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Thread: Tunisian Hockey

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    Tunisian Hockey

    Found a small bit about it but the links dont seem to be working.

    Tarek Hassen of Tunisia, a country in northern Africa, has created his country's first inline hockey association in his home city of Hammam Sousse. Hassen discovered inline hockey at the beach parking lots in Santa Monica when he visited California in 1992 on holiday.

    "I tried for many years to create an inline association in Tunisia," Hassen said, "and after nine years, I've finally done it. The Tunisian Inline Hockey Association in the city of Hammam Sousse is the first of its kind in Tunisia."

    Hassen says that approximately 50 percent of Tunisia's population is under twenty years of age, and that his hope is "to give these children as many different opportunities to experience this wonderful sport and encourage them into maintaining a healthy lifestyle."

    For more information, contact Hassen at, or see the Tunisian Inline Hockey Association's Web site at

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    Cool! I think it's too bad that there isn't a professional roller hockey league anymore. I think it'd be neat to see them go scout for players in countries like Argentina, Tunisia, Namibia, and Brazil. Oh well, I can dream!

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