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Thread: Swedish Club Ranking

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    Sweden Swedish Club Ranking

    Introducing a new Swedish club ranking.

    Every season, a team gets a number of points depending on the division they play in, and the number of points per match they take.

    Tables since 2000 count.

    For each year that goes, the points are reduced 5%, i.e. year 2000 is only worth 25% of its original value.

    Top 4 tiers count.

    Where can I see it?
    All "Landskaps' are clickable, if you want to see regional rankings.

    For anything that is wrong, please let me know!

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    You should join the results of Hammarby IF and Bajen Fans IF:

    Hammarby went bankrupt in 2008 and the fans started Bajen Fans IF (Bajen is a nickname for Hammarby). In 2014, after a required hiatus they changed the name of the club to Hammarby IF again.
    Cum bibam cervisiam gaudeo.

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