who can help me, please?

I don't know, but I've the feeling, that since two, three years the scores from the friendly games between the two U18 teams from Belgium and the Netherlands, are TOP-SECRET... Either I'm too stupid to find such infos on both Federation pages, or they just do not publish this...... this is for a Federation a confession of failure!

I'm looking for the following scores. Maybe somebody know it?

The dates and the places, where the game was, this I have from the Federation pages....

20.01.2014, Eindhoven, HOL vs BEL
12.03.2014, Deurne, BEL vs HOL
26.01.2015, Eindhoven, HOL vs BEL
25.02.2014, Deurne, BEL vs HOL

Thanks in advance for helping me!