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Thread: Ranking the websites!

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    Ranking the websites!

    Hello you all!

    I thought maybe we could start ranking the websites from one puck to five.

    If you like the idea and I should start, I will begin by presenting my five-puck-site:

    Hockey archives by Marc Branchu.

    All right, if this sounds like a good idea, post your own estimations.

    All the best

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    Good thread idea. I'll chime in with my thoughts.

    Hockey Archives ( ) definitely belongs atop the list. Just an insanely comprehensive and informative website. Top notch when it comes to historical European hockey with plenty of coverage on current day activities as well.

    My next tier features Elite Prospects ( ), Euro Hockey ( ) and HockeyDB ( ). All three are terrific resources for player stats, news, and league data from recent seasons. The former two are more European-centric while HockeyDB is very North American focused.

    I would also include Wikipedia's Hockey Project ( ) which contains over 30,000 articles on hockey topics. Good reference for player biographies especially. The Ice Hockey Wiki ( ) deserves a mention too. The layout is disgusting, and many of the pages are out of date, but it is a treasure trove for obscure Canadian senior/junior stats, results, and pictures.

    And of course your excellent website belongs on the list, Jukka. I did not include my International Hockey Wiki as I would probably be biased on where to rank it.

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    PS: Not sure where the SIHR website ( ) should be included as there is a $30 annual fee to gain access, but it is excellent for rare player stats and the Hockey Origins Database. A bit of a disappointment to me though, as I've always felt the site had the potential to be far more comprehensive in its coverage of league and tournament results than it is.

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    This Forum is probably The best

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