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Thread: Emirates Hockey League 2011/2012 Schedule

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    United Arab Emirates Emirates Hockey League 2011/2012 Schedule

    Gm Home Away Location Date Day Time
    1 Storms Scorpions Abu Dhabi 5-Oct-11 Wed 8.15pm
    2 Theebs Camels Al Ain 7-Oct-11 Fri 4.00pm
    3 Vipers Scorpions Dubai 10-Oct-11 Mon 8:15pm
    4 Storms Vipers Abu Dhabi 12-Oct-11 Wed 8.15pm
    5 Theebs Scorpions Al Ain 14-Oct-11 Fri 4.00pm
    6 Vipers Theebs Dubai 19-Oct-11 Wed 8.15pm
    7 Scorpions Camels Abu Dhabi 24-Oct-11 Mon 8:15pm
    8 Vipers Camels Dubai 26-Oct-11 Wed 8.15pm
    9 Scorpions Vipers Abu Dhabi 31-Oct-11 Mon 8.15pm
    10 Scorpions Camels Abu Dhabi 2-Nov-11 Wed 8.15pm
    11 Scorpions Vipers Abu Dhabi 11-Nov-11 Fri 3.00pm
    12 Storms Camels Abu Dhabi 11-Nov-11 Fri 5.30pm
    13 Storms Theebs Abu Dhabi 14-Nov-11 Mon 8.15pm
    14 Camels Storms Dubai 21-Nov-11 Mon 8.15pm
    15 Theebs Vipers Al Ain 21-Nov-11 Mon 8.15pm
    16 Camels Scorpions Dubai 23-Nov-11 Wed 8.15pm
    17 Scorpions Storms Abu Dhabi 28-Nov-11 Mon 8.15pm
    18 Camels Vipers Dubai 30-Nov-11 Wed 8.15pm
    19 Theebs Storms Al Ain 5-Dec-11 Mon 8.15pm
    20 Camels Vipers Dubai 7-Dec-11 Wed 8:15pm
    21 Theebs Scorpions Al Ain 9-Dec-11 Fri 3.00pm
    22 Vipers Storms Al Ain 9-Dec-11 Fri 5.30pm
    23 Camels Theebs Dubai 12-Dec-11 Mon 8.15pm
    24 Theebs Storms Al Ain 16-Dec-11 Fri 4.00pm
    25 Vipers Scorpions Dubai 11-Jan-12 Wed 8.15pm
    26 Camels Storms Dubai 16-Jan-12 Mon 8.15pm
    27 Theebs Camels Al Ain 20-Jan-12 Fri 4.00pm
    28 Storms Scorpions Abu Dhabi 23-Jan-12 Mon 8.15pm
    29 Vipers Camels Dubai 25-Jan-12 Wed 8.15pm
    30 Storms Theebs Abu Dhabi 30-Jan-12 Mon 8.15pm
    31 Camels Scorpions Dubai 1-Feb-12 Wed 8.15pm
    32 Vipers Theebs Dubai 6-Feb-12 Mon 8.15pm
    33 Vipers Storms Dubai 8-Feb-12 Wed 8.15pm
    34 Scorpions Theebs Abu Dhabi 13-Feb-12 Mon 8.15pm
    35 Storms Camels Abu Dhabi 15-Feb-12 Wed 8.15pm
    36 Theebs Vipers Al Ain 17-Feb-12 Fri 4.00pm
    37 Scorpions Storms Abu Dhabi 21-Feb-12 Tues 8:15pm
    38 Camels Theebs Dubai 22-Feb-12 Wed 8.15pm
    39 Storms Vipers Abu Dhabi 24-Feb-12 Fri 3:00pm
    40 Scorpions Theebs Abu Dhabi 24-Feb-12 Fri 5:30pm

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    any info/link about results?

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