal second period shattered any dreams the Serbian team might have had after a solid first period en route to a 13-0 win. Hungary outshot the opponents 68-4. Defenseman Andras Horvath and forward Krisztian Palkovics had three points each (1 + 2).

Balazs Ladanyi scored four goals and added one assist as Hungary opened the tournament with a convincing victory over Serbia & Montenegro.

It was Imre Peterdi who broke the deadlock at 5:29 when he put a breakaway attempt behind the Serbian goaltender. Many expected the Balkan-team to collapse but the opposite happened. The team kept playing disciplined and defended well. It took Hungary over 17 minutes before they doubled their lead when Tamas Gröschl was fed by Csaba Kovacs. The forward wasted no time and one-timed the puck behind Zecevic, who had 20 saves after the first period, to give Hungary a 2-0 lead going into the locker room.

Pat Cortina, Team Hungary's coach, must have stressed the possible importance of goal difference after the first intermission as Hungary started the game uninspired. But when the Hungarians raised their game right from the start of the second period there was nothing stopping them from putting up big numbers.

Janos Vas started the scoring surge at 24:18 before Hungary quickly moved on to a 5-0 lead. Serbian head coach Dusan Rudan tried to restore orders by changing goaltenders, but it was to no avail as Hungary added 4 more goals in the second period. Three of them came off the power play, one of Hungary's trade marks.

00.00 GK in Serbia and Montenegro 26. ZECEVIC, Tihomir
00.00 GK in Hungary 29. SZUPER, Levente

First Period

1.08 2 min Hungary 21. VAS, Janos Highsticking
5.29 1 - 0 EQ Hungary 28. PETERDI, Imre Game Winning Goal (10. VAS, Marton)
7.20 2 min Hungary 22. HOFFMANN, Attila Interference
17.06 2 - 0 EQ Hungary 13. GROSCHL, Tamas (2. KOVACS, Csaba) (26. FODOR, Szabolcs)

Second Period

24.18 3 - 0 EQ Hungary 21. VAS, Janos (24. PALKOVICS, Krisztian)
27.12 4 - 0 EQ Hungary 15. MAJOROSS, Gergely (24. PALKOVICS, Krisztian)
28.29 GK out Serbia and Montenegro 26. ZECEVIC, Tihomir
28.29 5 - 0 EQ Hungary 20. FEKETE, Daniel (9. ERDOSI, Peter) (22. HOFFMANN, Attila)
28.29 GK in Serbia and Montenegro 1. ARANICKI, Fedor
28.39 2 min Serbia and Montenegro 4. JANKOVIC, Bojan Roughing
29.05 6 - 0 PP1 Hungary 11. LADANYI, Balazs (4. HORVATH, Andras) (29. SZUPER, Levente)
30.52 2 min Hungary 14. KISS, Gabor Holding
31.30 2 min Serbia and Montenegro 12. PRIBAKOVIC, Petar Holding
31.30 2 min Serbia and Montenegro 1. ARANICKI, Fedor Delaying the game
32.12 7 - 0 PP1 Hungary 11. LADANYI, Balazs (27. SILLE, Tamas) (8. TOKESI, Lajos)
34.15 8 - 0 EQ Hungary 24. PALKOVICS, Krisztian (6. TOKAJI, Viktor)
36.53 2 min Serbia and Montenegro 4. JANKOVIC, Bojan Tripping
37.52 9 - 0 PP1 Hungary 11. LADANYI, Balazs (28. PETERDI, Imre) (4. HORVATH, Andras)

Third Period

41.18 10 - 0 EQ Hungary 21. VAS, Janos (8. TOKESI, Lajos)
43.19 11 - 0 EQ Hungary 11. LADANYI, Balazs
51.07 12 - 0 EQ Hungary 4. HORVATH, Andras (10. VAS, Marton) (11. LADANYI, Balazs)
59.41 13 - 0 EQ Hungary 9. ERDOSI, Peter (5. SZELIG, Viktor) (14. KISS, Gabor)

60.00 GK out Serbia and Montenegro 1. ARANICKI, Fedor
60.00 GK out Hungary 29. SZUPER, Levente

China - Norway 2-16
On home ice, the question was not if but by how much Norway would beat China. Norway realised what was on the line and responded with a massive fifteen (!) unanswered goals in a 16-2 victory over the Asian team. All but three players on the Norwegian team managed to get at least one point. Norway outshot China 82-12!

Fact is that the Norwegians had a hard time breaking down the Chinese defense that looked as solid as the Chinese wall in the first period. But once it was cracked it was clear a repeat of the 1982 encounter between both teams (4-2 victory for China) was never likely to happen.

Mats Trygg scored four goals and Tore Vikingstad had a hattrick and three assists as Norway treated the home fans with some real gallery play in the third period against a fatigued Team China. The hosts refused to slow down once the game was decided and convincingly pressed forward causing havoc in front of the Chinese net.

"Before the game and during intermissions we were told it was important to score as many goals as possible to keep up with Hungary", said offensive star Espen Knutsen.

After a local Norwegian team had beaten China 9-2 earlier this week no one could have expected them to go into the second period with a 2-1 lead after coming from behind. China, which recently promoted to Division I, scored a pair of goals in the first period to stun the home crowd. Norway had taken the lead halfway the first period when Tore Vikingstad reacted quickest on a scrimmage in front of net during a Norwegian power play.

Day 2: November 12
Hungary - China 15:00:
Norway - Serbia & Mont. 18:30:

Day 3: November 14
Serbia & Mont. - China 13:00:
Norway - Hungary 17:00:

From IIHF (http://www.iihf.com/news/iihfpr1105.htm)


11-11-2004, 22:13
Congrat on your site! Looks nice, and I'm sure you'll provide more and more infos.
And congrat on your home made paprika! Really amazing.
Don't know who will fill Ocskay's place. I have no doubt now, he won't play anymore (seeing poor Zholtoks dead).
Perhaps we should naturalize Kövér Gabi from Kassa.

11-11-2004, 22:20
I forgot to wish good apetite to you! :003:

Magyar Mauler
11-11-2004, 22:32
Well, I think we have a new nemesis. Our big rival is no longer Russia, but NORWAY!

Is a win over Norway possible in three days? Our boys have been close the last couple years, but will the addition of Levente Szuper put them over the top and into the next round of qualifying?

11-11-2004, 22:52
To Magyar Mauler:

Your site is great! And I have been there before!! I actually have it among my favourites.


I will post pictures as soon as I have some.

11-11-2004, 22:56
With a complete team - with all the injured palyers - we would have a chance. But this way... I don't think so.

I am, though, optimistic. I believe in what the coach said: "Anything is possible!"

13-11-2004, 15:00
Day 2: November 12

Hungary - China 4-3

From Stavanger by Joeri Loonen
Balazs Ladanyi kept his cool and earned Hungary a vital win against China when he converted a penalty shot with just 12 seconds left to play in the game to give his team a 4-3 win. Ladanyi, who scored four goals yesterday against Serbia & Montenegro, was awarded a penalty shot in the final minute of the game.

He clinically slotted it past China’s goaltender Xue Liu to save the Hungarians from a major upset. Referee Eduards Odins called the penalty when a Chinese defenseman dislocated the net.

China proved their first period performance against Norway was not an incident. The team gave Hungary a genuine run for their money. Hungary had to come back from behind twice and squeezed through for a hard fought win. Xue Liu almost became the hero of the day for China.

The goaltender came up with a string of magnificent saves that frustrated a Hungarian team that could not find their game. But it would be unfair to say it was the goalie that stole the game for China as they displayed a fine team performance and were able to match their opponents for large parts of the game.

Kunpeng Liu scored China’s first goal of the game when he struck a firm wrist shot from the blue line behind Hungarian goaltender Krisztian Budai. But Hungary where back on their feet thanks to goals of Andras Horvath and Csaba Kovacs. It was China’s goalie Xue Liu who kept his team in the game at that point with some solid work between the pipes.

The second period saw the Asians match their opponents on the ice and they dazzled the Hungarians by scoring a pair of goals in just over a minute. Even more damage could be done to the team coached by Pat Cortina if the Chinese forwards were a bit more accurate in front of net.

Defenseman Andras Horvath tied the game up at three midway through the game with his second goal of the game on a power play.

00.00 GK in China 1. LIU, Xue
00.00 GK in Hungary 1. BUDAI, Krisztian

First Period
7.43 2 min Hungary 27. SILLE, Tamas Tripping
9.32 0 - 1 PP1 China 2. LIU, Kunpeng (28. AN, Kaifeng)
10.14 2 min China 19. HU, Jiang Interference
11.19 2 min China 3. WANG, Dahai Hooking
11.19 2 min Hungary 6. TOKAJI, Viktor Cross-checking
14.41 1 - 1 EQ Hungary 4. HORVATH, Andras (6. TOKAJI, Viktor) (24. PALKOVICS, Krisztian)
15.44 2 min Hungary 20. FEKETE, Daniel Slashing
16.48 2 - 1 SH1 Hungary 2. KOVACS, Csaba (6. TOKAJI, Viktor)
18.19 2 min Hungary 20. FEKETE, Daniel Slashing

Second Period
21.11 2 min China 2. LIU, Kunpeng Hooking
23.56 2 min Hungary 2. KOVACS, Csaba Boarding
27.46 2 min Hungary 13. GROSCHL, Tamas Interference
28.46 2 - 2 PP1 China 28. AN, Kaifeng
29.52 2 - 3 EQ China 11. LI, Guoyang (10. ZHANG, Yang)
31.40 2 min China 3. WANG, Dahai Charging
32.10 3 - 3 PP1 Hungary 4. HORVATH, Andras (6. TOKAJI, Viktor) (11. LADANYI, Balazs)

Third Period
41.25 2 min China 6. WANG, Jianye Hooking
42.47 2 min Hungary 26. FODOR, Szabolcs Slashing
42.47 2 min China 3. WANG, Dahai Roughing
44.57 2 min China 24. LIU, Yingkui Hooking
45.32 2 min China 16. GUO, Xing Roughing
45.32 2 min Hungary 10. VAS, Marton Slashing
49.01 2 min Hungary 22. HOFFMANN, Attila Highsticking
59.48 4 - 3 PS Hungary 11. LADANYI, Balazs Game Winning Goal

60.00 GK out Hungary 1. BUDAI, Krisztian
60.00 GK out China 1. LIU, Xue

From IIHF (http://www.iihf.com/news/iihfpr1105.htm)

Budai Krisztián and Ladányi Balázs

14-11-2004, 22:03
The highlight of the match from IIHF site: (It is a neutral source, if you don't believe me about bad reffies)

Norway - Hungary 3-3

Excitement in Stavanger on the final day of the tournament. Norway earned promotion to the final Olympic qualifications after a 3-3-game that will be the talk of the town for quite some days.

With the score tied 2-2 late in the game, and Hungary being in constant penalty trouble, Viktor Szelig tried to clear the puck along the boards. Norwegian netminder Harstad-Evjen went to claim the puck, but was stunned as anyone in the arena when the puck took a strange bounce and flew into the empty net with less than three minutes to play.

But Norway managed to get that all important equalizer, that will send them to Switzerland. With just 95 seconds left on the clock Patrick Thoresen redirected a Tore Vikingstad-shot in front of Levente Szuper.
Hungary furiously protested as Thoresen seemed to have his stick too high, but referee Peter Jonak decided to allow the goal, just as he did earlier in the game.

“The finish was great. Couldn't have writte a better plot myself. We were lucky with the goal, but so were they with their third goal. I would not know if the decisive goal was high stick. That's hard to see for referees whether the stick is an inch too high or not.”

Hungary's coach Pat Cortina saw it differently: "According to me, their third goal was a clear case of a high stick. But I am still happy that we didn't lose a game in this tournament. This was a good preparation for the division one world championship in Hungary."

Hungary came back but behind twice, and even took the lead late on, but did not manage to keep the lead over the hosts on the final day. Tore Vikingstad’s fourth goal of the tournament, and Norway’s first of the evening, came off a lucky bounce when an Anders Myrvold shot deflected off his body behind a helpless Levente Szuper. But whoever thought Hungary would give up now was wrong.

The team regrouped and gave Norway a real match. And they were rewarded early in the second period when Marton Vas and Balasz Ladanyi had a two on one situation skating into the Norwegian zone. Vas decided to go for himself and his shot in the near corner surprised Halvor Harsted-Evjen.

