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Thread: 2018-19 IIHF Inline World Championships

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    2018-19 IIHF Inline World Championships

    So normally the IIHF have announced the teams that would be competing in the qualification tournaments by now. After nothing appeared I had a bit of a look on the Inline Hockey New Zealand website where is states "The Board has been notified of cancellation of IIHF this year".

    Has anyone else heard/read anything about what is happening with the inline tournaments?

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    Not sure - perhaps they will no longer be held?

    I know that IIHF and FIRS (now World Skate) had meetings way back in 2007 with a view to having a single World Championship for the sport, as it was thought combining the resources of IIHF and FIRS would be better than having 2 World Championships and 2 different sets of players.

    As an example, the Czech team that won the 2015 FIRS World Championships had 3 or 4 players that then went on to play in the IIHF World Championship. Other teams (such as Sweden) didn't send a team to the FIRS Worlds. In fact, Sweden, who finished 4th in the 2017 IIHFs, have announced on the website of the Swedish Ice Hockey Association that they are no longer supporting inline hockey, and will no longer have a national team in that discipline.

    IIHF admitted that it originally set up the IIHF Inline Hockey world to attempt to stem the flow of ice hockey players to roller sports. Perhaps this reason is no longer valid.
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