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Thread: Team Norway at the IHWC

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    Norway Team Norway at the IHWC

    Team Norway has played 6 games so far in preporation for the WC.

    Norway-Czech Republic 1-2
    1-0 Mats Frøshaug (Daniel Sørvik)

    Norway-Czech Republic 1-2
    1-1 Lars Løkken Østli (Mats Rosselli Olsen, Anders Fredriksen)

    Denmark-Norway 1-4
    1-1 Mats Rosselli Olsen (Mats Larsen Mostue, Mads Hansen)
    1-2 Alexander Bonsaksen (Martin B Huse, Ken A Olimb)
    1-3 Mads Hansen (Eeriki Koivu)
    1-4 Erik Follestad (Martin Røymark)

    Denmark-Norway 4-2
    2-1 Mads Hansen (Martin Røymark, Mats Rosselli Olsen)
    3-2 Lars Erik Hesbråthen (Andreas Martinsen, Mats Frøshaug)

    Russia-Norway 3-3 (4-3 after SO)
    0-1 Martin Ylven (Peter Lorentzen)
    2-2 Morten Ask (Lars Erik Spets)
    3-3 Mads Hansen (Tommy Kristiansen, Lars Løkken Østli)

    Russia-Norway 6-2
    1-1 Lars Erik Spets (Anders Fredriksen)
    1-2 Anders Fredriksen (Mats Frøshaug)

    The team that was selected for the Russia Trip:

    Pål Grotnes (Stjernen)
    Lars Haugen (Manglerud Star)
    Robert Hestman (Storhamar)

    Lars Løkken Østli (Storhamar)
    Ole Kristian Tollefsen (Modo) Swe
    Eerikki Koivu (Lørenskog)
    Juha Kaunismaki (Stavanger)
    Alexander Bonsaksen (Modo) Swe
    Stefan Espeland (Sundsvall) Swe-2
    Brede Czisar (Vålerenga)
    Alexander Rindal (Lillehammer)
    Erik Follestad (Frisk Asker)

    Morten Ask (Vålerenga)
    Martin Røymark (Timrå) Swe
    Ken Andre Olimb (Leksand) Swe-2
    Anders Fredriksen (Lørenskog)
    Mats Frøshaug (Lørenskog)
    Lars Erik Spets (Lørenskog)
    Peter Lorentzen (Stavanger)
    Mads Hansen (Brynas) Swe
    Kristian Forsberg (Modo) Swe
    Tommy Kristiansen (Sparta Sarpsborg)
    Martin Laumann Ylven (Linkøping) Swe
    Andreas Martinsen (Lillehammer)
    Mats Rosselli Olsen (Vålerenga)

    I have been impressed with how the team has looked in the 4 games (Czech and Russia) I have seen so far. Especially when you take in consideration that we were missing most of our key-players.

    The team will travel to Riga for two final warm up games against Latvia before the championships start. I expect Mathis Olimb (Rockford IceHogs), Marius Holtet (Farjestad), Per Åge Skrøder (Modo), Anders Bastiansen(Farjestad) and Lars Volden(Espoo Blues) to join the team now.

    Patrick Thoresen (Salavat Yulayev) will probably get a few days off and then join the team before the WC. It`s also starting to look alot like Mats Zuccarello (NY Rangers) wil be available for the tournament. Jonas Holøs (Colorado Avalanche) will probably not be available, atleast not before the later rounds due to him playing for Lake Erie in the AHL-playoffs.

    Our offense is starting to look really strong now. Mats Rosselli Olsen (91) and Tommy Kristiansen(89) has booth had breaktrough seasons in Norway this year and will be knocking on the door for this team. The same can be said of Andreas Martinsen (90), but he made the team last year as well. Tommy Kristiansen will most likely be playing in SEL next year.

    On defense we are sort of going trough a generational change with some young guys comming in and replacing veterans like Tommy Jacobsen and Mats Trygg. We rely heavily on Tollefsen wich is also the new captain of Team Norway. I expect a guy like Stefan Espeland(89) to step up this year, he has been great in the warm up games and has also had a good season in Sweden. Erik Follestad (89) has also looked good in the warm up games and could get a roster-spot this year. He will probably also play in Allsvenskan next year. Rumour has it he will be playing for Mora next season.

