Ok, you want to make the other team nervous? Here's how you do it!

Take a look at this picture below.

This yellow section is known as the "Pressure Zone." Check this out....

As the puck moves away from this zone towards the point, the pressure is reduced, as the puck moves into the zone, you get maximum pressure. The one under the most pressure is no other than the goalie. (and a little bit on the defense.)

If you get an attacking team down deep into this zone, the goalie then has to worry more about players coming in under the defensive radar. So the goalie is always having to watch because the goalie doesn't have all of the players in the field of vision. So he's always trying to make sure that no one trys to sneak in.

As the puck move out towards the point, all players come into his view and the pressure on the goalie and defense are reduced...get it?

So how do you keep the pressure on and maintain control in that pressure zone?

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Head coach