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Thread: History of Ice Hockey in Iceland

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    Iceland History of Ice Hockey in Iceland

    Someone asked me to write about the history of icehockey on iceland.
    Sure, i know a lot about it, but not all, since i never played in the league, i´ve just been playing in the national teams. But i found one text that can be helpful if someone is curious about Icehockey on ICEland:

    History of Icelandic Hockey

    I have also found one text about the history of the Icelandic Hockey Logo.

    Story of the Logo

    .over and out.


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    Quote Originally Posted by dannydan
    .....I have also found one text about the history of the Icelandic Hockey Logo.

    Story of the Logo

    .over and out.

    Canadian roster of the 1920 Olympic games (The Winnipeg Falcons):
    • Robert J. Benson
    • Wally Bryon
    • Frank Frederickson
    • Chris Fridfinnson
    • Mike Goodman
    • Haldor Haldersson
    • Konrad Johanssesson
    • A. "Huck" Woodman

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    Wow, that's fascinating connection between Icelandic and Canadian hockey. That's a great homage, but has there been much actual interaction between the federations?

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    I know also something about the history of Icelandic Leauge.

    The former Archivar from the IIHF, Ernst Martini, organized the first contact between the Islandic Federation with the IIHF. This was around the 60ies.

    After that contact, the League in Iceland was (officialy) built and Iceland was a new Member by the IIHF.
    Cheers, Franco

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    IHI is right to be proud of Winnipeg Falcons. It was indeed a truly Icelandic team. Canada, on the other hand, should be ashame. The early history of Winnipeg Falcons leading up to the 1920 is a dark chapter in the history of Canadian hockey.

    I will not go into all the details. They are well described at Winnipeg Falcon's homepage.

    But the short story is this:

    The icelandic settlers around Winnipeg, Manitoba were quick to pick up the Canadian game. But none of the established clubs wanted to have anything to do with those "rag tag immigrants" (quote from the Canadian Olympic Committee's homepage). 2)

    So the Icelandic immigrants were forced to establish their own teams, and even their own league. Two teams were established: The Vikings and the Icelandic Athletic Club. In the first decade of the 20th century, these two Icelandic clubs engaged in fierce battles against each other, totally isolated from the other Winnipeg clubs.

    In 1909, the Icelandic hockey players "decided to bury the hatchet and combine to wage a joint war against the other leagues and teams in the city" 1). The Falcon Hockey Club, an all Icelandic team, was created, and a new league, the Manitoba Independent League, a rivalling league to the Winnipeg City League was established.
    Besides the Falcons, the Manitoba Independent League included team from the outskirts of Winnipeg that weren't allowed access to the Winnipeg City League.

    In the years leading up to WWI, the established Canadian clubs of the Winnipeg City League did everything they could to twarth the existence of the Icelandic club, now dubbed Winnipeg Falcons, for instance granting access to their league to the best teams of Manitoba Independent League.

    After the war, Winnipeg Falcons applied several times participate in the Canadian Amateur championship (Allan Cup) but their applications were rejected repeatedly.

    With the "utmost difficulty" !), Winnipeg Falcons were finally admitted entrance in the 1919-20 season.

    In the runup to the 1919-20 season, it was decided by the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association that "Manitoba's representative for the Allen Cup Championship would be determined after the winners of the Manitoba and Winnipeg Hockey Leagues faced off in a two-game, total goal series.
    The Falcon's exacted revenge of the league that wouldn't let them play by handily defeating the WHL champions to move on to Allan Cup's Western Final" 2)

    The rest is history so to speak, Winnipeg Falcons won the Allan Cup and was therefore to represent Canada at the 1920 Olympics.

    All players, but the goaltender, Wally Baron, were Icelandic immigrants.

    At Winnipeg Falcon's homepage, there is a lot of press clipings from the 1920 Olympics. As you can see, the Canadian press no longer spoke about the "rag tag immigrants". Now, they were Team Canada!

    However, it took no less than 86 years for the players of Winnipeg Falcons to be inducted in the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame. It happened a few weeks ago, anno 2006.

    1) Quotes from Fred Thordarsson, The Romance of the Falcons, Canadian Sports and Outdoor Life Magazine, Vol. 1, No. 3. 2002.

    Winnipeg Falcons Homepage:

    2) Quote from Canadian Olympic Committee's homepage: Falcon's section:
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    Iceland first IHWC was in 1999.

    RECORD:1-3-0 (W-L-T) 2 PTS. 9-36 GD 9TH PLACE


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    I want a jersey! :003:

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    Ice Hockey in Iceland

    Send an e-mail to they may be able to help you, or point you in the right direction


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    Falcons details

    Just a couple of corrections to other postings. Wally Byron was the non-Icelandic member of the team, his name is spelled wrongly in a few places. My father's name should be Johannesson, not as spelled earlier.
    The team members were the sons of Icelandic immigrants, not immigrants themselves. I don't know where the "rag-tag" term came from, most of the player's parents were reasonably well-off, because they were such hard workers.
    Several years ago I was speaking with a member of the Icelandic Olympic committee in Toronto and he made the comment that "the Falcons won the only Olympic gold medal in Iceland's history". Very suitable, perhaps.

    Brian Johannesson, of the Winnipeg Falcons webpage.
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