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Thread: Asian League Ice Rinks

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    Icon107 Asian League Ice Rinks

    I am Interesting about the Asian Ice Rinks in this League.

    At the moment I have something about this Rinks:

    1 Beijing

    2 Harbin

    2 Qiqihar

    3 Nanijng

    4 Seoul

    5 Pyongyang

    6 Sapporo

    7 Tokyo

    Now, there are many missing information:(

    What about other Ice Rinks ?

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    Today New:

    Nikko Arena

    and Hakucho Arena.

    and Dy Do Drinco Rink:
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    Keep in mind that the Seoul arena is only one of them.
    That is the anyang arena as its labeled. High1 sometimes plays in Goyang which is near seoul. Is on the seoul metro subway system.
    They also play in Chuncheon which is their home. They've played a handful of games in Mokdong which is also in Seoul (they don't seem to have any there this year, but the last game of last season was there)

    here is a couple pages on goyang:


    I'll have to see what I can find on the chuncheon arena

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    Guys, I'm looking for a hockey director's job in Asia. Do you know of any rink that is looking? Thanks Head Coach
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