I´m coaching for a team in Kristianstad who is looking for players born 2000-2002 to my team which playing in j-20 div 1.
This season we want to take the next level and advance to j-20 ELIT, because of that we searching good players who really could make an good impact to the team, both goalies, defenders and forwads.

We ca help you find an apartment and the cost for that is 5900 dollars (august-april).

What can we offer you?
- Many training both on mornings and evening with good coaches who help you to develop your game.
- Many games
- Conatct with pro teams in division 3, divison 2 and division in sweden.

This season we have sent 6 players to theses pro teams.

If you are interested please send me a mail with your eliteprospect and a moovie when you playing if you have.

Email: and_alf@hotmail.com

// Head coach