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Thread: SZĽH/RTVS recruitment campaign

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    SZĽH/RTVS recruitment campaign

    With the start of the WC, the Slovak federation together with the Slovak public institution RTVS has started a recruitment campaign to bring more kids to play hockey. The TV spots stars Miroslav Šatan and Peter Bondra and directs people to this website : , where they can register their kids with their local hockey team. (The website though looks kinda unfinished, hopefully more work will be put into it)

    It´s possible to watch the spot here if anyone´s interested.

    It goes something like this:

    Bondra: The beginning is that the kids should come to the rink and show what they´ve got in them...
    Šatan: I believe that it enrich their personality and develop them as human beings as well...
    Bondra: If it were possible I would have liked to have my kids get their hockey education in Slovakia...
    PBP guy: We´re world champions!
    Šatan: I know just one certain way... your kids can grow into world champions...
    Šatan:..register them to play hockey
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