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Thread: Tipsport Liga 2017/2018

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    Tipsport Liga 2017/2018

    MHC Martin's license has been revoked after failing an assessment by the league. Winner of Budis 1. Liga, HK Detva, is in negotiations to replace MHC Martin.

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    The latest news is that the players from Martin agreed that they would give up on 40% of the money that the club owes them on the condition that the city gives a 100 000 Euro donation to the club that will be used to pay off the rest of the debts towards players. This seems ridiculous to me, why should the city council be giving out money to a private club which will be immediately used to play players. And this solution doesn't do anything with Martin's other debts. It's a shame given the kind of fans Martin has, and the youth/junior teams are also fighting to survive.

    As for the inclusion of Detva in the league, that sounds like such a terrible decision. Their stadium is bad, they didn't have good attendance in 1.liga and their president is known for some terrible behavior /which includes intentionally spilling beer on visiting fans among other things/.
    25th of June 2015 - Worst day in the history of modern hockey in Slovakia

    See you in 2019...perhaps...

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