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Thread: Looking for photos of Belgium of the 1950s and the 1960s

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    Looking for photos of Belgium of the 1950s and the 1960s

    Hello you all!

    I am collecting name-by-name information of the Belgian teams of the 1950s and the 1960s.

    So, any info about the photos of Belgian players by name from the national teams of this period of time is most welcome.

    All the best

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    Well, Jukka
    I do not have any photos but here are the rosters of 49-50 and 51-52

    1949-1950;Belgie (Nat. Team);Coach;;Jacques Contzen
    1949-1950;Belgie (Nat. Team);D;10;Constant Delarge
    1949-1950;Belgie (Nat. Team);D;12;Percy Lippitt
    1949-1950;Belgie (Nat. Team);D;15;Jimmy Graeffe
    1949-1950;Belgie (Nat. Team);D;3;Jeff Lekens
    1949-1950;Belgie (Nat. Team);D;5;Leon van Eeckhout
    1949-1950;Belgie (Nat. Team);D;8;Roland Dumon
    1949-1950;Belgie (Nat. Team);F;1;Andre Elsen
    1949-1950;Belgie (Nat. Team);F;11;A. Morris
    1949-1950;Belgie (Nat. Team);F;13;Gentil Noterman
    1949-1950;Belgie (Nat. Team);F;14;Jule Dupre
    1949-1950;Belgie (Nat. Team);F;16;J. Verstreepen
    1949-1950;Belgie (Nat. Team);F;2;Albert Dupre
    1949-1950;Belgie (Nat. Team);F;4;Robert Waldschmitt
    1949-1950;Belgie (Nat. Team);F;6;Robert Anciaux
    1949-1950;Belgie (Nat. Team);F;7;Georges Hartmeijer
    1949-1950;Belgie (Nat. Team);F;9;Andre Waldschmitt
    1949-1950;Belgie (Nat. Team);G;0;Henri Heirman
    1949-1950;Belgie (Nat. Team);G;17;Charles Heylen
    1951-1952;Belgie (Nat. Team);Coach;;
    1951-1952;Belgie (Nat. Team);D;;Constant DeLarge
    1951-1952;Belgie (Nat. Team);D;;Jeff Lekens
    1951-1952;Belgie (Nat. Team);D;16;Jimmy Graeffe
    1951-1952;Belgie (Nat. Team);D;9;Roland Dumon
    1951-1952;Belgie (Nat. Team);F;;Hubert Anciaux
    1951-1952;Belgie (Nat. Team);F;;Jacques Moris
    1951-1952;Belgie (Nat. Team);F;1;Andre Elsen
    1951-1952;Belgie (Nat. Team);F;10;Jules DuPre
    1951-1952;Belgie (Nat. Team);F;13;Jose Busschots
    1951-1952;Belgie (Nat. Team);F;14;Andre Waldschmidt
    1951-1952;Belgie (Nat. Team);F;2;Albert DuPre
    1951-1952;Belgie (Nat. Team);F;3;Albert Willeur
    1951-1952;Belgie (Nat. Team);F;6;Yvon Berger
    1951-1952;Belgie (Nat. Team);F;7;Georges Hartmeyer
    1951-1952;Belgie (Nat. Team);G;;Nic Janssen
    1951-1952;Belgie (Nat. Team);G;0;Henri Heirman

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