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Thread: GB u20 League Proposed

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    Great Britain GB u20 League Proposed

    Ice Hockey UK have proposing that an u20 league be set-up.

    Two important points to note here:

    1. This is being proposed by IHUK, but IHUK don't actually run any leagues in the country. All of the current leagues are either run independently (EIHL), the EIHA (every other league in England) or the SIHA (every other league in Scotland).

    2. An u20 league is a requirement from the IIHF, and one that the UK currently violates.

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    It is interesting how IIHF puts various requirements that are not enforced and that are, frankly speaking, vague to the point that even people well versed in English don't actually understand them.

    Take for example, Slovenia. It has a national team that made a name of itself in Sochi and that oscillates between Elite division and IA, but that had no national championship for two years and last year didn't even have a U20 championship.

    Croatian federation is in fear from IIHF so it replaced its U12, U14, U16, U19 system into U12, U14, U17, U20 system with no benefit what so ever. A dozen or so of exit juniors lingered in the hockey for additional year and then retired while those who were good enough to play in seniors did it regardless of their prolonged status as juniors.

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