Hey, I had a question about how the minor league affiliations worked. Earlier this year Chris Crane, who was drafted by the San Jose Sharks in 2010, was playing with their AHL affiliate in Worcester. Early in the season though, he was "sent down" to the Missouri Mavericks of the ECHL. The problem is, according to both team and league websites, the Missouri Mavericks aren't the ECHL affiliate of either Worcester or San Jose. San Jose and Worcester's ECHL affiliate is the Allen Americans. So my question is: why was Crane sent to the Mavericks and not the Americans? Every source I've found has made it sound like this was a typical up/down move and not a trade or a loan. So why was he sent to a team they're not affiliated with. As far as I can tell he's still under contract with the Sharks organization. I've found a few other examples of this, especially when it comes to guys moving down to the ECHL but this one just caught my eye and it has me confused. I know not all ECHL teams have AHL/NHL affiliations but why would teams that don't be receiving players from AHL teams that do?