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Thread: Quater-Final Predictions

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    Quater-Final Predictions

    QuaterFinal Predictions..

    Ok, we are now to the meat of the tournament, where if you lose, you go gome.

    With this in mind, what are your quaterfinal predictions (including scores) for the upcoming 4 games.


    • USA @ RUSSIA


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    Germany @ Finland
    Easy one...The Germans will keep it close after 1 periond but there is too much of a talent gap to pull the favor otherwise. Plus I expect that Kiprusoff will continue his trend (dating from last year) of following up a game in which he let in 4 or more goals with one where he is virutally unbeatable....

    Finland 4, Germany 0

    Czech Republic @ Sweden.
    Enigmatic Czechs just might pull off an upset here, and with Sweden's goaltending problems this might be the Czech's chance. However with Sweden's tournament leading 9 PP goals special teams will be an issue. I'm calling for OT here.

    Sweden 3, Czech Rep 2 (OT)

    USA @ Russia
    still thinking about this one...

    Slovakia @ Canada.

    Slovaks now have 2 days to get over the disappointment that they have failed (thus far) to make a statement with them being (theoretically) at full strength. I expect them to make a game out of this one (kind of like a 'last stand'), but the loss of Bondra, Palffy and Handzus will be too much to over come, plus Brodeur is a lock for the Canadians

    Canada 3, Slovakia 1 (with an empty net goal)

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    Germany @ Finland

    Sorry Germany. Valiant effort, but Finlands just too strong this time around.
    Kipper stands on his head and has his best performance of the tourney. He's still mad about the 4 goal outing.
    Finland 6 - Germany 0

    Czech Republic @ Sweden

    Best game of the tourney to date. Sweden squeaks it out with last minute heroics from Forsberg.
    Sweden 2 - Czech Republic 1

    USA @ Russia

    Just couldn't repeat US. Russia has too much depth and talent this time around and their best players show up in this game. Just too fast for an aging US Squad.
    USA 2 - Russia 5

    Slovakia @ Canada

    Canada has just too much depth for the Slovak team to handle. Look for Super Mario to finally find his game legs and put on a show. Sakic scores a hat trick while Brodeur plays his best game of the tounament as Canada wins easily.
    Slovakia 1 - Canada 6
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    Finland 4 Germany 0. Easy win for the Finns. I suspect they'll get the lead quick, then try and slow the game tempo down to rest the legs as much as possible.

    Sweden 3 Czech Republic 2. Tight game that could go either way, but I think the Swedes have still shown more than the Czechs in this tournament.

    Russia 3 USA 1. Americans look flat, Russians look as if they have used their pre-tournament issues to raise their own game.

    Canada 3 Slovakia 1. It'll be nervous, but I think the Canadians will look back on a reasonably comfortable win.

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    Germany-Finland. 1-6

    A walk in the park for Finland. Easy win.

    Czech Rep.-Sweden. 4-5


    USA-Russia. 3-4 (OT)


    Slovakia-Canada 2-5

    It's Canada! Duuh. :smart:

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    fins are ready to cross the atlantic with a chance to win it

    if Salo does not play..... :) :) :)

    USA @ RUSSIA 1-2 ot
    tough bet....

    who can beat brodeur & C. ?

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    Finland-Germany 4-1
    Forecast:Finland should win Germany easily. Hopefully Leijonat is ok, even Niinimaa left the team and Summanen is in headlines.

    Sweden-Czech Reb. 2-4
    Czechs will play better and better, when game go harder. Sweden have a little problem with goalies. Jagr will show to doupters.

    Russia-USA 3-2 ot
    "Miracle on ice 2004" :claphands

    Canada-Slovakia 5-2
    There is no doupts.. Canada will win as certainly as Finland...
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    The winners will be
    RUS and
    CAN (of course!) :stupid:

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    GER - FIN 0 - 4 ( Suomi voitttttaaaaaa-aaarghh )

    CZE - SWE 3 - 4 ( Faaaan kara grannar, se till att ni kommer till final :) )

    USA - RUS 1 - 3 ( Another neighbour we need to beat on the way ... )

    SVK - CAN 1 - 4 ( Sorry... Tre Kronor will kick your butt in the next game :) )

    I love it. It's OUR game.
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    Fin - Ger 5-3, I do NOT think that Kiprusoff will blank the Germans - they are fighting for their honour, and even if the talent level is too big, the Germans will be a lot better than what they've showed so far.

    Swe - Cze 3-2, The hardest one to guess... I wish Näslund gets his sh*t together =/

    Can - Svk 4-2, I also think this one will be tougher due to Slovaks wanting to prove themselves better than so far, not to mention that the Canadians will probably think of the Slovaks as a piece of cake, something which may penalize itself.