Ten minutes later Hungary showed great spirit again as Tamas Sille paced out the Norwegian defense and sweetly scored while his team was killing a penalty to tie the game at 2-2. Norway had taken a 2-1 lead on a controversial goal. Jonas Andersen got behind his marker with a great move and set up Mads Hansen, whose shot seemed to be saved by Szuper. But just as referee Peter Jonak blew his whistle the puck was in the net. After consulting with his linesmen, Jonak made the goal count, much to the delight of the Norwegian crowd.

Hungary could not stay out of the penalty box in the third period causing themselves a lot of problems having to kill a lot of penalties. Krisztian Palkovics got a misconduct penalty for checking from behind while Viktor Tokaji received a double minor for high sticking.

It was Levente Szuper who kept Hungary in the game with some brilliant saves to stun the Norwegian power play. He ended up with 38 saves. But his efforts were to no avail. Norway advances to the next round thanks to a superior goal difference as Hungary travel back home undefeated but also empty handed.

Magyar Mauler
15-11-2004, 08:04
I saw about the Palkovics penalty....that doesn't really sound like something he'd do. Was it a legitimate call?

15-11-2004, 09:12
Man, it was a simple scandal!
All hungarian hockeyfans are talking about this.
I think the Hockey Federation decided before the match, that Norway have to go through.
2 norwegian goals were not clear, I would say not rightful.

27-12-2004, 08:34
I have also some questions. We have on our page a lot of missing things about Hungarian Hockey. Who have a little bit time to help us ?

We search the missing Teamcolors, the Dates when the Teams are foundet, Rankings etc.


30-12-2004, 17:02
Long time no write, sorry for that.

But now a few results and other things.

Hungarian Cup Final: DAC - Alba Volán FeVita 1-6

It is still a mystery what happened to DAC that they were defeated by Volán with such a result. I have no idea, they may have put a huge pressure on themselves, they were the favourites and probably they couldn't bear it. We have seen it before with Volán - for a few years - now it struck DAC. It was very unfortunate for DAC that it happened in front of a home audience, but sweet revenge for Volán!
I don't think there is much to write about such a match. Volán had the best day in their lives, DAC did not. Things like these happen.

See picture of the winner below. Picture taken from the Alba Volán FeVita official website (http://www.albavolanfevita.hu). Would you like to see this picture in a bigger size? Go to the Volán site and search for it under the section "Klub" (=Club) and then "Képtár: Magyar Kupa Döntő 2004 (Új)" (=Picture section: Hungarian Cup Final 2004 (New)).

Interleague: DAC - Alba Volán FeVita 5-6

It was already the second match in a row in Dunaújváros where Volán hit 6 goals for Levente Szuper. Still - apart from the fact that it may not be his best form or season - I think it is not only/really his fault because he is always left alone by his defence players. I just don't know why. He is a good goalie but without defence he cannot save the day all the time. They should know it. Someone should recognize it at last before his self-confidence suffers too much.
The other thing interesting about this match is that Budai Krisztián - Volán goalie - allowed 5 goals himself. So it was clearly not the best day for Volán defenders but forwards could compensate for it.
If I'm not mistaken this was one of those matches where DAC had a chance to win, they even led the game, but somehow they managed to lose or Volán managed to win. Either way, it was painful for the team of Dunaújváros.
And, again, they did defeat their biggest opponent in front of their home audience. What did I say about revenge?

Interleague: Alba Volán FeVita - DAC 6-5

Déjá vu. Another match with the same result. Szuper Levente allowed 6 goals at the third match in a row. In my opinion it does not really describe his performance - or not only that - but the performance of the whole DAC team, especially the defenders, again. I don't mean to hurt them, and believe me, there are some of Hungary's best defence players (Tokaji, Horváth, Szélig) but the play they show from game to game is simply brutal but not successful.
And I don't want to talk only about the DAC defense. Volán got 5 goals - again - which is not very few either. And some were again of that kind which could have been avoided. Maddening.
And if Volán don't want to get too many goals during the Continental Cup Finals they should pull themselves together (If there is no other way, they should do it literally in front of the goal!!!).
But before I totally switch to the Continental Cup Final I should write some more about these eleven goals. Because there are some things to write about.
First of all, there were probably eleven goals, even if one of them was seen by nobody if it was goal or not, but the referee annulled it - this time one less for DAC. And another one, which was absolutely not a goal was given to Dunaújváros. But this was not the only mistake the referees tried to compensate during the match. They really committed some mistakes at the expense of both teams. Though, I think, one of the funniest moments of the match - which mirrored the relationship of the players and the referees as well, was when Svasznek Bence yelled at the referee: Get the hell out of my way!!! (Or something like that, of course in Hungarian.)
Otherwise it was a tough match, lot of penalties on both side, sometimes for nothing, but I slowly start to think that it belongs to Hungarian ice hockey that the referees can not follow the game at all and seemingly don't know what to do.
The best moment of the match was - out of question - the return of Ocskay Gábor. He came back after a long battle with hospitals and doctors. But finally a heart specialist took responsibility for his game and he could return to the ice. Of course a huge home crowd waited for him and greeted him with a big applause. He thanked for the support of his fans with a goal and an assist. Good to have him back.

See picture of him and his father below. Picture was taken from the Alba Volán FeVita official website (http://www.albavolanfevita.hu).

More updates will follow about the Continental Cup Final.

30-12-2004, 17:54

January 7-9, 2005 Székesfehérvár, Hungary

Watch the tournament poster HERE (http://www.icehockey.hu/magyar/plakat1.pdf) in big or below in small.

The program:

January 7, 2005 - Friday:
15.30 HKM Zvolen (SVK) - Milano Vipers (ITA)
19.00 Alba Volán FeVita (HUN) - Dinamo Moskow (RUS)

January 8, 2005 - Saturday:
15.30 Milano Vipers (ITA) - Dinamo Moskow (RUS)
19.00 HKM Zvolen (SVK) - Alba Volán FeVita (HUN)

January 9, 2005 - Sunday:
17.00 Alba Volán FeVita (HUN) - Milano Vipers (ITA)
20.30 Dinamo Moskow (RUS) - HKM Zvolen (SVK)

The Teams:


Players include the following ones:

* Pavel Datsyuk
* Lubomir Bartecko
* Martin Havlat
* Andrei Markov
* Artyom Csubarov
* Maxim Afinogenov
* Patrick Elias

Interesting facts:

*Pavel Datsyuk won the Stanley Cup with the Detroit Red Wings in 2002.


Players include the following ones:

* Vladimir Orszagh
* Michal Handzus
* Richard Zadnik

Interesting facts:

* Trainer is JAN JASKO (SLK) who was the coach of Alba Volán FeVita from 2000 to 2003 and Head Coach of the Senior Hungarian National Team as well.


Players include the following ones:

* Niklas Sundström
* Craig Adams
* Robert Dimaio

Interesting facts:

* Former Head Coach PAT CORTINA (CAN) now trains the players of Alba Volán FeVita and the Senior Hungarian National Team. - As I have found out, it is not true. Mr Cortina was the coach of another Milano based team, Saima Transport.
* Former name of the team: Milano Devils.


The Players are:

* Goalies:

Budai Krisztián (#15), Becze Zoltán (#33), Hetényi Zoltán (#1);

* Defenders:

Tőkési Lajos (#91), Sille Tamás (#43)
Rasztiszlav Ondrejcik (#73), Kangyal Balázs (Cpt.)(#25)
Szuna Roland (#14), Svasznek Bence (#3)
Borostyán Gergely (#44), Dunai István (#20);

* Forwards:

Palkovics Krisztián (#24), Ocskay Gábor (#19), Kovács Csaba (#21)
Simon Csaba (#41), Karol Rusznyak (#28), Kövér Gábor (#11)
Kiss Gábor (#6), Gröschl Tamás (#49), Csibi József (#88)
Fodor Szabolcs (#18), Majoross Gergely (#79), Rajz Attila (#17)
Artyom Vaszjunyin (#78), Borbás Gergely (#75);

Interesting facts:

* See the interesting facts above.
* No NHL players, no former NHL players, but they will try their best to get as few goals as possible.
* One player, Ocskay Gábor, played in the Slovakian Extra League for three days.
* Karol Rusznyák (player on tounament poster) was Slovakian National player.
* Gröschl Tamás was the first ever Hungarian player drafted by an NHL team (Edmonton Oilers) in 1999.


06-01-2005, 21:56
Just one day before the Continental Cup Final kicks off everybody can see the total rosters of the teams and follow the matches online on this IIHF website:

IIHF Continental Cup (http://www.iihf.com/Hydra/Tournaments_05/output/cc/hydra.iihf.com/IIHF_Core/jsp/content/web_output/index.jsp@compId=1000000046)

:yelclap: :yelclap: :claphands :bowdown: :drink2: :yelclap: :653: :bowdown: :claphands :yelclap: :653: :devileek: :653: :drink2: :yelclap:

10-01-2005, 22:21

10-01-2005, 23:50
Nonika, Thank you for all the great information, pictures and extra tid bits on Hungarian Hockey and The Continental Cup! It is most appreciated. :045:

11-01-2005, 21:52
Thanks for the compliment!

I would have done more, but I spent half of my weekend at the ice rink, the other half sleeping!

You can find here pictures of last day's matches:
Alba Volán FeVita - Milano Vipers 2-1 (http://www.onlila.hu/index.php?page=kepek&id=200)
HKM Zvolen - Dynamo Moskow 2-1 (http://www.onlila.hu/index.php?page=kepek&id=201).

My pictures will be uploaded later this week.

You can read the reports and the statistics of the matches on the IIHF (http://www.iihf.com) website.

It was a fantastic weekend and Hungary proved again that we are developing in a rapid way and our hockey must be respected in international tournaments as well.

What really made me proud is that we could achieve this incredible thing without a single NHL player. This weekend our hearts were bigger than our resumés and it made a difference!

I congratulate to the GUYS, and wish them all the best for the Interleague semi-finals and the Hungarian Championship finals!

And don't forget, we'll host the Pannon GSM Tour in February (in Budapest) where almost the same guys can teach Canada, Slovakia and Germany what Hungarian mentality means!


Marco Benedetti
12-01-2005, 14:30
* Former Head Coach PAT CORTINA (CAN) now trains the players of Alba Volán FeVita and the Senior Hungarian National Team. - As I have found out, it is not true. Mr Cortina was the coach of another Milano based team, Saima Transport.
* Former name of the team: Milano Devils.

Sorry Nonika if I correct you: it is true that Pat Cortina was coach of Devils Milano but this team is not active anymore.
The former name of Milano Vipers was Milano Saima.

13-01-2005, 17:06
First of all, I'd like to thank Marco for correcting me. You should know that before the tournament at least three-four contradicting articles were published about it and I didn't know anymore what to believe.

In a few days, as I have promised, my pictures will be uploaded. Around 150 pictures will be available on the following site:

Continental Cup Pictures (http://www.angelfire.com/scary/noraroth0/index.html)

Further pictures of the tournament can be seen on the Alba Volán official website. Here:

Alba Volán FeVita (http://www.albavolanfevita.hu/cgi-bin/index.cgi?lang=hun&parancs=keptar6)

(If you carefully watch the pictures taken at the Volán - Milano game you can discover me beind the goal in a black coat and under that the Volán jersey. I also hold a camera in my hand.)

15-01-2005, 05:41
Pat Cortina, Canadian born head coach of the Hungarian Men's Senior team, has quite a few thoughts about his goal to continue Hungary's rise in hockey circles.....Let's hope that he will put a system in place to help make Hungary a Hockey nation formost, and then a competitor at the elite level...

Here are some quotes: ‘I don’t really have a personal goal to be honest,’ he says. ‘I’d love to stay long enough to do what I’d like to do and what needs to be done.’

What needs to be done is way beyond success at the World Championships in April or getting silverware. ‘Promotion to the elite group isn’t what’s most important. Promoting hockey here is!’ More measurable he has some objectives for the national team. ‘If hockey promotion would lead to us moving from 22nd spot on the World Ranking to 18th I think we’ve done a good job,’ Cortina says convinced. ‘To be competitive all the time and perhaps touch the Elite Group one year and at the same time help younger players develop and raise the general interest in Hungary.’

