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Thread: What photography (still or movie) is allowed at IIHF Tournaments ?

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    New Zealand What photography (still or movie) is allowed at IIHF Tournaments ?


    I am curious about what the IIHF Regulations / guidelines are for filming and or photographing a tournament ? Also curious about whether there is any distinction between divisions ?
    Can the tournament organiser "sell" the film / photography rights to a tournament, to a person / organisation, and make this exclusive or limited to those that have purchased the rights ? Does this affect the people in the stands using their mobile phones and point and click cameras ? or just those photographing for commercial gain ? or everyone ?

    I have taken photographs at IIHF tournaments in Bulgaria, Serbia, New Zealand, Australia and China. I have never had an issue, and have generally asked in advance or failing that at the tournament, when I have found someone to ask. In Australia I was asked to observe the IIHF Regs - but I couldn't find these and the person couldn't provide them.

    Frequently venues / arenas have restrictions on them - but I have never seen any restrictions on the tickets for the IIHF games I have attended.

    I have usually been supported by the NZ Team as their "official photographer" - but keen to understand what experience / issues / restrictions may exist / arise and what my rights and obligations are. Given the size of my lens and camera now, its obvious what I am doing. I have also through asking in advance been given permission to take photos on the ice - for medal ceremonies, etc.

    Regards Peter

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    I don't know about regulations, but in real life it seems to depend on the local organizing comittee and security, just a few observations from IIHF "top division" championships about non-professional looking digital cameras:

    In Prague 2004 not even the smallest cameras were allowed and the security did not let anyone in with a camera.

    In Mytischi and Moscow last year, it was stated on the tickets, that cameras are not allowed inside the arenas, but the security let you in.

    In Halifax this year no one cared about what you bring with you into the arena.

    When visiting a top level championship with a DSLR or professional looking video camera, I would try to get a permit in advance. With smaller equipment I just go there. Chances are low that they don't let you in. I have seen this only once, in Prague (it was reported that in the inaugural game in the arena even cell phones were not allowed), although I visited some IIHF tournaments.
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    I've generally never had a problem outside of Prague 2004, although am generally at lower levels rather than the elite seniors.

    That said, I always try and make contact first. If nothing else, I don't just want to bring my camera in, but want to be able to stand somewhere that I will get good photographs without being continually moved along by security. However, my success rate in getting them to recognise my requests by email has proved to be variable. Ireland, Estonia and Luxembourg have all responded well, but a lot of federations don't return my emails.

    Therefore, what I've started doing is making my photographs available at an online-quality level with watermakrs to the federations. I've now got a dozen or so federations who have used my photographs which gives me leverage and a contact point to get into any events that they host. That way, I can get the photos of the British team that I'm really after for little extra effort.

    As to what you can do with your photos, no idea!

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    As mentioned earlier in this thread, this year in Halifax nobody seemed to care what type of camera fans brought in...just as long as you didn't use the openings in the glass specifically designated for professional these

    I had concerns initially about not being able to bring my camera in

    ...but once I saw several Latvian and German fans with cameras much more elaborate than mine I knew I'd have no problems.

    Eventually I'd like to make it to a division I, II or III tournament so I guess I would be better off asking in advance eh? I know that it would be a major issue for me if I went through all that trouble without being able to take any photos

    So why was Prague 2004 so restrictive anyway?
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    Karsten, are you aware of any IIHF rules / regs around Photography / filming of tournaments ?

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    In Canada I was welcome since long time as Hockey Fan and not as a terrorist...
    They said "Bonjour" and invited you friendly to enter in the Arena. You can drink beer and take photos. So I really liked this IWHC. It should be every year like this.

    In Prag you have to be at least one hour before at the stadium for security checks. No camera allowed. I felt to be at war! Only handys.

    In Riga it was better, but you could take only little cameras in the stadium.

    And in Russia they wouldn't let me in, because I drunk a beer before a game and the security guy smell that.

    But nothing about this, this year in Quebec. A very warm thank you to the organizer. Like that an IHWC should be. So here is a souvenir with my camera about our top keeper Jonas Hiller.

    (click on the picture to make it bigger)

    We all are icehockey fans

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