Hi Guys!

It's been a while. I have a great opportunity to go to Germany to help develop a power skating camp developed by the power skating of Auston Mathews (1st Round Draft pick for Maple Leafs).

However, I need a list of ALL Year-a-Round rinks so I can also use summer month's for the camp. Can someone provide me with a list?

I currently have the following Rinks, but I was told I was Missing a lot of rinks. here is what I have and we can go from there.....

1. Eissporthalle Bitburg
2. Eissporthalle Kassel
3. Ice Rink Germany GmbH
4. Ice business AG (not sure on this)
5. Eissporthalle Frankfurt
6. Eissporthalle Zentrum

If there are more, can you please post!

Thanks for your help in advance!