You can read the entire article here, from eurohockey.net (http://www.eurohockey.net/news/story.shtml?id=20050115003807buildingforabetterfut ure)

20-01-2005, 21:23
Dear friends of underdogs hockey!
Let me share my thoughts about this tournament, which was the most elite tournament in the history of hungarian hockey.
1., It was fantastic, that the iihf gave the hosting to a non Pool A nation. I think we did well the job. There were almost full crowd at all matches.
2., The most important task was, not to lose all 3 matches by big margin, cause it would damage the hard fought positive image of our hockey. Now this task was done also! Out of 9 periods, Alba Volán lost only 3!!! Against elite teams! It was more than a dream, what Volán did. They got the 3rd place!
Now Hungary showed, that it is not a minnow in hockey now. A couple of participating NHL stars said good things about our hockey. Hungary is a match for everybody (of course not counting the top 6).
The immediate fruits of the tournament:
I hardly believe it, but it seems, hungarian club Ferencváros (known about football) signed 2 NHL-ers, Rob Niedermayer and Jason Strudwick!
Hungary is no terra incognita for hockey anymore, and hungarian hockey became mature!
Now I'm curious, and can hardly waiting for the next serious tournament here in february.

29-01-2005, 20:21
2004/05 Interleague Finals (best of five series)

Acroni Jesenice (SLO) vs. Alba Volan FeVita (HUN)

The matches:

1st: January 29, 2005, 18.00 Acroni Jesenice - Alba Volan FeVita
2nd: January 30, 2005, 18.00 Acroni Jesenice - ALba Volan FeVita
3rd: February 2, 2005, 18.00 Alba Volan FeVita - Acroni Jesenice
If necessary:
4th: February 3, 2005, 18.00 Alba Volan FeVita - Acroni Jesenice
5th: February 6, 2005, 18.00 Acroni Jesenice - Alba Volan FeVita

Acroni Jesenice:

Acroni Jesenice Official Website (http://www.hkjesenice.com/index2.php)

Coach: Ales Sodja
Goalies: Robert Kristan, Gaber Glavic
Defenders: Dejan Varl, Ales Kranjc, Jurij Golicic, Borut Vukcevic, Mitja Sotlar, Blaz Klinar, David Mlinarec, Marko Cesnjak
Forwards: Tomaz Razingar, Marcel Rodman, Toni Tislar, Peter Rozic, Gregor Poloncic, Luka Zagar, Anze Terlikar, Tomi Hafner, Boris Pretnar, David Rodman, Ales Remar, Marjan Manfreda

* Acroni Jesenice won all their 23 matches during the season.
* Nobody could beat them.
* The only success against them was the draw by DAC - but Jesenice won in the overtime.
* Acroni players lead the stastics in all categories.

Alba Volan FeVita:

Alba Volan FeVita Official Website (http://www.albavolanfevita.hu)

Coach: Pat Cortina
Goalies: Krisztian Budai, Zoltan Hetenyi
Defenders: Lajos Tokesi, Tamas Sille, Balazs Kangyal (C), Rasztiszlav Ondrejcik, Bence Svasznek, Roland Szuna, Gergely Borostyan, Istvan Dunai
Forwards: Krisztian Palkovics, Gabor Ocskay, Tamas Groschl, Karol Rusznyak, Gabor Kover*, Csaba Kovacs*, Roger Holeczy, Gergely Majoross, Csaba Simon, Szabolcs Fodor, Jozsef Csibi, Artyom Vaszjunyin, Attila Rajz, Gabor Kiss, Gergely Borbas

Currently injured or ill:
* Csaba Kovacs - shoulder injury
* Gabor Kover - pneumonia

* Alba Volan FeVita won the Interleague Finals two years ago - they defeated Acroni Jesenice in the finals.

29-01-2005, 20:33
Acroni Jesenice - Alba Volan

4:2 (2:0,1:2,1:0)

Jesenice- Dvorana Podmežakla
Spectators: 2200
Referees: Trilar, Hribar, Poženel ( from Slovenia )

1:0- Pretnar ( Hafner, 3 )
2:0- Razingar ( M. Rodman, Tišlar, 18 )
2:1- Ocskay ( Palkovics, Groeschl, 26 )
3:1- Razingar ( Kranjc, Tišlar, 30 PP1 )
3:2- Palkovics ( Ocskay, 37 )
4:2- M. Rodman ( Tišlar, Razingar, 59 PP1 )

Penalties in Minutes: Acroni Jesenice 4 Alba Volan 8

29-01-2005, 20:56

Finally one of the Hungarian clubs could manage to bring two NHL players to Hungary. The surprise is that this club is not Alba Volan FeVita or DAC but the currently 4th place FTC, who have major financial problems and have been removed from the rink they played in.

And these players are:

Hungary (2 current players)

Current Team / Player Name / NHL Team / Nationality
Ferencvaros / Rob Niedermayer / Anaheim / CAN
Ferencvaros / Jason Strudwick / N.Y. Rangers / CAN

According to the IIHF website

29-01-2005, 21:18

New player in Alba Volan FeVita (for the Hungarian Championship Finals):

Pavel Valko (born in 1968) - Defender

New players in DAC:

Krisztian Kovacs (born in 1981) - Right Wing 185/85
Juraj Rusic (born in 1980)
Slamovir Zec (born in 1981) - Defender

30-01-2005, 21:21
Acroni Jesenice - Alba Volan

3:0 (0:0,1:0,2:0 )

Jesenice- Dvorana Podmežakla
Referees: Pahor, Knific, Zaletelj ( from Slovenia )

1:0- Vukčevič ( Goličič, Rožič, 37 PP1 )

Penalties in Minutes: Acroni Jesenice 4 Alba Volan Fevita 26

Marco Benedetti
31-01-2005, 10:57
Acroni Jesenice - Alba Volan

3:0 (0:0,1:0,2:0 )

Jesenice- Dvorana Podmežakla
Referees: Pahor, Knific, Zaletelj ( from Slovenia )

1:0- Vukčevič ( Goličič, Rožič, 37 PP1 )

Penalties in Minutes: Acroni Jesenice 4 Alba Volan Fevita 26

I can help you:

2:0 Golicic 50
3:0 Tislar 60

31-01-2005, 16:36
Thanks Marco, you always help me out. :023:

I know it by now as well, but yesterday the Jesenice website didn't tell more about it. :mad:

Anyway, Volan have to play better on Wednesday, or have the referees on their side, at last. Or shouldn't I have said it??? :ignore:

We'll see...


05-02-2005, 20:23
Alba Volan - Acroni Jesenice

2:5 (1:1,0:2,1:2)

Székesfehérvár - Jégcsarnok (Ice Rink)
Spectators: 2000
Referees: Konc (from Slovakia) Kincses, Bedő ( from Hungary )

0:1- Kranjc (Tišlar, 8 PP1)
1:1- Palkovics (Ocskay, Gröschl, 10 PP1)
1:2- M. Rodman (Kranjc, 25)
1:3- Tislar (M. Rodman, Razingar, 39)
1:4- Rozic (Vukcevic, 42 PP1)
2:4- Rusznyak (45 SH1)
2:5- Golicic (Ploncic, Vukcevic, 53)

Penalties in Minutes: Alba Volan Fevita 16 Acroni Jesenice 14

16-02-2005, 02:42
There is a sensation almost every week in hungarian hockey. :-) The sensation for today is two NHL players, JASON STRUDWICK and ROB NIEDERMAYER playing their first game in their new team FTC :-))) This is the team"s first game in second round of the playoffs. FTC has to win at least 5 of the 6 games played in the playoffs if they want to play for the gold medal. Today they play against DAC (the second best team in HUN), and on sunday against ALBA VOLAN. FTC won its last game against these teams around 5 years ago!!! On 22nd Feb. FTC meets its rival UTE on "home ice". Home ice means that the game will be played in "Kisstadion", which is an open-air rink!!! Because of financial problems, FTC played its games in the regular season in this arena, and after this game they will move back to the covered ASTRAZENECA ARENA, where they meet ALBA VOLAN on the 25th, and DAC on the 1st of march. "Kisstadion" has a larger capacity that is why FTC chose to meet its rival UTE there. Tickets will be sold for 500 hungarian forints, which is less than 3 USD :-))) You bet, there will be many people!!! :-)

By the way NIEDERMAYERs play against DAC today is still a question, because yesterday he suffered an eye injury, while practicing with his new team. Anyway according to the official website of FTC he is fine, there is no major problem with his eye.

The starting lineup for FTC: TAMAS DOBOS, JASON STRUDWICK--- ISTVAN HOLLO, ROB NIEDERMAYER, LASZLO NAGY (just to avoid any misunderstandings he is not the same as Ladislav Nagy) :-)))

A link to the official website of FTC: http://www.fradihoki.hu/
It is only in hungarian, but you can find some pictures of the two players in their new jersey if you scroll down a little bit :-)))

17-02-2005, 02:55
So it happened! :-) The debute of an NHL player in the hungarian league in the city of Dunaujvaros in front of 2.500 people. Jason Strudwick played, unfortunately Rob Niedermayer missed the game due to an eye injury he suffered two days ago while practicing with his new team. :002:

It was a great game, until the third period it was 0-0! Strudwick played well, but not in the top of his form, he recorded one shot in the game, which has hit the bar!!! Early in the third period DAC scored, minutes after FTC equlized, STRUDWICK gave a pass to Dobos, who scored against DAC goalkeeper Levente Szuper. The first assist of a NHL player in HUN league :-) After the goals the game got more intense, DAC scored two fast goals, the first one by Ladanyi, it was a shorthanded goal (actually FTC played 5 on 3 PP), then 70 seconds after the same one scored again on a 2-on-1 situation, Peterdi and Ladanyi attacked against Strudwick, Ladanyi decided not to make a pass, but to shoot instead, and he scored. The game seemed to be over, but FTC scored two times, two lucky goals, but it was a draw again after the OT as well. After shootouts DAC won the game, scoring two times against FTC goalie Ferjo, while Szuper saved all shots, blocked Strudwick"s shot as well.

I guess the presence of the two NHLers made it possible for FTC to compete against a much better team, in the regular season DAC has beaten FTC 9-1 on home ice!!!

Stat of Strudwick after his first game: 0 goal, 1 assist, 1 shot (hit the bar), 7 takeaways, 4 times puck given away, 18(!) body checks, 0 penalty mins, 33 times on the ice (I don"t know how many minutes on ice, but I guess at least 35-40 mins). :023:

On sunday Niedermayer will play for sure against HUN champion ALBA VOLAN. It seems we have to wait for the first goal of an NHL player in HUN league until Sunday! :-) :claphands

17-02-2005, 07:45
So it happened! :-) The debute of an NHL player in the hungarian league.....

Cool - is this news getting much media and national attention in Hungary?

Also Krisz - welcome aboard!

17-02-2005, 09:43
Yeah, I would say it attracts interest from both fans and the media. 2.500 people on a DAC-FTC game? In the regular season when DAC defeated FTC 9-1 on home ice, maybe there were 300 fans. I guess all arenas will be full, wherever these two players will play. You can also read about the two players in the newspapers almost every day. :023:

Today UTE-ALBA VOLAN playoff game, I'm going to see it live :yelclap: I hope UTE can surprise team AVF again, as they did in the regular season once: on home ice UTE won 2-1 (they won against ALBA VOLAN in 1999 last time). UTE won all of its games on home ice, against DAC as well in a 3-2 OT victory in october. :yelclap: :claphands

18-02-2005, 03:26
Great game, UTE did not give up, equlized just 24 seconds left in the third period. After OT penalty shots, AVF scored once, UTE could not score in the shootout. :089: Finally HUN hockey is about 4 teams, not only about DAC and AVF. I hope UTE and FTC will compete against these teams in the future. :claphands

UTE-AVF (3:4) (0-1,2-1,1-1,0-0,0-1 shootout)

HUN league playoff: GP W OTW OTL L GF-GA Points
1. AVF 7 5 1 1 0 28–10 18
2. DAC 8 4 1 1 2 32–23 15
3. UTE 8 1 2 2 3 21–28 9
4. FTC 7 0 1 1 5 9–29 3

AVF and FTC play 5 more games, UTE and DAC 4 more games. If FTC wins all of the 5 games remaining, they will have maximum 18 points. It would be a miracle (even with the help of the two NHLers), if they could make the finals.

