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Thread: What National Team Jersey ressembles the KLM logo?

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    What National Team Jersey ressembles the KLM logo?

    I have the IIHF book WORLD OH HOCKEY: Celebrating a Century of the IIHF and in the first pages they have a whole bunch of National team jerseys one next to the other. I can identify all of them except one that has what appears to be the KLM logo. Does anyone have a clue what national team this is? I googled the national team jerseys of The Netherlands as it appeared to make sense to me but I can't find it. Anyone know?

    Sorry I can't seem to upload the picture to this post.

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    He Alberto,

    Is the KLM logo a + sign, 4 dots and a line (a crown)?
    If so, it was the jersey from the Netherlands in 1979 in Galati Romania

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