Just want to make clear to some of the guys who want to know certain information touching the NIHL.
In 2016-2017 season it was considerred to be the 3rd overall leagie in UK. NIHL became the 2nd league in UK only after the removal of EPIHL (Which at that time was the 2nd overall league).

Next season many ex-EPIHL teams either went up to the EIHL , stayed in NIHL or dropped a league to participate in NIHL2 (Which is considerred to be 3rd overall league in UK after 16/17 season *Was 4th overall before).

In conclusion nowadays NIHL is something like a minor pro league that consists of some fairly strong teams and some farily weak teams (Having decent overseas imports and former EPIHL and EIHL players).
The level of the league has defenitely grown and is far more better than it was a few years ago.

Looking at the budget part , some teams have good budgets and a good amount of sponsors (Where players get paid up to a couple of thousand pounds monthly *Mostly imports). However some teams are very low on budget , and the could be huge between clubs.

Hope this information was useful