Next game: 20th Feb. Sunday AVF-FTC. :023:

20-02-2005, 23:54
AVF-FTC 2:3 (2-0,0-3,0-0)

AVF scored two fast goals in the first period, after 6 minutes it was already 2-0. Every one was sure, that neither Strudwick or Niedermayer can not help their team out. But FTC scored three times in the second period, first goal scored by Niedermayer himself, third goal assisted by Niedermayer, scored by Strudwick!!! :claphands
AVF could not score in the third, FTC could keep their lead. FTC goalkeeper FERJO made saves after saves, the whole team got a big boost from the presence of the two players. FTC took all 3 points away! Last time they did it, was maybe 5 years ago or more!

Some pictures of the game:

Strudwick: http://www.albavolanfevita.hu/hun/jk/dscf5751a.jpg
Niedermayers first goal in HUN league: http://www.albavolanfevita.hu/hun/jk/dscf5793a.jpg
Close look at Niedermayer: http://www.albavolanfevita.hu/hun/jk/dscf5865a.jpg

21-02-2005, 00:21
AVF-FTC 2:3 (2-0,0-3,0-0)....
Close look at Niedermayer: http://www.albavolanfevita.hu/hun/jk/dscf5865a.jpg

Haha - at least Rob's Anaheim Mighty Duck logo on his helmet matches FTC's uniform colors... :005:

Seriously though, it is good news that this will help make the teams level for the rest of this season at least....better this than to have only the same 2 teams fight out for the championships...

Did this upset make news in Hungary? And with the Final (?) cancellation of the NHL season, are there any rumours of more NHLers coming to Hungary?

21-02-2005, 03:23
Thanx Gurj to attract my attention on Rob's helmet. I did not recognize, he used his helmet with the Ducks logo on it. Anyway it really fits his new jersey :036:
First of all the trade deadline is over, no more NHLers coming to Hungary :(
Telling the truth I don't know why these two came here to play. Their manager asked them if they would come to play in Hungary, they said: "why not?" :003: They come only if they can play together in the same team (they are cousins). FTC said: "of course you can come both!" The team does not have to pay anything: canadian and hungarian sponsors pay everything. Hungarian AirLines gave them discount, they live in Hotel Hilton Budapest on a complimentary basis. FTC could never pay these players, the team has a budget of 16-20 million HUF (hungarian forint) for this year, top team ALBA VOLAN about 120 million HUF. Niedermayer earned this year 2 million USD without playing any NHL games. 2 million USD equals 360 million HUF!!! (1 USD is about 180 HUF). So it's not money that brought them to Hungary. I don't think that the level of the HUN league attracts any NHL players. Then what? I think it is a challenge for them, or rather an adventure. But who cares? If they bring some professionalism in HUN hockey, if FTC will be a competitor of the three other teams, it was already worth it. They also promote and advertise hockey here. If there would be 30-40 or more children deciding to play hockey after seeing them playing, it was worth them coming here! :023:

I think today's victory will be a 2 pages article in the top sports newspaper "Nemzeti Sport", with Niedermayer on the cover. The playoff has not been so exciting in the last ten years. However I'm still 100% sure that AVF and DAC will play the finals.

21-02-2005, 22:35
"I was at the game and it was a good time - even though I was cheering for Abla Volan, the fact that this will make hockey more competitive and bring media attention is a good thing for the sport!"

Thanx Gurj!!! :023:

22-02-2005, 01:27
It is very good, that we have these 2 guys in our league! Good to see also, that already 4 teams are competing for the title! And not only 2!
I guess, more sponsors will come and invest in Hungarian hockey, cause media cares much about it now.

23-02-2005, 08:36
Yesterday's game:

AVF-DAC 3:2 OT victory (0:1,1:0,1:1,1:0)

It seems DAC can not win against AVF this year. AVF missed star player #19 Gabor Ocskay and starting goalie Krisztian Budai. A 17 years old young talent Hetenyi guarded AVF's net in this game!!!

FTC-UTE was not played due to bad weather! FTC desided to play this game in their old, not covered rink "Kisstadion" instead of covered arena of "Astrazeneca". Because of heavy snow the game will be played another time. In the year 2005 a european team with two NHL players decides to play its game in an old-fashioned, open-air rink, just to make more money (Astrazeneca has capacity of 2.500 fans, Kisstadion has more than 10.000. It is said there were about 2.500-3.000 people waiting for the game. It's a shame, such an amateurish approach by team FTC!!!

23-02-2005, 17:57
So, as Krisz already said:

Alba Volán FeVita - DAC 3-2 (o.t.)

A few facts about this fantastic and very exciting match:
* Zoltán Hetényi stood in Volán's goal - interesting fact: he just turned 17 on 18th February!!
* A few players missed the matched on Alba's side: Gábor Ocskay due to a muscle injury and Csaba Kovács due to shoulder injury and Krisztián Budai was relaxing on the bench.
On the other side: Viktor Szélig was out with knee injury.
* We had a new announcer: he sometimes mixed up players with their fathers. He sent Tibor Kiss to "do time" on the penalty bench instead of his son, Gábor Kiss.
* The referee did not know at certain times what he was doing. But this is getting quite usual here. Unfortunately.
* We scored a beautiful Canadian style goal - shot from the blue line and a player puts his stick in the way of the puck in front of the goal. And the applause goes for Tamás Gröschl and Lajos Tőkési - not to forget Pat Cortina who is Canadian. (By the way, Gröschl spent some time in Canada as well.)
* The atmosphere was great! A lot of people came out and supported the team - not like on Sunday.
* And the match was again EXCITING till the very end. That's what we need just before the finals.

26-02-2005, 07:23
Friday games 25th Feb.
Playoff is getting more and more exciting:

UTE-DAC 3-2 (1-1,1-1,1-0) UTE's nice gift to its coach, who celebrated his birthday yesterday (Janos Ancsin 43 years old, the most famous hungarian hockey player, played 225 times in the national team).
FTC-AVF 3-2 (1-0,2-1,0-1) "Of course" Niedermayer scored the game winning goal, "of course" Strudwick gave him the assist.

AVF 10games/20
DAC 10/16
UTE 9/12
FTC 9/9

It seems AVF is already in the finals, but even FTC has still chance to make the finals. AVF and DAC play 2 more games, while UTE and FTC have 3 more games left in the playoff.

02-03-2005, 01:39
Hello all;

I am very excited to see Jason and Rob play hockey in Hungary. I am guessing these two are not getting paid very much money, so my question is: Why did they choose Hungary.

I know they are cousins, and wanted to play together for a long time now. I also believe this is one of the greatest things to happen in promoting the game in Hungary. I'm glad at least two of the hundreds of NHLers are playing for the love of the game and not money. Besides.... the beautiful Magyar girls never hurt either.......

So.... where does a fan acquire a Jersey? I'd love to get a National team jersey and a Niedermayer jersey too.

Also, my friend and I are planning to visit Hungary again. It will be his first time, and my...12th. We want to know if there are rinks where we can play drop in hockey. Not just in Budapest, but other cities around Hungary too.

There's no point in bringing our gear, if we can't play.

02-03-2005, 10:07
Tuesday, 2nd of March:

AVF-UTE 1:2 (1-0,0-0,0-1,0-1 game decided by penalties). UTE goalie BERNEI stopped 47 of 48 shots :kidding: , had a major role in his team's victory, also stopped all penalties in the shoot-out. No doubt he was the MVP of the game.
FTC-DAC 0-4 (0-1,0-1,0-2) FTC's goalie JAROSLAV FERJO used to play in team DAC (two times HUN champion, once 2. place), while DAC goalie LEVENTE SZUPER won was hungarian champion with FTC in '96-'97 season. The "Szuperman" stopped all shots, the canadians had no chance in this game. Interesting fact, that team DAC changed head coach, they recalled Robert Spisak, who coached the team for three years in the past. (removed coach Björn Ferber coaching now the U-18 and U-20 teams of DAC). It was good to see, DAC players' playing with a self-confidence, with great defensive and offensive strategy. :claphands
FTC did not show too much, the canadians did not have real chances because of the clever play of DAC defenders. One DAC player (to my opinion the best hungarian defender, one of my favourite players) Viktor Tokaji was injured, after receiving a body-check from Niedermayer. His collarbone is broken, he will miss the rest of the season, and- which is a great loss of the national team- he will miss the Div. I championships as well. :090: :089: :013: :076:

FTC has no chance to make the finals, AVF is in the finals for sure, while both DAC and UTE have chance to play against AVF for the gold. DAC has one game left, they have to defeat AVF, team UTE plays against FTC two games (home and away), they have to win both. Game FTC-DAC was on Sport1 channel live.

02-03-2005, 10:23
Szevasz Csubi :006:

The two NHLers did not come for money, FTC could never play them (the team cannot even play for using their rink). They said in an interview, that they did not want to spend a whole season far away from Canada, only a couple of weeks, so they accepted the invitation of the hungarian team for the rest of the playoff. They wanted to play together, and of course FTC had no problem with that :)

About jerseys: check this site http://www.sportmania.hu/ the site is avaliable in english as well. You find all infos, the address of the shop in Budapest as well.

About where you could play hockey here I'm not quite sure, but I will check it for you :023:

Enjoy Your stay in Hungary!!! :045:

05-03-2005, 00:03
Szia Csubi!

I wish you the same!

You can play hockey in my town now, as the river is frozen! :)
But you would better hurry up!!! It will melt soon. :003:

05-03-2005, 05:52
Friday, 4th of March:

UTE-FTC 6:1 (3:1,1:0,2:0) :036:

FTC run into a huge loss again, UTE dominated throughout the game, the canadians of FTC could not score, UTE goalie BERNEI was 30/31 (96.85%), while FTC goalie FERJO stopped 35 of 41 shots (85.4%). FTC's only goal was given after the referee checked the video for more than ten minutes! He consulted with his linesman, and decided the goal was scored (an UTE(!) player also admitted, that the puck had crossed the goal-line). UTE did not give FTC any chance, the game was decided early in the game, after ten minutes it was 3:0 already on the scoreboard.

05-03-2005, 09:57
STANDINGS before the last round of the playoffs:
1. AVF...11.....5......2.......2.....2.....21
2. DAC...11.....5......1.......2.....3.....19
3. UTE...11.....3......3.......2.....3.....17
4. FTC...11.....2......1.......1.....7......9

Each team has one more game to play. AVF-DAC and FTC-UTE games both will be played today at the same time. AVF is in the finals for sure, but it will be decided today, which team plays against AVF in the best-of-7 finals. DAC needs at least 1 point today to make it, but if DAC loses today in regulation time and UTE collects 3 points tonight, then team UTE will be in the finals. The situation of DAC is very interesting here: if they will have a 3 points night against AVF, DAC finishes on first place, can start the finals home, AVF plays away. If the team collects 1 or 2 points finishes on 2nd place, AVF hosts the first game of finals. If DAC will loose the game tonight in regulation time, and UTE gets 3 points against FTC, DAC will be 3rd, hosting the first game of the best-of-5 games against FTC battleing for the bronze medal. AVF is also interested not to let DAC get 3 points, all teams would like to start the 4-of-7 finals on home ice, so DAC does not have an easy mission.

DAC could not win against AVF this season. The results of the three games they played against each other: 2-5, 1-3, 2-3(OT) losses against AVF.

UTE won two times against FTC (3-0, 6-1), and lost one game, after a 2-2 tie in OT it was decided by shootouts.

UTE seems to have a great chance after yesterday's excellent performance...

06-03-2005, 04:36
FTC-UTE 4:5 (1:1,2:1,1:2,0:1) OT victory. Strudwick and Niedermayer finished the game without a point.

DAC-AVF 4:3 (0:0,0:1,3:2,0:0) Game decided with penalties, this time won by DAC. Great comeback for DAC in the third period, scored three goals, turning the game from 0-2 into 3-2, so AVF had to work hard to tie the game.


