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Thread: Belgian hockey from 1938 till 1945

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    Belgium Belgian hockey from 1938 till 1945

    Hello to all,

    Found some interesting stuff about Belgian hockey from 1938 - 1945.

    Different games played at Merksum ice rink.

    01-11-1938 BRABO Antwerpen - Dusseldorf (GER) 3-2 (15000 spectators)
    24-11-1938 Belgium (Nat. Team) - Krefeld (GER) 0-2
    03-12-1938 BRABO Antwerpen - Praha (TCH) tied (unknown result)
    11-12-1938 BRABO Antwerpen - Krakau (POL) 0-2
    ? BRABO Antwerpen - Cambridge University 2-1
    ? BRABO Antwerpen - Den Haag (NED) 3-5
    ? BRABO Antwerpen - Budapest (HUN) 9-4
    ? BRABO Antwerpen - Bukarest (ROE) 9-4
    ? BRABO Antwerpen - USA (Nat. Team) 2-5
    ? BRABO Antwerpen - Amsterdam (NED) 7-4
    29-01-1939 BRABO Antwerpen - Trial Smoke Eaters 0-7 (21000 spectators)

    27-01-1940 Belgium (Nat. Team) - Netherlands (Nat. Team) 1-3 (10000 spectators)

    The German occupying forces had not failed to notice that there was
    an ice rink in Merksem with olymic dimensions and where 20000 spectators could be accommodated.

    03-01-1942 Mannheim (GER) - Dusseldorf (GER) 6-4 (15000 spectators)

    14-03-1943 Antwerp Ice Hockey Club - Wild Goose Ice Skating And Hockey Club 6-2
    (because of the War "Wild Goose" had to change their name to "Wilde Ganzen" which is a translating in the Dutch language.)

    08-04-1944 Rot-Weiss Berlin - Berliner SchittSchuhClub 10-10 (16000 spectators)
    09-04-1944 Rot-Weiss Berlin - Berliner SchittSchuhClub 4-4 * (20000 spectators)
    * The game was ceased because resistance fighters had fired shots in the direction of the German army.

    At the end of 1944, the canadian army seized the antwerp sports palace.
    From then on, the skating rink must always be available for the Canadian Overseas Army Championship.
    The competition was held in two cities, namely Antwerp (BEL) and Tilburg (NED).
    ( also look at )
    The two top teams from both competitions played the final match in Antwerp.
    ??-03-1945 RCEME/RCOC - 12th Manitoba Dragoons
    The 12th Manitoba Dragoons won this final game. (result unknown)

    On April 21st, 1945, a charity match was played between Canada and Belgium.
    Belgium lost this game with 1-9
    Roster Belgium :
    Goalie : Charel Heylen
    Defence : Fernand Carrez, Jacques Mullendres, Hugo van Reybroeck, Pierre van Reysschoot
    Forwards: Hubert Anciaux, Piet Briels, Constante Delarge, Leon van Eeckhout, Andre Elsen,
    Andre Leempoels, Jef Lekens, Jacques Moris, Pierre Roffian

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    Great stuff, very interesting. Where did you get this info?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red Maple Leaf View Post
    Great stuff, very interesting. Where did you get this info?
    Mostly from the book "90 jaren ijshockey in België" from Mr. Casteels.

    But also from the memoires of Donald Pecore a canadian tank-commander during WW2.
    He played some games with the Tilburg Trappers (Netherlands) in 1944-1945.
    He also played some games in Amsterdam (Netherlands) in 1945-1946.

    Donald Pecore was charged with the reconstruction of the ice rinks in Antwerp (Belgium) and Tilburg (Netherlands).

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