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    Joel Armia

    At the beginning of the year I saw an article about Armia and how he was tearing up the Finnish league as a 17-year old. Then I watched him live in the World Juniors, and I wasn't really impressed (especially not compared to Sami Vatanen and Joonas Nattinen). Anybody know where they think he'll go in the draft? Did his stock fall really far? How did his season turn out?

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    Well, you have to take into account that both Vatanen and Nättinen are two years older than Armia and they both had not only more SM-liiga experience than Armia, but also on the U20 national team and Vatanen has even played at the snior WC last season. There shouldn´t be so much stock out into the draft eligible players´ performance at the WJC as there is by some kids and based on Armia´s season in Assat and his great performance at the U18 WHCs (you could even say that his stock rose after those) he should still be a consensus top 15-20 pick. Obviously these last two drafts we´ve seen two Finnish players who were very hyped early on fall down in Rajala and Pulkkinen, but unlike those two Armia also has the size to make it at the NHL level and I´m pretty sure he will be able to be one of the top players on Finland U20 at the 2012 WJC.

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    Armia was drafted by Buffalo in the first round of this year´s NHL Draft. I saw last year playing in a match in SM-liiga and he did one great goal, where he made a couple of pretty sick moves with the puck (it was actually his first goal in the Finnish league). He is big, but could be stronger though. His shot is already very good, and Armia has good offensive instincts. He should work with his skating a little bit, although it´s not bad but could use some improvement. He didn´t make a big impression at the U20 Tournament, but he was only a 17-year-od while playing there.

    I try to catch a couple of games next season where Armia will play, as it will be very interesting to follow his development.

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    Thank you for your insight Jukka !

    It will be very interesting indeed following this kid next season, do keep us posted.
    Suomi !

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