1. AVF...12.....5......2.......3.....2...(39:24)..... 22
2. DAC...12.....5......2.......2.....3...(44:32)..... 21
3. UTE...12.....3......4.......2.....3...(37:36)..... 19
4. FTC...12.....2......1.......2.....7...(20:49)..... 10

SCHEDULE of the FINALS for 1st and 2nd place (best-of-7):

2005.03.17 18:00 ALBA VOLAN FEVITA - DAC-INVITEL (SZEKESFEHERVAR)-if necessary
2005.03.18 18:00 DAC-INVITEL - ALBA VOLAN FEVITA (DUNAUJVAROS)-if necessary
2005.03.21 18:00 ALBA VOLAN FEVITA - DAC-INVITEL (SZEKESFEHERVAR)-if necessary

SCHEDULE of the FINALS for 3rd place (best-of-5):

2005.03.19 UJPESTI TE - FERENCVAROS (UJPEST)-if necessary

08-03-2005, 15:47
Krisz/Hungarianfan - could you please post the points made and games played by the NHL players - regular season only?

10-03-2005, 23:31
Hello Dancan :) Here are the stats (wasn't hard to check it):

Strudwick, Jason (NYR): 6 games played, 1 goal, 2 assists (3 points)
Niedermayer, Rob (ANA): 5 games, 2 goals, 1 assist (3 points)

I just got home from the game UTE-FTC first game of best-of-five series. I will post result later :003:

11-03-2005, 01:06
Finals for the third place, 1st game (best-of-5)

UTE-FTC 4:2 (1:1,1:1,2:0)

Great, exciting game, it was not a nice game, rather a hard fight between the two teams. It was a great idea, that the player, who made the most points in his team in the regular season, wore a yellow helmet, it was easy to recognize the most effective player of each team (UTE- Ludomil Ondov, FTC- Attila Hoffmann). Niedermayer scored a great goal, FTC played in PP, Niedermayer just crossed the blue line, and made a tremendous shot, goalie Bernei did not see anything, found the puck in the net. Team UTE tied the game two times in less then three minutes, and proved to be better in the third period.

1. period
00:50 0-1 Fekete (Jánosi)
03:59 1-1 Szajbert P. (Markó)

2. period
27:05 1-2 Niedermayer (Matvejenko) PP
30:01 2-2 Marcinek (Drahovsky, Tolnai) PP

3. period

41:41 3-2 Jurasko (Gergely) PP
55:38 Ondov (Marcinek, Drahovsky)

Goalies: Bernei 38/40 (95%), Ferjo 16/20 (80%)
Att.: 600

11-03-2005, 01:28
Finals (best-of-7 series), first game:
AVF-DAC 3:4 (1:1,1:2,1:1)

I don't know much about the game yet, I hope Nonika will give further details about the game later! :023:

10:27 1-0 AVF #11 KÖVÉR Gábor
17:51 1-1 DAC #13 PETERDI Imre (#12 RUSIC Juraj,#11 LADÁNYI Balázs)

2. period:
21:01 1-2 DAC #7 KOVAC Kristian (#12 RUSIC Juraj)
24:37 2-2 AVF #24 PALKOVICS Krisztián (#79 MAJOROSS Gergely)
39:47 2-3 DAC #4 HORVÁTH András (#11 LADÁNYI Balázs,#7 KOVAC Kristian)

3. period:
54:45 2-4 DAC #11 LADÁNYI Balázs PP (#5 SZÉLIG Viktor,#24 VAS Márton)
59:56 3-4 AVF #56 HOLÉCZY Roger (#18 FODOR Szabolcs)

Goalies: BUDAI Krisztián 23/27 (85,16%), SZUPER Levente 29/32 (90,63%)

LADÁNYI Balázs (DAC) and PALKOVICS Krisztián (AVF) wore the yellow helmets.

The goals of the game:

12-03-2005, 10:22
Friday, 11th March, FINALS 2nd game:

DAC - AVF 6:0 (4:0,2:0,0:0) series:2-0

DAC played very well, decided the game in 9 minutes, their first goal was not allowed in the first minute, but scored again one minute later, in the 9th min. it was 3:0 already. DAC did not give any chance to AVF, the visiting team played its worst game this season, the only team which scored four goals against them in one period this season was Dinamo Moscow. DAC seems to be very motivated, they led nice and effective counterattacks against AVF, goalie SZUPER Levente finished the game with a shutout.

1. period:
02:12 1-0 DAC #17 ORSÓ László (#10 BORSOS Attila)
04:24 2-0 DAC #10 BORSOS Attila (#9 ERDŐSI Péter,#17 ORSÓ László)
08:10 3-0 DAC #23 SÁNDOR Szilárd (#16 BALI Zsolt)
16:40 4-0 DAC #5 SZÉLIG Viktor PP(#4 HORVÁTH András,#11 LADÁNYI Balázs)

2. period:
22:57 5-0 DAC #11 LADÁNYI Balázs (#10 BORSOS Attila,#5 SZÉLIG Viktor)
27:48 6-0 DAC #13 PETERDI Imre SH#(11 LADÁNYI Balázs)

3. period:
no scoring

Goalies:SZUPER Levente 30/30 (100%), ill. BUDAI Krisztián 16/21 (76,19%), HETÉNYI Zoltán 3/4 (75%)


DAC #11 LADÁNYI Balázs finished the game again with 3 points (1 goal, 2 assists), he totally deserves wearing the yellow helmet, he was chosen to be the man of the match.

Video of the game: http://vnet.hu/spigott/dacvolan.wmv

13-03-2005, 20:50

I'm back after a long time. But what can I say? You know I support Alba Volán FeVita and so far the team did not really show what they can.

The first match was still quite OK, though we lost, the play was generally all right. I still don't really know why was Gröschl given that penalty, but whatever.

But the second match was a complete disaster. I haven't seen them playing so badly for a long time. They couldn't do anything. They almost didn't score at all. Jesus! The worst match I've ever seen.

So on Monday when I go out to the rink, hopefully they'll play better. Much better.

And today I've seen Ondrejcik and Valko eat at the Mall restaurants. Hopefully thy don't catch some infection and get sick.

So what else can I say: GO VOLÁN!!!

14-03-2005, 19:09
HAJRA VOLAN!!! I hope they will win today.

Saturday, 12th of March, bronze games, 2nd game:

FTC-UTE 4:3 shootout victory. (1:0,2:1,0:2,0:0, SO-3:2) series tied:1-1

Game was played in the open-air rink of Kisstadion, weather was bad, raining all the time, unreal conditions on the ice, at 32:00 min ref stopped the game, asked teams to wait about 20 minutes because of the rain. Niedermayer played a rough game, deserved the game misconduct. Many penalties throughout the game (FTC:45 mins, UTE:34 mins). UTE used its PP chances well (3 PP goals).

1. period:
17:40 1-0 FTC #34 STRUDWICK Jason PP(#44 NIEDERMAYER Rob,#9 HOFFMANN Attila)

2. period:
22:48 2-0 FTC #28 SZILASSY Zoltán (#80 SERDÜLT Sándor,#7 DOBOS Tamás)
24:19 3-0 FTC #13 JÁNOSI Csaba (#8 KHAIRETDINOV Ildar,#27 FEKETE Szabolcs)
39:59 3-1 UTE PP#14 GALLO Peter (#87 MARCINEK Matej,#13 BUZÁS Norbert)

3. period:
50:33 3-2 UTE #57 ONDOV Ludomil PP
59:14 3-3 UTE #14 GALLO Peter PP(#8 GERGELY Csaba,#12 JURASKO Michal)

SHOOTOUT: FTC scored 3 times, UTE scored 2 goals.
Goalies: FERJO 22/25 (88%), BERNEI 35/38 (92,1%)

Sunday, 13th of March: 3rd game

UTE-FTC 4:0 (0:0,2:0,2:0) series: UTE leads 2-1

I saw the game live, Niedermayer had a game misconduct again in the third period, he was really nasty, showed everything about the "dark side" of hockey. He hit an UTE player on face with his stick, I think he deserved the penalty again. It seems he cannot play in the next game. It was a hard battle, more penalties, than in the previous game (UTE 53 mins, FTC 60 mins), there was a fight as well in the third period, not the best game I have ever seen, but I enjoyed it very much. :003: Goalie BERNEI did not allow FTC players to score.

1. period:
no goal

2. period:
22:57 1-0 UTE #20 TOLNAI Attila (#57 ONDOV Ludomil)
24:05 2-0 UTE #29 DUBEK Vlado (#80 SZAJBERT Krisztián)

3. period:
46:55 3-0 UTE #57 ONDOV Ludomil PP(#7 HIDASI Gábor)
48:35 4-0 UTE #7 HIDASI Gábor PP2(#14 GALLO Peter)

Goalies: BERNEI 30/30 (100%), FERJO 29/33 (87,9%)

The 3rd game of the finals (AVF-DAC) is being played now, unfortunately TV does not cover this game :089: In the middle of the second period AVF leads 2:1. HAJRA VOLAN!!!

14-03-2005, 22:11
Alba Volán FeVita - DAC 3-1 (1-1, 2-0, 0-0)

5. Karol Rusznyák (Csibi József) 1-0
15. Horváth András 1-1
26. Kövér Gábor (Kovács Csaba) 2-1
35. Roger Holéczy 3-1

It was a great match, with full house at the rink. The atmoshphere was unbelievable!

We went in lead very early, but Dac equalized just before the end of the fist period - with a shot from about the blue line.

But Volán kept playing very well, and in the second period we went into lead again, and with two goals. The third period was for preserving this lead.

We had new Slovenian referees - who aren't any better then the last trio - but this time they are sending players for nothing to the bench. Ususally it's a dual - or whatever it's name is - penalty, so players from both teams can relax for two minutes.

Ocskay Gábor is back on board with his still injured hand, but it seems he gave a push to the team. As Gene Hackman said in 'The Replacement' - film with Keanu Reeves about American football - so far the heart was missing in the team, now we have him back!!!

So now the standing in the final is 2-1 for DAC, and tomorrow the teams are playing again, in Dunaujváros. Hopefully Volán continues this excellenet play and equals the score in the finals!


15-03-2005, 11:10
First of all ilike it vey much to read teh competition in Humgary.
Who could help me with the results and the leaguetable of the OB 1

Szeged, Pomaz Chicago and Debreceen?
I look also for the logo's symbols of those clubs and or pictures.
Who could really help me?

15-03-2005, 20:01
Tonight: DAC - Alba Volán FeVita

I cannot say anything - and I don't want to say anything before today's match.

But I can say that after a long time the galleries with the Continental Cup pictures are up and running - hopefully - with small problems which I will fix as soon as I can, and my internet connection allows me to do.

The link is: Continental Cup Picture Galleries (http://www.angelfire.com/scary/noraroth0/index.html)

Have a good time watching the pictures!


16-03-2005, 03:01
Thanx for the photos Nónika!!! I just checked them! :claphands

Nónika already posted 3rd match of the finals, I just want to add some stats (I just love stats :003: ):

Monday, 14th March, Game 3 of the finals:

AVF-DAC 3:1 (1:1,2:0,0:0) DAC leads series 2-1

AVF outshot team DAC 40-10! Penalty minutes: AVF 16 min, DAC 32 min.

Goalies: BUDAI Krisztián 9/10 (90%), SZUPER Levente 37/40 (92,5%)

Tuesday, 15th March, Game 4:

DAC-AVF 3:0 (1:0,0:0,2:0) DAC leads series 3-1

DAC goalie SZUPER Levente had a shutout on home ice again. He proved again, that he is a playoff-goalie, he has very good stats in the finals (his stats in the Interliga-hungarian/slovenian/croatian league- were simply awful (87,2% saves percentage, 3,23 GA Avg. in 13 games, while BUDAI was 89,8%, 2,5 GA Avg.). It's good to see, he is getting better as the Div. I championships is coming up.
All three goals were scored by the second line of DAC.#17 ORSÓ László scored 2 goals. Penalties: DAC 10 min, AVF 6 min. According to official stats AVF had only 1(!) shot on goal in the first period!!!

1. period:
08:26 1-0 DAC#9 ERDŐSI Péter (#10 BORSOS Attila)

2. period:
no scoring

3. period:
41:39 2-0 DAC #17 ORSÓ László PP(#12 RUSIC Juraj,#7 KOVAC Kristian)
46:05 3-0 DAC #17 ORSÓ László


Goalies: SZUPER Levente 17/17 (100%), BUDAI Krisztián 31/34 (91,18%)

GOALS OF THE GAME: http://vnet.hu/spigott/dacvolan4.wmv
Check the first goal, I think it's the most beautiful goal of the finals!!!

