Dear Member,

proudly present the new Ice Hockey Yearbook 2010!!!

After some months of work, Michal Travnicek (well known Journalist, "Freelancer", and actual he's also involved as Webmaster for the Czech Republic Federation page) and me are proud, that we can present - hopefully - a new Aera with the Yearbook.

The Yearbook is splitted into European-, Asian- and Northamerican Leagues. Also included at Worldchampionship and Olympic Games, no matter if "Seniors" or "Juniors".

More details - and how you can order this Yearbook - you can read here:

Should you have any additional question, feel free to contact

The price is in my opinion absolutely fair. It costs approx EUR 18.-- for inside the Czech Republic and EUR 20.-- (incl. s&h) for outside the Czech Republic.

Thanks for ordering many, many Yearbooks in advance......

Cheers, Franco