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Thread: Newbie !!

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    Switzerland Newbie !!

    Hi there.. I didn't see this thread before.. so I'll give it a shot and introduce myself..

    I've been lurking around this forum for quite some time and finally decided to join...

    I love ice hockey and I have also big interest in "smaller" leagues than the usual NHL and my very own Swiss league... so this seems to be the perfect place for it, isn't it ?

    Big fan of the Estonian, Finnish and Icelandic leagues, for some reasons, you'll find out...

    Argh whatever...


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    Hi there and welcome to the forums ! I'm also a big fan of the Finnish leagues. Do you have a favourite team in the SM-liiga ?
    Suomi !

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    Thanks dude...

    For SM-liiga, I'll go for JYP :P
    But I must admit I also simply enjoy the whole tournament, they have some great teams overall...

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