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Thread: 2017 IIHF World U18 Div.IA Championship - Bled, Slovenia; 7th-13th.Apr

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    2017 IIHF World U18 Div.IA Championship - Bled, Slovenia; 7th-13th.Apr

    As no one among the six participating countries submitted an application to host the tournament, the organization was given to Bled, Slovenia who is also hosting the U18 Division 1B tournament the following week. I have to admit I'm a bit surprised to see no one at that level willing to host this event. With the OGQ on, 4 of them are hosting two IIHF events this season. Kazakhstan has only one but then I've never seen much IIHF events hosted there. That leave us with Denmark who will always be on the road this season. Was there absolutely no way the Danes could host it?

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    IIHF 2017 IIHF World U18 Div.IA Championship

    Denmark (Relagated from Top Division)
    Hungary (Promoted from Div.IB)

    Tournament schedule
    DateHome TeamAway TeamTimeVenue
    7/4 FranceGermany 13:00 Ice Arena Bled
    7/4 Norway Kazakhstan 16:30Ice Arena Bled
    7/4 Hungary Denmark20:00Ice Arena Bled
    8/4 Germany Norway 13:00 Ice Arena Bled
    8/4 KazakhstanHungary 16:30Ice Arena Bled
    8/4 Denmark France 20:00 Ice Arena Bled
    10/4 Hungary France 13:00 Ice Arena Bled
    10/4 DenmarkNorway16:30Ice Arena Bled
    10/4 GermanyKazakhstan 20:00Ice Arena Bled
    11/4 KazakhstanDenmark 13:00 Ice Arena Bled
    11/4 Germany Hungary 16:30Ice Arena Bled
    11/4 FranceNorway 20:00Ice Arena Bled
    13/4 NorwayHungary 13:00 Ice Arena Bled
    13/4 KazakhstanFrance 16:30Ice Arena Bled
    13/4 Denmark Germany 20:00Ice Arena Bled

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