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Thread: Czech 1st and 2nd leagues

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    Czech 1st and 2nd leagues

    I was just curious as to what the different leagues are like as far as talent wise. My buddies and I travel and we play rec league tournaments all over. We will be in the Czech Republic sometime next fall. And we are going to check out some games.
    I have heard allot about the top level but not much about the lower leagues. Are they as good as the ECHL or CHL here in the States? What about import rules? What would be a good team to watch?
    I have heard allot about the Czeh republic and can't wait to visit. Can't wait to get there and check out some games.

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    The top Czech league (Extraliga) is, these days, about equal to AHL level, though the top few teams in Extraliga might be a tiny bit stronger (though still below NHL level). Czech
    1st division (one step under Extraliga) is probably roughly equivalent to ECHL-CHL level.

    The Czech 2nd division is not as good as the Central League, as it is not professional.

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    Thread moved.

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