AVF 119 shots (29,75 shots per game), 6 goals for, 14 goals against (3,5 GAA), DAC 95 shots (23,75 SPG), 14 goals for, 6 goals against (1,5 GAA)

Goalies: BUDAI Krisztián 77 saves/90 shots (85,55%), SZUPER Levente 113/119 (94,95%)

16-03-2005, 05:45
Hello Rowan!!!

I will check the teams on the internet, telling the truth, I don't know much about their stats and results (not updated on the official site of Hungarian Icehockey Federation for a long time). I don't think these teams have an official website :003:

17-03-2005, 03:50
Wednesday, 16th March, Game 4 of Bronze games:

FTC-UTE 5:1 (1:0,3:1,1:0) series tied:2-2

Looks like the battle for the bronze brings more excitement, than the finals between AVF and DAC. :003: FTC missed their star player, Rob NIEDERMAYER, who had two game misconducts in the previous two games. Game was played again in the open-air rink of Kisstadion (http://www.sportfolio.hu/text/images/catalog3101311131301/kisstadion/nkisstd01290002.jpg). Game started very late, at about 8 PM, but weather was nice. Interesting, that ref used to be an FTC player, but maybe that wasn't the reason why he gave 42 min penalties to team UTE, 18 min to FTC (3. period: UTE 24(!) mins, FTC 2(!) mins). Oooooops, did I suggest he cheated the game? :ignore: According to the official website of UTE, when UTE's best forward ONDOV asked why he got the 2 min minor, the ref's answer was: :censored: "f***ing slovakian d**ks**ker :censored: . So much about fair and square referees. Or is it the way in the NHL as well how a referee explains his decision to a player?

1. period:
17:27 1-0 #27 FEKETE Szabolcs (#12 NAGY László,#15 PETRES Tivadar)

2. period:
20:31 2-0 #15 PETRES Tivadar (#12 NAGY László,#27 FEKETE Szabolcs)
21:36 3-0 #7 DOBOS Tamás PP(#28 SZILASSY Zoltán,#9 HOFFMANN Attila)
29:12 4-0 #28 SZILASSY Zoltán (#8 KHAIRETDINOV Ildar)
37:03 4-1 #8 GERGELY Csaba SH(#14 GALLO Peter)

3. period:
57:23 5-1 #94 FEIL Arnold PP(#34 STRUDWICK Jason)

Goalies: FERJO 35/36 (92,7%), BERNEI 13/17 (76,4%) SAJEVICS 19/20 (95%)


18-03-2005, 10:08
Thursday, 17th March 5th game of finals (best-of-7):

AVF-DAC 3:2 SO victory (1:0,1:1,0:1,0:0 SO-3:2) :023: DAC leads series 3-2

The best and most exciting game of the finals, actually the most exciting game of the last few years. Both teams played agressively, AVF recorded 18 shots in first period, which is more than the previous game's total of 17 shots! They have learnt if they want to score against SZUPER they have to shoot from every angle. Goalie BUDAI finally found himself, he was great in the net, showed a couple of unbelieveable saves. We need both goalies in the upcoming Div I. championships! AVF's first goal was denied by the referee, but Palkovics scored a great goal a few minutes later. Bad news, that GRÖSCHL Tamás was injured a minute after his goal, his leg is broken, will miss the Div.I. championships for sure! The national team lost another useful, valuable player. :mad:

1. period:
11:10 1-0 AVF #24 PALKOVICS Krisztián

2. period:
23:50 2-0 AVF #49 GRÖSCHL Tamás SH
18:41 2-1 DAC #11 LADÁNYI Balázs PP(#24 VAS Márton,#4 HORVÁTH András)

3. period:
57:18 2-2 DAC #4 HORVÁTH András PP(#11 LADÁNYI Balázs,#24 VAS Márton)

no scoring

1-0 AVF 56 HOLÉCZY Roger
1-1 DAC 7 KOVAC Kristian
2-1 AVF 21 KOVÁCS Csaba
2-2 DAC 13 PETERDI Imre
3-2 AVF 24 PALKOVICS Krisztián GWG

Goalies: BUDAI Krisztián 23/25 (92%), SZUPER Levente 40/42 (95,22%)
PM: 36 min/43 min

The 6th game will be played today (Friday). AVF will play away, they could not score against DAC in the finals, when DAC was the home team. Pat Cortina will have to find out something, otherwise DAC will celebrate tonight!

19-03-2005, 02:52
Friday, 18th March 6th game of finals (best-of-7):

DAC-AVF 1:5 (0:1,0:1,1:3) series tied: 3-3

The first time in the history of hungarian championship finals, that a team ties the series after 1-3. The game was closer than the final result shows, BUDAI was great again in the net, DAC defense collapsed in the third period, their best defenseman HORVATH András had a game misconduct, which means he shall not play in the 7th game. OCSKAY and PALKOVICS played together as in the past.

1. period:
16:46 0-1 AVF #24 PALKOVICS Krisztián PP2

2. period:
25:23 0-2 AVF #14 SZUNA Roland (#19 OCSKAY Gábor,#17 RAJZ Attila)

3. period:
46:34 0-3 AVF #19 OCSKAY Gábor (#24 PALKOVICS Krisztián)
49:29 0-4 AVF #21 KOVÁCS Csaba (#43 SILLE Tamás)
51:54 1-4 DAC #24 VAS Márton PP(#11 LADÁNYI Balázs,#4 HORVÁTH András)
58:41 1-5 AVF #24 PALKOVICS Krisztián PP

Goalies: SZUPER Levente 20/25 (80%), BUDAI Krisztián 30/31 (96,77%)


Teams finally have a little time to relax, 7th game will be played on Monday, 21st March.

21-03-2005, 03:09
Saturday, 19th March, 5th game of Bronze games:

UTE-FTC 4:2 (2:0,1:0,1:2) UTE WINS SERIES 3-2 :claphands

NIEDERMAYER returned on the ice after he missed last game due to a game misconduct, but UTE won the game anyway. UTE deserved the bronze after working so hard in the season. In the last 5 seasons arch-rival FTC won the bronze, UTE finished on fourth place.

1. period:
09:46 1-0 UTE #33 DRAHOVSKY Andrej (#7 HIDASI Gábor)
10:48 2-0 UTE #8 GERGELY Csaba (#29 DUBEK Vlado)

2. period:
24:17 3-0 UTE #87 MARCINEK Matej (#9 SZABÓ József,#14 GALLO Peter)

3. period:
41:28 4-0 UTE #15 FILO Marian PP(#29 DUBEK Vlado,#80 SZAJBERT Krisztián)
52:18 4-1 FTC #94 FEIL Arnold PP(#34 STRUDWICK Jason,#9 HOFFMANN Attila)
53:59 4-2 FTC #34 STRUDWICK Jason (#21 HOLLÓ István)

Goalies: BERNEI 22/24 (91,67%), FERJO 21/25 (84%)
Att.: 1,700(!) capacity of the arena is around 1,500


21-03-2005, 03:51
A picture of Rob Niedermayer and Jason Strudwick in Hotel Hilton's lobby. It's from my friend's collection:

21-03-2005, 13:46
The 7th game of the finals is about to start in a few hours. DAC led the series 2-0 and 3-1 already, but AVF tied it. DAC is in a very bad situation now, they had only 6 or 7 defensemen throughout the season, but now two of them are injured, the third one has a game misconduct, DAC has only two defensive lines, 4 defensemen left. On the other side it seems only GRÖSCHL will be missing due to his injury. So far the players wearing the yellow helmet are the most productive players. After six games LADÁNYI Balázs (DAC) has 9 points (3 goals, 6 assists), PALKOVICS Krisztián has 7 points (5 goals 2 assists). Hungarian Sport2 channel will cover the game live, but a slovakian(!) channel is also interested in the game.

Some stats after six games:

AVF: 140 saves/157 shots against (89,17%)
DAC: 178 saves/192 shots against (92,71%)

AVF: 14 goals scored/192 shots (7,29%)
DAC: 17 goals/157 shots (10,83%)

ALBA VOLAN won the finals five times so far, while team DAC had the gold medal four times in the past.

Marco Benedetti
22-03-2005, 09:10
ALBA VOLAN won the Hungarian Championship by beating DAC in game 7 for 1-0 (goalscorer József Csibi in the 8th minute)

22-03-2005, 12:03
As Marco already posted:

Monday, 21st March, game 7 of finals:

AVF-DAC 1:0 (1:0,0:0,0:0) ALBA VOLAN FEVITA won HUN championship (series:3-2) :claphands

Great game, both teams played defensively, they made only few mistakes. Great goalies, SZUPER Levente had many chances to show his talent, he had some unbelievable saves, kept the hope in DAC players. DAC-Invitel tried to push the third period, pulled goalie, had a dangerous shot in the last seconds. AVF totally deserved the gold, I'm a little bit sorry for DAC, but there can be only one winner. Goalscorer CSIBI was not sure if he would play in this game, he was injured in game 6. It was a nice moment, when instead of AVF captain KANGYAL Balázs , injured player GRÖSCHL Tamás took the cup first in his hand. The game was fair, only 14 mins of penalty in total! PM: AVF 6 mins, DAC 8 mins.

1. period:
07:25 1-0 AVF #88 CSIBI József (#2 VALKO Pavol)

2. period:
no scoring

3. period:
no scoring

GOALIES: BUDAI Krisztián: 22/22 (100%), SZUPER Levente: 28/29 (96,55%)
Att.: 3,500


22-03-2005, 12:11
A nice goal of game 5 of the bronze games (UTE-FTC 4:2). DRAHOVSKY scores, Jason STRUDWICK tries to block the shot. A nice, cool goal, one of the most beautiful goals of the finals. :023:

http://www.utehoki.hu/kepek/drahovsky.mpg :claphands

25-03-2005, 16:52
Now, that season is over, let me share with You some thoughts about the future of Hungarian hockey. Maybe some of You have heard already about the Budapest Stars. They are an elite group of kids in Hungary playing hockey, usually invited to participate in international tournaments as well. Their rink is in Budapest, in Astrazeneca Arena. The hockey Club was founded in 1999.

In 2003, 2004 they were invited for the Bell Canada Cup in Ottawa. In 2004 they played semifinals in PeeWee Minor AA group. Here are their stats:

2003: http://www.oihf.net/stats/2003/teamstats.aro?Tid=212

2004: http://www.oihf.net/stats/2004/teamstats.aro?Tid=1279 (under the name Budapest Selects)

They are invited for swedih, finnish, czech, russian tournaments as well. Here are stats of swedish Nacka Trophy 2004:


A short list of trophies and medals they won:

http://www.fif91.com/index.php?option=content&task=view&id=164&Itemid=43 :claphands

If these young kids keep improving, they can be the future of Hungarian hockey. :023:

02-04-2005, 09:20
The Budapest Stars won another Tournament again. This time it was the greatest tournament, the XIVth World Tournament in Zell am See (PEE WEE-born 1993,1994). The Budapest Stars won all games they played, with 29 goals scored, while allowed only 5 goals against.

Website of the tournament: http://www.hockey-world.org/

Preliminary round:

Budapest Stars-Ljubljana (in fact the slovenian national team) 4-0
Budapest Stars-Kloten (national team of Austria) 9-0
Budapest Stars-America (USA-kids from teams in Chicago) 5-2

Final Round:Explorers (Alberta, CAN), Herning (DAN), Kiev (UKR)

Explorers-Kiev 0:1
Herning-Budapest 2:5
Explorers-Herning 0:3
Kiev-Budapest 1:2
Explorers-Budapest 0:4
Kiev-Herning 3:4

Final 1-4
# Team ------ GP ----- GF:GA ------ P
1. Budapest ---3 ----- 11 : 3 ------ 6
2. Herning ---- 3 ------ 9 : 8 ------ 4
3. Kiev ------- 3 ------ 5 : 6 ------ 2
4. Explorers ---3 ------ 0 : 8 ------ 0

For more details: http://www.hockeydata.net/wt_xiv_peewee/index.php

On the same tournament in bantam minor (born 1991,1992), team Dunaferr finished on third place:

Final 1-4
# Team ------ GP ------- GF:GA ------- P
1. Explorers -- 3 -------- 8 : 1 -------- 6
2. Thurgau --- 3 -------- 4 : 3 -------- 4
3. Dunaferr -- 3 --------- 6 : 4 ------- 2
4. Bern ------ 3 -------- 1 : 11 ------- 0

More details here: http://www.hockeydata.net/wt_xiv_bantmin/index.php

04-04-2005, 10:08
I translated an interview with the two canadians, who played in the Hungarian League from hungarian sports newspaper "Nemzeti Sport". http://www.nemzetisport.hu/cikk.php?cikk=79079
I hope You will like it. :003: It is a little about hockey, and a little about Hungary, about the image of the country. Sorry for any mistakes I made, I tried to do my best. :003:


ICEHOCKEY.FAREWELL.Niedermayer will tell about "csirkepaprikás", Strudwick about House of Terror, when they get home.


