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Thread: 2017 IIHF Worlds Division IIB, in Auckland New Zealand

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    IHWC 2017 IIHF Worlds Division IIB, in Auckland New Zealand

    No one posted on this tournament so I thought I would go ahead.

    China wins and gains promotion to Division IIA. They won
    5-2 vs Israel
    5-2 vs New Zealand
    8-3 vs North Korea
    7-2 vs Turkey
    4-3 vs Mexico

    New Zealand wins the silver
    4-1 vs Turkey
    2-5 vs China
    5-2 vs Israel
    4-2 vs Mexico
    8-1 vs North Korea

    Israel wins bronze
    2-5 vs China
    6-2 vs Mexico
    2-5 vs New Zealand
    9-2 vs North Korea
    5-0 vs Turkey

    North Korea, Mexico and Turkey all finished with one win and 4 losses but Turkey is relegated to Division III due to their -20 goal differential

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    Actually, the tie breaker between three teams only takes into account the games between the involved teams. Since they all defeated each other, it comes down to goal difference and there Turkey came last with -7.
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