Hi there,

I'm looking for any information on the following players, all Czechoslovakia Olympians from the 1930s through 1950s. I'm looking for news on whether or not they're alive; dates of death if they aren't; any contact information if they are; and post-career news/details.

Josef Boháč – born 1914 (Olympics)
Otakar Cimrman – born 1925 (Chomutov, Olympics)
Petr Hejma – born 1944, lives in Germany
Miroslav Nový – born 1930 (Olympics, WCs, Sparta, Motorlet Praha, coached in Czechoslovakia and Poland post-career)
Zdeněk Pýcha – born 1926 (Olympics, Sparta, ATK Praha)
Jozef Záhorský – born 1929 (Olympics, WCs, Sparta, Plzen, Slovan)

Thank you for any help!