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Thread: Korea Domestic Championships (photos of hockey on the river from the 50/60s)

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    Korea Korea Domestic Championships (photos of hockey on the river from the 50/60s)

    I thought I'd post this for those interested:

    I've been fleshing out the list here. Previously there was nothing before 1999 listed there. I've been hitting old news stories from the local search engine, and even started digging into their scanned papers. One thing that I've come across that is very interesting is that it seems that in 1956, the championship may have been held on the river.

    No pictures unfortunately, but the title says "On/At the Han river" the story says "On/At the Han River Rink" (on/at) is more or less the same preposition in Korean.

    Actually , scratch that. Just came across a picture searching for only pictures of the rink. it is definitely on the river:

    This is the Han River Rink 1956

    This looks like hockey on the river

    1960 hockey

    1961 shot of the river rink

    Here are some photos from the 1981 final:

    Between 1980 and 1981 they changed the name of the series in Korean. It basically just drops off the face of the earth. If you search for the sequential title going backwards (the 36th one is in 1981) you get tons of results for the standard name, you move to 1980, the 35th one, and suddenly nothing. The name seems like it wasn't really standardized before that, and I've only pieced together a few years. But I have discovered that the air force played in at least one tournament, and random teams also entered.

    I've also discovered that they may have skipped years/compressed them.

    While they have had championships with this name give or take since 1946, in 1981 they had the 33rd championship in January and the 36th in December. 34 and 35 never happened.

    31 and 32 are also both missing, but searching I turn up 30. In the years when 31 and 32 should have happened (1979/1980) I can find no records of a championship in this series.
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