I thought I might start posting about a relatively new national league in Australia, the Australian Women’s Tier 2 Show Case Series (AW2SCS). As the name suggests this league is the second tier in Australian women's ice hockey.

So a bit of background (a bit long but maybe of some interest). The league started in 2016 under the name of Australian Tier 2 Women’s Ice Hockey League. It uses some modified rules such as three periods of 17 minutes with no stop clock and two minute breaks between periods. The league generally bars AWIHL players unless pre-approved. I believe these rules are still unchanged but I may be wrong. The seasons have been made up of three seperate rounds, kind of like mini tournaments and now followed by playoffs at the end of Round 3 to decide a winner.

The 2016 season was a bit disorganised with some teams joining or withdrawing mid season but was ultimately won by the New South Wales Bombers. Teams in the first season include the Bombers, Canberra Pirates, Western Australian Hawketts, Melbourne Black Dragons, Melbourne White Dragons and the South Australian Valkyries. The Dragons were a recycled name from the AWIHL club now playing as the Melbourne Ice and also used the same logo (orignally stolen from the Mobile Mysticks).

2017 saw the league split into two divisions, the Brisbane Blaze enter the competition, the Melbourne Dragons merge their two teams, the Hawkettes renamed to be just known as Western Australia and the South Australian Valkyries became the Adelaide Valkyries. The league also changed its name to its current Australian Women’s Tier 2 Show Case Series. Western Australia won the 2017 regular season and the playoffs. They also competed in an exhibition game against the Melbourne Ice with the plan on entering the AWIHL for 2018-19.

Heading in to 2018 it was revealed that Western Australia had withdrawn from the competition, I assume this was linked to the Perth Inferno entering the AWIHL as planned. With that the league abandoned the division format to play in a single group of five. Also changing was the Brisbane Blaze being replaced by the Queensland based Southern Stars. The final round and playoffs saw the New South Wales Bombers withdraw due to conflicts with the NSW State League, they were replaced by the Aussie Jets, a team just to make up the numbers and of no real interest. The Canberra Pirates won the regular season, something the Bombers looked set to win before their withdrawal and the Melbourne Dragons won the playoffs.

2019 saw Western Australia re-enter the competition under the name of the Perth Blaze which was then changed to the WA Blaze pretty much straight away (sporting the same logo as Perth Inferno, that being a rip from the Calgary Inferno). The Melbourne Dragons also rebranded following an affiliation deal with the AIHL's Melbourne Mustangs becoming the Melbourne Chargers (both teams have a horse theme). And the third change saw the Southern Stars withdraw from the competition, so the league remains at five teams. The Chargers went on to win the regular season and the playoffs.

Now to the current season. The league looks to have stabilised with all five teams returning with no name changes. However Round 1, which was scheduled for next week, has naturally been postponed due to our good friend, the coronavirus. The round is yet to be rescheduled while Round 2 isn't until July so should (in theory) be fine.

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