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Thread: no Team Ireland in 2014?

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    no Team Ireland in 2014?

    I've just noticed that there are no Irish teams in any of the IIHF championships this year.

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    I haven't found anything on this forum about it or anything obvious on the iiha site. Is anyone able to shed any light on that? Is it a temporary blip while things are sorted out after the regime change or is that it for the international team for now?

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    Ireland does not meet the minimum requirements to participate in the IIHF championships. Ireland has to have an indoor rink and an operational league to meet the requirements.

    See this thread and this article on
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    The post above is, sadly, correct. I have to say that I am delighted with the regime change which makes the World Champs. no show easier to bear. Recently two people, our treasurer and a director, were dishonourably discharged. There appears to be questions to be answered about the finances of the Association during the time when these people assisted the previous chief executive to wrest and keep power. More recently the editor of the IIHA website was relieved of his duties after freezing out the current executive from making any alterations to posts or press releases.
    Many visitors to this site will be aware that for a number of years now I have been forthright in expressing my views on the subject of some of these people and their suitability for office, and so it was a day of quiet gratification when the claims I was making were finally vindicated.

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