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What is IHF?

International Hockey Fans (IHF) was established in 2003. Originally it was known as the f=5 gang, where f=5 refers to the forum id on where the members used to post. In 2003 we decided to create our own forum and to adopt a less cryptic name. After a vote we decided to call ourselves International Hockey Gang (IHG for short). Our community has subsequently been renamed to International Hockey Fans (IHF). The name underlines our deep interest in international hockey. Unlike most other hockey forums, we do not have a preference for particular leagues or tournaments (e.g. the World Cup). We are interested in international hockey at all levels and in all parts of the world. At the same time the name commemorates the old f=5 gang which was established during the World Championship in Hannover in 2001.
Since the early beginning, IHF has grown considerably, and it now comprises more than 3000 members from more than 100 countries.

IHF's primary mission is to foster friendship, discussion and exchange of international hockey information among hockey friends from all over the world. IHF's most important Code of Honour is mutual respect for individual countries' hockey cultures. This doesn't prevent a good argument. But flaming and nationalist bragging of which country is best at playing hockey doesn't belong to IHF.

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