The next tool you can use to stop or redirect the puck from going in is called...The Skate Save.

This is a save that is quickly becoming a lost art. Why? The reason is that coaches don't know how to teach it and all goalies want to use a Butterfly save to stop the puck.

Now, don't get me wrong, butterfly saves are very useful, you just need to control the rebound of the puck coming off the pad. Some times that's harder then it looks.

Remembers, if the shooter is outside of the "Go Down Zone" you stay up. So if you have a shooter coming into the zone and he takes a shot from the top of the face off circle, you can use a skate save and place or redirect the puck into the corner, much better that donig a butterfly save.

Plus, a skate save is going to allow you to get up quicker and position yourself for the next shot if an emergency arises.

So, how to you teach a skate save?

You start by placing the coach or shooter at the very end of the slot area. This area is located by drawing a line that connects the two face off circles at the top. The center ares between the two circles is the top of the slot.

Have the goalie stand that the top of his crease with one knee down and the other skate pointing at the coach in the slot.

Have the coach or player, shoot a puck on the side with the leg that is point at him. make sure that this shoot is every slow so that the goalie can learn the mechanics and adjust to the timing.

The Mechanics:

Once the goalie has one knee down, the leg that is point at the shooter will do all the work. as the puck approaches the goalie, the skate moves foward towards the shooter for about two inches and then turn outward on the outside edge of his skate in an arch towards the corner.

Now, the stick must be positioned in front of the skate that is pointing towards the shooter. When the goalie moves the skate, the stick will accompany the skate as a shield to protect the ankle. However, I use the stick as well to help direct the puck into the corner.

Now, once the goalie is doing the technique correctly, then the coach or shooter can send the puck in faster and faster, untill all pucks are deep in the corner.

Head coach