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Thread: Ziegenfuss (Player from March 1,1942 in Prague Böhmen/Mähren ), who knows him later ?

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    Mens IHWC Ziegenfuss (Player from March 1,1942 in Prague Böhmen/Mähren ), who knows him later ?

    I have a question, soory for bad englisch....I search Players from the German Youth Championships 1942, One of the best Players a Ziegenfuss (Lastname)- what did he after the war, as a ethinc German he can hast lost his home and live after the war in Germany West,East oder Austria, like the other Sudetengermans....

    Or stay he in CSSR/CSR after 1945, know one his Name in Hockey Statistics ???
    At 1942 his Age was 14-16
    he was an exellent Winger

    Can you help me ???
    Beste Grüße

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    No worries about your english ;)
    Do you maybe now what his first name was, that could make it easier... I don´t know whether he left CSSR/stayed, but if he did stay I guess there´s a chance that this guy Daniel Ziegenfuss, born 89´ is a relative of his (grandson?), I mean that can´t be too many people with the surname Ziegenfuss in CZE and he seems to be from Prague (he played for a Prague team Kobra) and is a hockey player, which often is a family thing in CZE...
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    See you in 2019...perhaps...

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