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Thread: Div II Post wrap-up

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    Div II Post wrap-up

    Hey all.

    I was wondering now with the tournament over:
    • If the event was considered to be a success?
    • Do you think hosting the tournament helped the cause the ice hockey in New Zealand?
    • Does relegation to Div III dampen the view of the sport in New Zealand?
    • How was media coverage?
    • Any other thoughts?

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    I think from what I heard and the little I saw that the tournament was a great success. Our ice rinks do not have large capacity but for some games it was standing room only! I heard that even the prime minister attended one of the New Zealand games. There wasn't a lot of media coverage, but there was some and a little made its way onto prime time news, so that has to be good.
    I think a lot of credit needs to go to Auckland Ice Hockey, who really pulled out the stops with planning, hosting and an army of volunteers.
    The thing that was disappointing was how the NZ team performed. They appeared not to be cohesive enough and played some very defensive games against the tougher opponents. This kept the goal difference down, but it made scoring opportunities very difficult. Also they seemed to be very disjointed, like they hadn't practised enough. This was a shame as many of them are good solid players, who I have seen play far more convincingly in other situations. I don't know why this should have been. The NZ ice hockey season ends in September and does not start again until approx May, so this may have had some bearing. NZ should not have lost against Mexico...I saw a few of the games where Mexico played and they were not a strong team.
    I don't think it will dampen the view of the sport in's so small, there's not a lot to dampen!

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    Prime Minister was at the Mexican game

    Not that I saw the game but I heard back that a reason they played so badly in the final game was the coach decided to juggle the lines.

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