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Thread: Why isn't hockey bigger?

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    Why isn't hockey bigger?

    I've never understood why hockey isn't more popular in Iceland. Any insights?
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    My view is just infrastructure and population. There isn't many towns so everything will be concentrated in one. Travelling isn't the easiest from the further out places. Iceland is already ranked 36th in Soccer and is one of the top Handball countries in the world. Given their population being good at two sports is an achievement already.

    I'd love to see hockey grow. Maybe if some of the big teams like say Valur decided to include hockey as part of their programmes it would help?

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    It's really a pretty simple reason...Population.
    323,000 people in the entire country, with 120,000 of those people living in Reykjavik. There's only 6 towns with a population over 10k, and 4 of those 6 towns are essentially suburbs of Reykjavik.
    I think there's still room to grow hockey in Iceland, and from what I hear a new rink in the Capital area will be coming soon. But, as far as it expanding outside of Reykjavik...I don't see it happening

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