    Norway`s games

    April 30, 20:15 CET | vs. Sweden
    May 2, 16:15 CET | vs. United States
    May 4, 16:15 CET | vs. Austria

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    Patrick Thoresen won't play in Slovakia as it seems.

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    Patrick Thoresen declined his invitation and Roy Johansen could not persuade Mats Trygg and Tommy Jacobsen to play. Mats Zuccarello and Jonas Holøs will probably not play due to the AHL-Playoffs. Lars Volden is injured, Henrik Solberg and Juha Kaunismaki is injured. Tore Vikingstad has retired from the National Team.

    A few weeks ago it seemed like we were going to field the strongest team ever at the WC. Now it is starting to look a lot like we will strugle to survive.

    The good thing about this is that some of the young guys could get a chanse to play at this level.

    Mats Frøshaug and Tommy Kristiansen is out of the squad and will not travel with the team to Latvia. I find this a little strange considering how good Tommy Kristiansen has been playing lately. He is a perfect guy for a 4th line with a lot of grit and good size, and is also very good in front of the net in Power-play situations. It looks like the coaching staff is going with Andreas Martinsen instead of Kristiansen.

    This likely means that Mats Rosselli Olsen will get his first WC-experience against Sweden on his 20th. birthday. He has imo been our best player in the warm-up games and I think he will be a great player in the future.

    We are going to have to play with a lot of young guys on the D. I would not be suprised to see Stefan Espeland (89) play top-4 minutes together with Tollefsen, Østli (86) and Bonsaksen (87). Koivu, Czisar (87) and Follestad (89) should be our 3 other defeders. Koivu at 31 will be the oldest defender in the squad, but he has never played at this level before and just recently got a Norwegian citizenship.

    The Norwegian head coach Roy Johansen was hoping for Lars Volden to come in and provide a solid back-up and some competition for Pål Grotnes in the net, but he was held back by his club Espoo Blues as a third goalie for the SM-Liiga playoffs and pulled a hamstring in practice. So now we are most likely going with Lars Haugen as a backup. Robert Hestman has been our third goalie so far, but I think that Steffen Søberg (93) will get the call when the U-18 are finished in Germany.

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    The official Norwegian roster for the tournament.

    MÅLVAKTER (3):

    Pål Grotnes Stjernen
    Lars Haugen Manglerud Star
    Robert Hestmann Storhamar

    BACKER (7):

    Alexander Bonsaksen Modo (SWE)
    Brede Csiszar Vålerenga
    Erik Follestad Frisk Asker
    Jonas Holøs Colorado Avalanche ( NHL)
    Eerikki Koivu Lørenskog
    Ole-Kristian Tollefsen Modo (SWE)
    Lars Løkken Østli Storhamar

    LØPERE (15):

    Morten Ask Vålerenga
    Anders Bastiansen Färjestad (SWE)
    Kristian Forsberg Modo (SWE)
    Anders Fredriksen Lørenskog
    Mads Hansen Brynäs (SWE)
    Marius Holtet Färjestad (SWE)
    Peter Lorentzen Stavanger Oilers
    Andreas Martinsen Lillehammer
    Ken Andre Olimb Leksand (SWE)
    Mathis Olimb Rockford Icehogs (AHL)
    Martin Røymark Timrå (SWE)
    Per-Åge Skrøder Modo (SWE)
    Lars Erik Spets Lørenskog
    Martin Laumann Ylven Linköping (SWE)
    Mats Zuccarello Aasen New York Rangers (NHL)

    Mats Zuccarello broke his hand last night in the AHL playoffs so he will not be playing. Jonas Holøs and his Lake Erie Monsters will probably go trough to the next round so he will not be available.

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    Some good news for Norwegian hockey. Lake Erie Monsters are out of the AHL-playoffs and Jonas Holøs is coming to Slovakia to play for Norway.

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    Pål Grotnes is injured and will probably not play against Sweden. I don`t know how serious it is and whether he is out for a long time or not. And to make matters worse Jonas Holøs is stuck at the airport in Ohio.

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    Erik Follestad Johansen (Frisk) and Tommy Kristiansen (Sparta) has been added to the Norwegian squad. Kristiansen will replace Martin Ylven after yesterdays injury.

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