Hello, friends. This year I plan to do hockey tour. I will travel from Sofia to Dortmund on 17th December and back to January 1, 2015.
I planned to visit the following matches:
Fr., 19.12.2014 19:30 Uhr Kölner Haie Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers
So., 21.12.2014 14:30 Uhr Kölner Haie ERC Ingolstadt
Di., 23.12.2014 19:30 Uhr Iserlohn Roosters EHC Red Bull München
Fr., 26.12.2014 19:30 Uhr Krefeld Pinguine Düsseldorfer EG
So., 28.12.2014 16:30 Uhr Düsseldorfer EG Augsburger Panther
Di., 30.12.2014 19:30 Uhr Düsseldorfer EG Adler Mannheim OR
Di., 30.12.2014 19:30 Uhr Krefeld Pinguine Iserlohn Roosters

Would you mind telling me which ones you need to buy tickets in advance.
I would appreciate and additional information about the cheap hostels and pensions. I will be traveling with my girlfriend. I will be glad and information which cities deserve more attention in the region, except those in which we can watch games. We have planned to visit Essen, Wuppertal, Hagen, Duisburg.