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Harbin Ice Hockey Team

Established in 1954. The most traditional team in China. The team which has most championship experiences in the past Chinese League, the All China Championships and Chinese National Winter Games. Many players and staff have been sent to the Chinese National Team. The home rink is the ice hockey rink of Harbin city, which was used for the Asian Winter Games in 1996.
The team is located in Harbin City (9.4 mio) - which is the capital of Heilonjian province - is the hub of the North eastern part of China.

Qiqihar Ice Hockey Team

Established in 1954. Proud of having 28 championships in the China League. The team's mascot is snow leopard. The City of Qiqihaer has 5.4 million population( as of end of 2003 ) and the ice hockey is the most popular sport. Every year the team send many players to the Chinese National Team, which contributes greatly to the ice hockey in China. The home rink is the gymnasium of Qiqihaer City.
The team is located in Qiqihar which is the 2nd largest city of the Heilonjian province (see Harbin)

Nordic Vikings

Nordic Vikings is owned by the Swedish financial and event company, "Nordic Viking". The team is primarly made up by Swedish players plus six Chinese players from Harbin and Qiqihar who play as part of an exchange student program.
The team is located in Beijing - the capital of China.


Kokudo Ice Hockey Team

Established in 1972 in Karuizawa as home town. Won the championship in the 9th Japan League, which was the third year afterthe establishment of the team. Since then, won 13 championships altogether in the Japan League and 9 championships in the All Japan games. In the season of 2003-2004, achieved four successive championships in the Japan League. In 1984, changed the base town to Shinagawa, and after that moved to Shin-yokohama. In 2003, put their home rink at Suntory Higashifushimi Ice Arena and Shinyokohama and Nagano as sub-home town.
The team is located in Nishi Tokyo City (pop: 180,000) a town that was born as recently as 2001 when Tanashi City and Hoya city merged

Nikko Kobe Icebucks

In 1999 the first club team in the Japanese Ice Hockey League history was born, based upon the ex-Furukawa-denko Ice Hockey Team which had been dismissed after 73 years of their ice hockey history. For the first two years, the players were the ex-Furukawa Team's players as temporary transfer of the company, but now they are independ club team as a pure professional club team who are loved and cheered by the fans. This season is the 6th season for them.
The team is locted in Nikko City (pop 17,000), 30 kilometers west of Utsunomiya City, the capital of Tochigi Prefecture and in the Nikko National Park.

Nippon Paper Cranes

The world's coolest hockey team name (DC)! :smart:

In 1946 Jujo Paper Ice Hockey Club was born at Kushiro Factory, but did not participated in the Japan Ice Hockey Leagu games at the beginning. In 1974 joined to the League from the 9th Championship. In 1993 the team name was changed to Nippon Paper Cranes along with the change of the company name. The team had been hanging low in the League since joined, but the last season, the team won the first championship as the Asian Ice Hockey League started. The Team was the first champion of the Asia League Ice Hockey.
The team is located in Kushiro City, Hokkaido. (pop. 190,000)

Oji Hockey Team

In 1925 an ice hokey club as "Oji Skate Club" was started by employees of Tomakomai Factory of Oji Paper Company. The club was named "Oji Eagles," and participated in the All Hokkaido Companies Championship games. This was the beginning of the start of the Oji team. In 1931 this team, having shown a strong team, was acknoledged by the company and became the Oji Paper Ice Hockey Team from just a hockey club. The next year in 1932, the team won the championship for the first time in the 3rd All Japan Championship. Since thenup to now, 33 times of championship in the All Japan Championship and 13 times of championship in the Japan Ice Hockey League. The team is located in Tomakomai City, Hokkaido (pop 170,000)


Anyang Halla ice Hockey Club

Halla Winia Ice Hockey Club was established in 1994 to enhance winter sports of Korea and to make ice hockey popular. At the beginning the team's name was "Mando Winia" because it was belonged to "Mando Machinery Corp.", major company of Halla Group of Companies at that time, and Mando's brand name of air-conditioner was "Winia". In 1998 the team changed its name as "Halla Winia". Halla Winia won total 5 times at the Korea Ice Hockey League and ranked 3rd place in the Asia League Ice Hockey 2003-2004. The team is located in Anayang City, about an hours ride from Seoul

Kangwon Land Ice Hockey Team

Participating the Korean Ice Hockey League from last season, the team is owned by the company, "Kangwon Land," which owns casino, resort hotels, ski resorts, and golfing courses in Kangwon, Korea. They are participating in the Asia League from this season with players who didn't move to Anyang Hall from "Dongwon" and "Hyundai", teams that were disbanded, players that finished the compulsory military service, and the foreign players. The team is located in Chuncheon City, the capital of Kangwon-do (will probably not help the team)