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Thread: Tipsport Liga 2018/19

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    Tipsport Liga 2018/19

    Again there are rumours of MAC and DVTK joining Slovakian Extraliga. Apparently the Hungarian government paid 1 million € per team to join. Does anyone have more information?

    Edit: here is some information in Hungarian:

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    Yeah, heard/read the same thing. Our colleague Kerusz can certainly update us on the situation.
    I'm always in favour for international cooperation and cross border leagues but that the government pays for this is kind of strange (even knowing that Hockey is a priority sport in Hungary and the politics of the Orban government)

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    Sealed. MACand Miskolc will play in Extraliga for a minimum of three years. The press conference will be held on Thursday in Bratislava. Price was originally 500k€ per team per year, what I've heard there might have been some bargaining but the amount is still somewhere around there. MAC was not willing to pay on its own so the deal was that the Federation will help to find the money. Finally they did, at the government.

    Most of the Slovakian clubs are happy as they will get a significant financial help (from the Hungarian government) for their budget. Most of the other Hungarian clubs are not happy on the other side since the main League sponsor directed some of the money to the national team from the league after they've learned that the Federation helped to seal the deal.

    The story is not tasty at all since the Sports director of the Federation is the son of the president of the Miskolc team and the valid development strategy says that the Federation have to strengthen the home league or participate in a cooperation where HIHF is an equal part. This move is neither the strenghtening of the home league nor a cooperation where HIHF has an equal role.

    Erste Liga will get three new teams from Hungary, two of them will be on the level of Vienna Capitals farmteam, which does not make the other teams happy. One of the teams involved is the club where the recent president of the federation was the vice-president before he was elected as the president of the Federation.

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    Following the financial hardships that the club from Zilina has faced this off-season, there are some rumours circling around about a joined team between Zilina and the Slovak u20 team that plays in the league.
    25th of June 2015 - Worst day in the history of modern hockey in Slovakia

    See you in 2019...perhaps...

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