I am starting a new online sim football league (using the pro football simulator) and I'll be looking for team owners.

We’re going to start in 1976 with 28 teams and a 14-game schedule. Teams will start the season with the actual rosters they had to start 1976. We’ll likely adjust upwards to a 16-game schedule in future years. As each year passes we’ll be drafting the actual players from the future draft years. Players will improve, players will decline, and players will retire. The game operates where you will devise lineups, make trades, draft, sign free agents, extend players contracts, and upload your changes right into the server.

Although this is my first endeavor into sim football, I currently operate a sim hockey league using STHS software for 12 seasons so I’m confident I will have the same long-lasting success when it comes to operating a football league.

Check out our website (still finishing some of the links before going "live")

Contact me at dcharron@telus.net if you are interested or want to know more about the league.