Ok, a lot of players just don't know how to attack the puck in the corner. Yes, I know that this is pretty basic stuff. But maybe this will save your life some day.

Look at this picture below.

Notice that I have a defensemen on the left side and a center on the right side. Both attacks into the corner are basically the same but in two different directions.

For both, you want to go straight into the corner, perpendicular to the boards. At the last moment, you want to veer off of that perpendicular angle and approach the puck at the angle shown on the drawing.

Now, what is this going to do for you?

1. If you just go straight into the corner without that last second turn, the angle of approach will force you to stop. Thus, someone on the other team will make you pay for stopping!

2. If you start that turn to early, the player on the other team will know which direction you are going to exit and adjust his skating to intercept you.

So wait until the last second to make your move. The distance is about 5 to 4 feet from the boards before you start that little turn at the end.

Now, why the defensemen one way and the center the other way?

For defensemen, you always want to exit the defensive zone to the weak side of the Ice. Thus, it's always better to move the puck behind or towards the back of the net. Just look first to see if the other team has set up a guy behind the net. If they did, off the back of the borads to your support partner.

For wingers in the attacking zone, get into the corner and start moving out towards the direction of the point. This basic move will get you started in a cycle. Which by the way is the second phase of a forechecking system.

Hope this saves you.
Head coach