There are so many NHL stars, but it's sure we will never forget Niedermayer's and Strudwick's name. It's obvious they are not the biggest stars ever played in NHL, but they are "our" NHLers anyway, canadian cousins, who spent one and half month in Hungary since 12th Feb, wearing the jersey of Ferencvaros. After the season finished, they still enjoy hungarian hospitality a little (and of course some easter ham), then they fly back to Canada. Their adventure is over.

'We tried to give the best of our knowledge, we hope, we could propagate hockey a little in Hungary'- summarizes the days they spent here Niedermayer, who produced maneuvers on the ice at lightning speed- 'we had a wonderful time here, when we get home to Canada, we can tell only good things about it.
'What are the three most interesting experience, you will tell your buddies about?'
'So many things happenned to me. I can pick only three of them? Well, let's see... Hungarian cuisine is extremely good, it's possible, I put on some weight, but I could not resist to "töltött káposzta" (stuffed cabbage- http://hungaria.org/hal/hal.php?halid=2&menuid=244&pagenum=28&dbid=51 , chickenpaprikás- http://www.johnekolbasz.com/ChickenPaprikas.html , and "mákos guba" http://www.meglepetes.hu/index.php?act=receptkifejt&id=377 . For the second time I would mention the hospitality of hungarians, I made at least hundreds of friendships in one and half month. On the third place I would say, I was surprised by the high level of hungarian hockey. I realized it already when I got here, the players are trained and skilled, games are interesting. We watched the 4th game of finals (ALBA VOLAN - DAC-Invitel) in Szekesfehervar, and then the 7th game on TV, they were tough matches on a very high level.'

'I thought You would mention Fradi's open-air rink in the first place.'
'Oooops, really, that modifies my ranking. I never experienced it before, standing in front of 4,000 fans, while it is snowing heavily. Too bad, the game was cancelled, I have never in my career played in snowfall.'
'If you don't mind me interrupting you '-takes the charge defenceman Strudwick-'I liked Budapest very much. I like history, it was a staggering experience to get to know communism -of which I only heard of before- in the House of Terror (a museum in Budapest). Overseas some people don't even know where Hungary is, they only have an idea, it's somewhere in Europe, but I'm proud, I can say I know a few things about the history and culture of the country. The Parliament, the Bazilica, the Royal Palace and the House of the Opera are some examples of gorgeous architecture!
'Was there a moment, when You asked yourself: damn, what the hell am I doing here?'
'There are moments when you feel low, but I never ever felt sorry that I came to Budapest to play hockey.'-admits Niedermayer-'It was a great feeling to see my teammates in the dressing room thrilled with joy after we defeated Alba Volan.I touched the bottom when we lost the fifth bronze medal game against UTE, and when I could not play on my first game, due to an eye injury. I did not start this tour as I expected, but all well that ends well.

'What is the diffrence in training between here and in NHL?'
'In the NHL games are followed by each other very soon, so -if we are in good condition- we don't need much training. In NHL we have short, 45 minutes long, more intensive trainings after the briefings. 45 minutes rush without any break. We practise line by line, forwards and defensemen separetely. On the other hand, in Hungary five players practice together on the ice, and there are long breaks between two excercises.'

'How big is the difference between the levels of the NHL and the Hungarian league?'
'In NHL the game is faster and much tougher'-admits Strudwick honestly- 'as a defenseman I got used to hard body-checks, I know if I have the puck, I have one second to find out what to do with it, before I'm pushed on the board. In hungarian games I had a little time to look around, or skate a little bit. Before an NHL game I have to know everything about the opponent: who is the noted fighter of the team, or which player is left or righthanded. In my first NHL season I was always given a hammering, but I found out how to defend myself. It's good, I did not need these dirty tricks here. But don't get exasperated, keep working hard, if there will be even more rinks and more coaches, you will make an upset soon. Even now it's surprisingly good, what we saw here. I really enjoyed playing in Fradi, I'm recharged and renewed now.When I gave my first assist on my very first game, I fell upon my teammate's neck, I was so happy. It was like in my childhood when I played for the fun of the game itself. Maybe this is the real SPORT (with capital letters), and not businesslike, harsh professionalism.'

11-04-2005, 14:09
2004-2005 season awards
Best forward:
Ladányi Balázs (DAC-Invitel)
Best defense:
Tokaji Viktor (DAC-Invitel)
Best goalkeeper:
Budai Krisztián (Alba Volán FeVita)
Best foreign player:
Ludomil Ondov (UTE-Karzol Trans)
Miklós Cup (most techniquely player):
Erdősi Péter (DAC-Invitel)
Leveles Cup (best U18 player):
Hetényi Zoltán (Alba Volán FeVita)
Kósa Cup (best young player who played in senior team):
Azari Zsolt (DAC-Invitel)
Best referee:
Halassy György

Individual stats for the whole season (http://jeghoki.freeweb.hu/magyar/blstat04.htm) Csapat=Team, Név=Name, Mérk.=Games Played, Bünt.=Penalty Minutes, Gól=Goals, Asz.=Assists, Tp.=Points

11-04-2005, 14:36
'It was like in my childhood when I played for the fun of the game itself. Maybe this is the real SPORT (with capital letters), and not businesslike, harsh professionalism.'


Thanks for the translation Krisz :drinker-g

11-04-2005, 20:45
Budapest Stars-Kloten (national team of Austria) 9-0

I don't think Kloten is the national team of Austria. Kloten is a town in the destrict of Bülach. Bülach is part of the Kanton Zürich which lies in Switzerland. :002:

btw. interesting article Krisz! It's great to see that ice hockey is getting stronger in central Europe!

12-04-2005, 09:30

Thanks for the translation Krisz :drinker-g

You are welcome :003: Anytime Eve :drink2: Finally a sign, that someone reads my postings! :023:

I don't think Kloten is the national team of Austria. Kloten is a town in the destrict of Bülach. Bülach is part of the Kanton Zürich which lies in Switzerland.

Ooops, shame on me :087: I knew, Kloten is in Switzerland ( I did not know exactly where), I just found this info in a hungarian article, I translated it without thinking it over. Thanx for correcting me.

12-04-2005, 16:58

Good news: the plan is accepted, team MJJSE (Miskolci Jegesmedvék Jégkorong SE- Miskolc Polarbears Icehockey Club) will have a covered rink in 2005-2006 season. The project starts at summer, the team will have a 1000-1200 seats arena. Miskolc's finnish twin city, Tampere will give a helping hand to Miskolc to "equip" the new arena! (Tappara and Ilves have a new fan in Hungary :yelclap: ). Team MJSSE finished on fifth place this season, without meaning any threat to the top four teams.

Now only team FTC has problems finding a covered rink.


17-04-2005, 11:33
Hello Everyone!

Another big event is on its way again in Hungary! Division I World Championships in Debrecen, in the Phoenix Hall!

If you are interested in the teams, players, matches, etc. check out the official website of the Championship:

Division I World Championships, 2005, Debrecen (http://www.icehockey2005.hu)

And check out the IIHF website for live coverages and the scoring boards as well:

IIHF (http://www.iihf.com)

If you have the possibility, you can watch the Hungarian matches live on Duna TV:

Duna Television's Hungarian Language Program has been available in the United States of America via DTH (Direct to Home) subscription since December 24 2002. The signal is broadcast by the Intelsat America 5 satellite (orbital position 97° West) and is available in the whole North America. For additional information about DUNA TV in North America and details regarding reception possibilities, please contact our American-Partner at 1-703-768-2746, (info@dunatv-america.com) or visit their web-site at www.dunatv-america.com

Satellite details

Satellite: Intelsat America 5
Orbital position: 97° West
Down-Link Frequency: 11,867 GHz
Polarization: V
Symbol rate: 22 MS/s
FEC: 2/3
Standard: MPEG2/DVB fully compliant, encrypted

Enjoy the matches! Have a good time!


22-04-2005, 16:26
Who knows something about the History of Icehockey in Dunafer ?

I think the Team called Dunafer SE now is renamed to Dunafer Athletic Club Invitel (DAC) ?!

When they changed the Name, when Dunafer SE was foundet ?

28-04-2005, 05:02
Who knows something about the History of Icehockey in Dunafer ?

I think the Team called Dunafer SE now is renamed to Dunafer Athletic Club Invitel (DAC) ?!

When they changed the Name, when Dunafer SE was foundet ?

Sorry Dan for answering so late, I was in Debrecen last week :003: Icehockey in Dunaujvaros started in 1985, when Kercso Arpad (now he is "head coach" of Budapest Stars!!!) gathered a group of kids (e.g. LADANYI Balázs, TOKAJI Viktor) around him. In 1993 Dunaferr SE started its U18 group in the senior league, where surprisingly they finished on 3rd place! In 1995-1996 season the team won the gold medal!

Hungarian League:
Gold medal: 1996, 1998, 2000, 2002.
Silver medal: 1997, 1999, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005
Bronze medal: 1994, 1995

Hungarian Cup won: 1995, 1996, 1998, 2000,
2001, 2002, 2003, 2004

Carpathian Cup won: 1998

Interliga best result: 3rd place in 2003

Continental Cup best result: 3rd round (among best 16 teams!) 2002

In 2003 Dunaferr SE could not finance the senior team anymore, so it became a part of the Dunaujvaros Athletical Club (DAC). Invitel is the main sponsor of the team. U20, U18, U16, U14 and U12 teams still belong to Dunaferr SE.


28-04-2005, 15:08
Thanks for information Krisz! very interesting!

A question: what is Carpathian Cup?
Is still played? Which teams partecipating? Any link to that?

29-04-2005, 09:20
A question: what is Carpathian Cup?
Is still played? Which teams partecipating? Any link to that?

It didn't last long

29-04-2005, 10:02
It didn't last long

Thanx for the link Marc, telling the truth, I did not know anything about this Cup. I checked it on internet, but I found no infos about it, thanx again!!!

20-05-2005, 13:27
Indoor icerinks in Hungary:

Székesfehérvár (1991),

Dunaújváros (1998),

Szeged (1999),

Budapest Practicerink-Budapest XIV. district (2002),

AstraZeneca Icerink-Budapest IV. district (2003),

Megyeri street-Budapest IV. district (2003),

Győr (2004),

Debrecen Practicerink (2004),

Zalaegerszeg (2004),

Kaposvár (2005),

Signed contract made for indoor icerink:
Miskolc, (for 2006 U18 div. I. championships!!!)

Planned: Pécs, Szolnok, Budapest IX. district(?)

10 rinks already built (7 of them in the last 3 years!!!), not counting the Budapest Arena (rebuilt in 2003) with the capacity of 9,000 spectators for hockey games, and the Fonix Arena in Debrecen (built in 2002) with capacity of almost 6,000 spectators for hockey games, which are multifunctional arenas capable of holding several thousand people for both sports (basketball, handball, hockey championships, tennis and gymnastics competitions, athletics events, motor-cross, jet-skiing, surfing competitions and presentations), and cultural events.

Hockey is more and more popular: there are only 6 teams in hungarian championship on senior, U20 and U 18 level, but on U16 level there are already 7 teams, U 14 there are 10 teams, in U12 championship 11 teams, I'm not sure about U10, but there was a tournament in Astrazeneca Arena last year with 17(!) U10 teams competing!!! I know of five clubs having U8 teams.

21-05-2005, 22:43
Hello Everybody!

The season is over and the summer is still ahead of us. And it seems too long for all icehockey fans in Hungary, and probably all over the world.

The hollowness of this time can be illustrated by the following piece of information: since the final of the World Championships, all information I have received was the following:

One of my students at school said that her mother's cousin is none other that Gábor Ocskay, one of Hungary's best forward players. I have already warned her not to bring shame on him. He went to a class specialized in English after all. :018:

So that's my pathetic story about my hockey experience since the season is over.

