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    Swedish coach looking for job

    Hey, i am a currently working in a allsvenskan club with the clubs juniorteam and developement program.

    I’m looking for an exciting job with a serious and club with big dreams and goals.

  2. Top club in J-20 div 1 searching for players


    I´m coaching for a team in Kristianstad who is looking for players born 2000-2002 to my team which playing in j-20 div 1.
    This season we want to take the next level and advance to j-20...
  3. Team in J-20 div 1 looking for players born 99-01

    We looking for players for both this season and for the next season to our team who’s playing in the south j-20 div 1 division.

    What can we offer you:
    4 practise in week
    2-3 games in the week...
  4. Swedish J-20 team lookibg for good Goalie to season 2019/2020

    We searching for a top goalie to our team who playing in sweden j-20 div serie. For the right goalie we also had good contact to other senior team in swedens div 2/3.

    We can help you get apartment...
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    Goaltender looking for club/agent

    Hey i'm a swedish goaltender born 1996 and searching for a club in northamerica or a agent who can help me with that.
    Next season i gonna play for division 3 team in Sweden or tier 5.

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