    Rus - USA, 5-2, Sorry team USA, your team is too old to keep ut with the fast-skating Russians.

    Forsberg, Sundin, Näslund, Alfredsson, Lidström.. which country has better top five players?

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    Finland vs. Germany, I suspect Finland will win this match with relative ease. Germany may scramble out a couple of face saving goals but the win will undoubtedly go to Finland. 5 to 2

    Sweden vs. Czech Republic, I chose Sweden to win this tournament therefore I will have to acknowledge that my Czech friends will not get to cross the Atlantic :( It will be a the best game of the QF's, a good hard fought effort with Sweden sqeaking out a 4 to 3 win.

    USA vs. Russia, As much as my heart wants to see a US win it may not be likely, yet I will predict a crazy back and forth contest resulting in a 6 to 5 OT win for USA. (I Gotta dream people)

    Canada vs. Slovakia, The best chance for Slovakia to get a win in this tourney was last night. I can't see them knocking out Canada in this stage of the game. Slovakia will go home winless after a bitter 6 to 0 loss.

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    FIN - GER 5-1

    SWE-TCH 5-3

    USA-RUS 2-3 (I'm in trouble with this. USA can win too)

    CAN-SVK 5-2

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    Finland 6 Germany 2...Finns will win this one handily but i doubt the German team will go down without a fight....SUOMI :yelclap:

    Czech 2 Sweden 3..i don't think either team wants to go home just yet..despite mr Jagr's vacation plans..going to be hard fought. think Sweden will wear them down in the end.

    USA 3 Russia 4 ... this ones going to be fun to watch..but I think the Russian team will prevail...the two teams i hate to lose to most fighting each other for a spot..i love it :003: :653:

    Canada 4 Slovakia 2...Canada will win ..but lets not get cocky Canada..i think Team Slovakia has some fight in it ..Chara, Hossa, Gaborik and Satan you can't write them off yet...nor should you :smart:
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    Fin-Ger 7-0
    Swe-Cze 4-3 (again)
    USA-Russia 2-1
    Canada-Slovakia 4-1

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    Finland wins Germany 8 to 0.

    The Lions must show that the "crisis" inside their team is nothing as big as the evening tabloids say it is. Clean go to the semis and peace of coaching for Summanen.

    Czech Republic beats Sweden with 4 goals to 3.

    The Czechs were asleep against Finland, and the awakening happened in the last period of the game against Sweden, and the lack of goals was not the reason for their loss, but lack of time. The game against Germany was a show that the thing from middle Europe still has its claws and teeth intact. At the moment Sweden has goalies who will get more and more shaky concerning how much pressure there is on them, and Czechs are raving right now.

    Russia overscores USA, 3 to 2.

    This game will be the toughest. Still a little shaky Russia faces the aged USA and it's going to be 2-2 for a long time 'til one of Russia's extremely talented individuals make it the game for them.

    Canada beats Slovakia 5-3.

    Slovaks decide not to go down without a fight, and their skilled lines start testing Brodeur with everything they can. Canada is, however, the stronger out of these two and Lasak can't hold back the Maple Leafs in a game that will switch pressure from one end to another and back in a matter of seconds.
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    Fin-Germany: This one's already started, but it's a no-brainer anyway. Fin will win 4-1.

    Sweden-Slovak: This will be a good game. The Czechs looked so poor at the beginning of the tourney, they've got nothing to lose by now... I'll have to say 2-1 Swedes.

    USA-Rus: this is by far the most intriguing match-up. You've got the Yanks feuding, and Bret Hull leaving practice early. Then you've got the dumb-ass Russian goaler telling a national North American audience that the Americans are too slow and old. You can bet that's up on the bulletin board in the dressing room. The Russian forwards are too cocky and will be turning over the puck at the US blue-line, and the Russian defence coughs it up deep. I see a US blowout coming. USA 5-1.

    Can-Slovaks: Slovaks just haven't found their groove, and the relentless forchecking of the Canadians will keep them on their heels. Can 4-2.

    Go Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Finland vs. Germany
    This is not _exactly_ a prediction, I started too late for this first Quarter Final.
    In any event, with the help of the just finished broadcast of the Finland-Germany game, I will a predict a nervously close 2-1 victory for the Finns.
    My real prediction would have echoed many of the ones made on here before the game. I was surprised to see this so close.


    Sweden vs. Czech rep.

    I call Sweden on this one, perhaps 4-2.

    Russia vs. USA
    The Russians look too good, too fast for the Americans
    I think the Russians will take this one 4-1.

    Slovakia vs. Canada
    As badly as I feel for the Slovaks, I don't think they can pull off an upset here, save for a collapse by the Canadians.
    5-2 for Canada.
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