I wish a very pleasant summer holiday for everyone!


22-05-2005, 01:34
Bye Nonika, Krisz and Hungarianfan. This thread was absolutely fabulous! :claphands

23-05-2005, 18:12
Here my collected score:

Scores, 1st Part

26.09.04 Szekesfehervar Alba Volan FeVita Ferencvaros Budapest 5:1
28.09.04 Szekesfehervar Alba Volan FeVita UTE-Karzol-Trans Budapest 7:0
03.10.04 Dunaujvaros DAC-Invitel Dunaujvaros UTE-Karzol-Trans Budapest 6:5
08.10.04 Dunaujvaros DAC-Invitel Dunaujvaros Alba Volan FeVita 2:5
09.10.04 Dunaujvaros DAC-Invitel Dunaujvaros Miskolci JJSE 16:1
10.10.04 Dunaujvaros Miskolci JJSE DAC-Invitel Dunaujvaros 1:18
15.10.04 Megyeri UTE-Karzol-Trans Budapest ETO HC Rudolph Györ 9:1
15.10.04 Dunaujvaros DAC-Invitel Dunaujvaros Ferencvaros Budapest 9:1
16.10.04 Szekesfehervar Alba Volan FeVita Miskolci JJSE 19:0
17.10.04 Szekesfehervar Miskolci JJSE Alba Volan FeVita 1:9
19.10.04 Megyeri UTE-Karzol-Trans Budapest DAC-Invitel Dunaujvaros 3:2 OT
24.10.04 Szekesfehervar Alba Volan FeVita ETO HC Rudolph Györ 7:1
24.10.04 Astra Zeneca, Budapest Ferencvaros Budapest DAC-Invitel Dunaujvaros 0:3
29.10.04 Megyeri UTE-Karzol-Trans Budapest Ferencvaros Budapest 3:0
29.10.04 Szekesfehervar Alba Volan FeVita DAC-Invitel Dunaujvaros 3:1
31.10.04 Dunaujvaros DAC-Invitel Dunaujvaros ETO HC Rudolph Györ 19:1
06.11.04 Megyeri UTE-Karzol-Trans Budapest Miskolci JJSE 5:0
19.11.04 Györ ETO HC Rudolph Györ UTE-Karzol-Trans Budapest 1:8
20.11.04 Astra Zeneca, Budapest Ferencvaros Budapest Miskolci JJSE 12:1
21.11.04 Györ ETO HC Rudolph Györ Alba Volan FeVita 1:6
27.11.04 Miskolc Miskolci JJSE UTE-Karzol-Trans Budapest 2:5
28.11.04 Györ ETO HC Rudolph Györ DAC-Invitel Dunaujvaros 0:8
02.12.04 Györ ETO HC Rudolph Györ Ferencvaros Budapest 2:8
03.12.04 Astra Zeneca, Budapest Ferencvaros Budapest UTE-Karzol-Trans Budapest 3:2 PEN
05.12.04 Györ ETO HC Rudolph Györ Miskolci JJSE 4:2
05.12.04 Megyeri UTE-Karzol-Trans Budapest Alba Volan FeVita 2:1 OT
10.12.04 Astra Zeneca, Budapest Ferencvaros Budapest ETO HC Rudolph Györ 5:3
12.12.04 Miskolc Miskolci JJSE Ferencvaros Budapest 2:5
15.12.04 Astra Zeneca, Budapest Ferencvaros Budapest Alba Volan FeVita 1:3
19.12.04 Miskolc Miskolci JJSE ETO HC Rudolph Györ 5:2

Qualification for the Playoff

17.12.04 Miskolc Miskolci JJSE UTE-Karzol-Trans Budapest 1:8
22.12.04 Megyeri UTE-Karzol-Trans Budapest Miskolci JJSE 10:3
07.01.05 Megyeri UTE-Karzol-Trans Budapest ETO HC Rudolph Györ 13:0
08.01.05 Miskolc Miskolci JJSE Ferencvaros Budapest 7:11
14.01.05 Budapest, Kissstadion Ferencvaros Budapest UTE-Karzol-Trans Budapest 5:2
19.01.05 Györ ETO HC Rudolph Györ Ferencvaros Budapest 2:12
21.01.05 Györ ETO HC Rudolph Györ UTE-Karzol-Trans Budapest 2:5
22.01.05 Budapest, Kissstadion Ferencvaros Budapest Miskolci JJSE 3:0
28.01.05 Budapest, Kissstadion Ferencvaros Budapest UTE-Karzol-Trans Budapest 1:2
30.01.05 Györ ETO HC Rudolph Györ Miskolci JJSE 3:6
04.02.05 Astra Zeneca, Budapest Ferencvaros Budapest ETO HC Rudolph Györ 5:3


Place 5-6 15.01.05 Miskolc Miskolci JJSE ETO HC Rudolph Györ 6:1
Place 1-4 02.02.05 Dunaujvaros DAC-Invitel Dunaujvaros UTE-Karzol-Trans Budapest 5:3
Place 1-4 16.02.05 Dunaujvaros DAC-Invitel Dunaujvaros Ferencvaros Budapest 4:3 PEN
Place 1-4 17.02.05 Megyeri UTE-Karzol-Trans Budapest Alba Volan FeVita 3:4 PEN
Place 1-4 20.02.05 Szekesfehervar Alba Volan FeVita Ferencvaros Budapest 2:3
Place 1-4 22.02.05 Szekesfehervar Alba Volan FeVita DAC-Invitel Dunaujvaros 3:2 OT
Place 1-4 25.02.05 Budapest, Kissstadion UTE-Karzol-Trans Budapest DAC-Invitel Dunaujvaros 3:2
Place 1-4 25.02.05 Budapest, Kissstadion Ferencvaros Budapest Alba Volan FeVita 3:2
Place 1-4 01.03.05 Budapest, Kissstadion Ferencvaros Budapest DAC-Invitel Dunaujvaros 0:4
Place 1-4 01.03.05 Szekesfehervar Alba Volan FeVita UTE-Karzol-Trans Budapest 1:2 PEN
Place 1-4 04.03.05 Megyeri UTE-Karzol-Trans Budapest Ferencvaros Budapest 6:1
Place 1-4 05.03.05 Dunaujvaros DAC-Invitel Dunaujvaros Alba Volan FeVita 4:3 PEN
Place 1-4 05.03.04 Budapest, Kissstadion Ferencvaros Budapest UTE-Karzol-Trans Budapest 4:5 OT
Place 5-6 06.03.05 Györ ETO HC Rudolph Györ Miskolci JJSE 5:3

Finaltable, regular season:

Final Ranking, Regular Season
1. Alba Volan FeVita Szekesfehervar 10 9/0 0 1/0 65 10 28 55 +
2. DAC-Invitel Dunaujvaros 10 7/0 0 1/2 84 20 22 64 +
3. UTE-Karzol-Trans Budapest 10 5/2 0 1/2 42 23 20 19 +
4. Ferencvaros Budapest 10 4/1 0 0/5 36 33 14 3 +
5. HC ETO Györ 10 1/0 0 0/9 16 77 3 61 -
6. Miskolci JJSE 10 1/0 0 0/9 15 95 3 80 -

Qualification for the Playoffs
1. UTE-Karzol-Trans Budapest 12 10/0 0 1/1 72 19 31 53 +
2. Ferencvaros Budapest 12 9/1 0 0/2 70 29 29 41 +
3. Miskolci JJSE 12 3/0 0 0/8 35 69 9 34 -
4. HC ETO Györ 12 1/0 0 0/11 24 84 3 60 -

Finalround, Place 1 - 4
1. Alba Volan FeVita Szekesfehervar 12 5/2 0 3/2 39 24 22 15 +
2. DAC-Invitel Dunaujvaros 12 5/2 0 2/3 44 32 21 12 +
3. UTE-Karzol-Trans Budapest 12 3/4 0 2/3 37 36 19 1 +
4. Ferencvaros Budapest 12 2/1 0 2/7 20 49 10 29 -

Playoffscores are known - not added here.

:smart: :smart: :smart:

20-06-2005, 15:39
An article I found on www.nhlpa.com :

Jason Strudwick: Hockey's Proud Ambassador (http://www.nhlpa.com/Content/Feature.asp?contentId=3467) :)

03-07-2005, 01:46
A Pannon GSM advertisement, where the hungarian national team appears (with Levente Szuper in the net) for a few seconds.

video (http://www.pannongsm.hu/sajtoszoba/fotogaleria/reklamfilmek/Mobil%20szelessav.mpg)

The message of the advertisement, that with mobile broadband connection you can be everywhere: in your team's hockey game, in your favourite band's concert, etc. :003:

Snapshot from the video: :claphands

06-07-2005, 18:18
Please let me know, if you had any problems with the download. (video approx. 44 MB)

The game was played in the Pannon GSM tournament this year, 13 febr., 2005.

GER-HUN 4:3 (0:1,2:2,2:0)

HUN roster here (http://hoki1.freeweb.hu/pannongsm/hungaryroster.htm)
GER roster here (http://hoki1.freeweb.hu/pannongsm/germanyroster.htm)
Action sheet here (http://hoki1.freeweb.hu/pannongsm/ger_hun.htm)

And video here (http://freemail.hu/hugemail/download.php?action=open&id=a1db6b67323448ec759eb54ac3c0820e) (approx. 44 MB, so downloading takes a little time)

Please let me know, if it did not work (file was corrupted, download was extremely slow, etc.). If it worked I will add some more videos from last season soon. :023:

16-08-2005, 14:24

I didn't mean to come back with such bad news, but it seems that even our humble Hungarian Championship cannot avoid scandals.

It is rumoured that one of the players - who was Hungarian national - was caught of drug possession. Police have found extasy pills and other stuff in his car last week.

He is apparently in police custody. Also, his present club broke up the contact with him.

I hate to report about such things, that's why I didn't mention his name yet. If anybody is interested I'm sure you can find this report somewhere and his name as well, but until truth comes out, I don't want to write names.

Hopefully, you understand my decision.

16-08-2005, 14:25
But, to write about some better things:

Former Hungarian National and Alba Volán FeVita player FRANK KOVÁCS has retired last year, I believe. You may know this by now.

But since then he returned to Regina, Canada and a few weeks ago he has been made police officer.


Frankie, have a good time chasing criminals!!!

Ninc Penz
16-08-2005, 20:36
Szia! Im a new poster and first-generation American. My parents are Hungarians from Kosice and we are huge hockey fans. I consider myself Hungarian instead of Slovakian, but I only have a Miro Satan Team Slovakia jersey because thats the only one I could find. If anyone could hook me up with any Hungarian hockey jersey I would be greatly appreciative. I will pay good money for one. Don't let my screename fool you.

Im a big LA Kings fan and I used to be a huge Ziggy Palffy fan. Regardless of Ziggy's horrible personality, I backed him up. I like players with Hungarian backgrounds like Palffy, Nagy, Orszagh, Gaborik, or players with Kosice background like Bondra. Not only because of their ethnicity, but because they are damn good players. But Palffy screwed the Kings this offseason, and I cannot forgive him.

Also, does anyone know if Ladislav Nagy speaks Hungarian? I know they call him the Little Magyar so I dont know why he doesnt play for the Hungarian team.

16-08-2005, 20:43
Can't help you with a jersey (although check the collectors corner forum). But wanted to welcome you to the site!!

Hope you'll stick around and give the scoop on the Kings during the season.


19-08-2005, 09:27
Szia! Im a new poster and first-generation American. My parents are Hungarians from Kosice and we are huge hockey fans. I consider myself Hungarian instead of Slovakian, but I only have a Miro Satan Team Slovakia jersey because thats the only one I could find. If anyone could hook me up with any Hungarian hockey jersey I would be greatly appreciative. I will pay good money for one. Don't let my screename fool you.

Szervusz, welcome to the site!!! :)

You can buy some replica jerseys on this website: www.sportmania.hu . The website is available in english as well. They ship abroad as well, to any country around the world. I cannot help you, if you are looking for game-worn jerseys. :scratchhe

I read an article about Ladislav Nagy before the Pannon GSM tournament, which mentioned that his teammates call him 'the Magyar', but he does not speak any hungarian.