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Thread: 2017 iihf wc

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    IIHF 2017 iihf wc

    Game schedule is online:

    We all are icehockey fans

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    Germany German Roster (so far)

    Here is the german squad for the IHWC 2017 so far:

    Timo Pielmeier (ERC Ingolstadt)
    Dennis Endras (Eagles Mannheim)
    Matthias Niederberger (Duesselldorfer EG)

    Pascal Zerressen (Cologne Sharks)
    Christian Ehrhoff (Cologne Sharks)
    Alexander Sulzer (Cologne Sharks)
    Moritz Müller (Cologne Sharks)
    Denis Reul (Eagles Mannheim)
    Sinan Akdag (Eagles Mannheim)
    Stephan Daschner (Duesseldorfer EG)
    Bernhard Ebner (Duesseldorfer EG)

    Markus Kink (Eagles Mannheim)
    Matthias Plachta (Eagles Mannheim)
    Christoph Ullmann (Eagles Mannheim)
    Mirko Höfflin (Eagles Mannheim)
    David Wolf (Eagles Mannheim)
    Brent Raedeke (Eagles Mannheim)
    Kai Hospelt (Cologne Sharks)
    Nicolas Krämmer (Cologne Sharks)
    Sebastian Uvira (Cologne Sharks)
    Patrick Hager (Cologne Sharks)
    Philip Gogulla (Cologne Sharks)
    Jakob Mayenschein (EHC Red Bull Munich)
    Thomas Oppenheimer (ERC Ingolstadt)
    Maximilian Kammerer (Duesseldorfer EG)
    Thomas Holzmann (Augsburger Panthers)

    Forward Daiel Pietta (Krefeld Penguins) said he is not able to participate in this years tournament due to an injury.

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