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Thread: The new leadership of PZHL - A step forward for Polish hockey?

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    The new leadership of PZHL - A step forward for Polish hockey?

    After the new president of the Polish federation was announced I´ve seen a few interesting quotes for him, saying that he will try to get money into Polish hockey, also quite ambitious is the aim of the new leader to first try to get Poland into the top 16 and then top 10 in the world. I realize that in this region people always have big ambitions, but more often than not it´s more about just words than actual acts therefore I wanted to ask our fellow Polish members what you guys all think about this? Is it finally a big step to help Polish hockey to get back on track after the downfall in the last decade?
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    To be honest, I don't know if hockey in Poland could be in worse condition than now. There is nothing more, only words of Hałasik so far, and I definitelly would to wait for changes he's talking about. So far it looks like he's a man, which know what he's doing and talking, but Ingielewicz's moves on the beginning looked similar to present. First changes, for example with changing this stupid rule of two foreigners categories, are good, so maybe with other things will go on right way. First thing we have to fix in Poland is youth training, because this is the main reason, which led polish hockey to present place. If Hałasik will successfully take care of this problem his term of office will also success.
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