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Thread: Pre-1946 Russian Hockey

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    Russia Pre-1946 Russian Hockey

    There is tons of information available both online and in print on hockey in Russia after its official introduction in 1946. However, there is very little written about the bandy (hockey with a ball) activities that took place for many years before.

    It is a major challenge finding early Russian stuff. Online archives are almost non-existent, Cyrillic is a challenging language, and there isn't much written on the Internet.

    Prior to World War I there were some German newspapers (St. Petersburger Zeitung, Moskauer Deutsche Zeitung, St. Petersburger Herold, etc.), published, but none of these can be found online and it seems that many issues were lost during the Revolution. Post-WWI everything is written in Cyrillic.

    If anyone has any results, standings, photographs, newspaper clippings, online archives or websites to recommend, covering Russian hockey prior to 1946, please share in this thread.

    Here are some good links to start off with: - thread with various details on early activities - digitized copies of Rigasche Zeitung have some information on pre-1914 Russian hockey - assorted pre-1914 photosистория/летопись/ - fairly good yearly overviews of bandy in Moscow post-1923 - in-depth article on early Russian hockey

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    Перель А. — Хоккей в СССР. Справочник [1955, PDF, RUS]
    Perel A. - "Hockey in USSR" (1955)

  3. #3 - this is definitely the best source for early Russian bandy. Has tons of pre-1946 material (as well as post-1946 when they played both ice hockey with a puck and bandy with a ball in Russia).

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